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  2. Tidbit thoughts on the grey moderation of chats

    I recommend not sexually harassing other players. I'm honestly confused, though. You like the idea of young people and families playing the game, but you dislike that you were warned for unsolicited sexual advances (joking or not) to a random player?
  3. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    bear hat + 1-2-3 cloth sheets + 50-100 fur-bits(1kg actions)... tedious to make.. but still doable for when you want/need it... Will be a decent dump for fur.. but probably still not enough... on the other hand.. ez to make.. but not exactly letting you make 10,000 for no reason... well... given it could be the only use for FUR and it's mobile... some weird ************** could go for the 10k goal... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I DO LIKE the idea of sleeping roll/bear suit on the floor... +2
  4. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    I use them regularly around Xan. My play sessions are often only a couple of hours long, so they're a godsend when I do any kind of serious hunting/exploring.
  5. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    People actually use inns and they aren't just decoration/roleplay?
  6. New Exodus Community Map

    All done, thanks again
  7. Tidbit thoughts on the grey moderation of chats

    The idea that this game is fun for the whole family is perfectly fine with me. The thought of a family unit of 4 all playing this game, living on a farm, and working together is actually something that gives me the warm fuzzies. I was talking in GL Freedom and basically got slapped with a warning in a manner that indicative of moderation that was actively standing by and waiting for me to make a misstep. I might have deserved it but as a client I got to thinking that some of this stuff could be handled better, and so I made this thread. Someone asked for a partner and I basically asked if they meant sexually and offered to quote unquote "trade favors" for farming in this context. This is something that I feel could have easily gone over a child's head and qualified for a PG-13 rating.
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  9. Tidbit thoughts on the grey moderation of chats

    I have tried to discuss this subject in GL, seeing how the game is a business and it should target people with spending power (aka adults), i was told to make my own game and implement my rules there. I agree with all of your points (except the laws of some country which has very little to do with the country where the owner lives or where the game is hosted), it's a lost battle. Coming back to Wurm from games where i can speak more freely usually gets me in trouble in one way or another because i tend to forget how strict the chat rules in Wurm are. "Here, son, grab this sword and jab it in to that man's face. Once he's dead, butcher his corpse but steal everything he has first. Never mention one of the genders chests though, it might turn you in to a perverted monster. The other gender's chest is fine. Now, go watch those 2 horses humping"
  10. WTS PMK Wagons

  11. WTS rares and other stuff

  12. +1 and a hump to history
  13. Tidbit thoughts on the grey moderation of chats

    The biggest thing that throws me off is that subjects that can potentially induce vomiting in players that are eating are not against the chat rules. Consistency is the biggest element of "fairness" in justice. (whatever fairness is) Regarding point's 1 and 5: on the back of the World of Warcraft box it lists online interactions as being the basis for a T rating. Based on this, I think that GL Freedom chat should have a PG-13 rating. I do not believe this game would exist if it were not for the volunteer GM team digging people out of mine shafts but moderation of GL chat can be insulting to a grown adult sometimes. I am not a saint and to be honest I like to test things. I am one of the good guys in an ancient war you know nothing about. A vanguard in a battle against the confraternity... some of the rules are simple to the point of stupidity. btw gary i always appreciated ur NYC pizzarat. happy rodent. also this belongs on the different forum subsection
  14. WTS Rare MR wagon 40Euro 40s

  15. Tidbit thoughts on the grey moderation of chats

    While I do feel from experience that each moderator tends to mod a bit differently and can have examples of over and under moderation so I will not say it is perfect as that is human nature, generally the only people that take serious issue with the rules are people that get offended when they knowingly break said rules and are caught
  16. New Exodus Community Map

    Continued Exploring: 683/1791 guard tower 624/1773 guard tower ''Hemlock Abbey S13'' 537/1796 guard tower ''Goblin's Guard'' 516/1803 deed Middlemarsh 469/1809 guard tower 481/1802 deed Coffeetopia 362/1845 guard tower ''Wolves Howl Canal'' 384/1851 deed Wolves Howl
  17. Number one: Can the community get together and find out what is the age where it is morally responsible to leave a child alone on the internet? Sometimes moderation of chats gets ridiculously G-rated to the extent where it is insulting to the customer. Wurm being a game for a family to play is something that I understand and embrace from a business angle, however moderation of chat sometimes becomes an absurdity that insults the customer and is bad for business. I believe that the internet is absolutely not a place to leave a 8 year old child on with a bunch of weirdos, and I think that a good age rating for this game by which moderation should be "gauged" at is the same age rating in which it is responsible for a parent to leave their kid on the internet unattended. Number two: Another thing to consider in moderation of chat is that suggestive references to adult themes will often completely go over a child's head. A lot of these references are actually present in childrens shows on Nickleodian. Requests to nibble on somebody's toes or comments about your pet cat licking spilled food out of your bellybutton are a suggestive thing that younger audiences will completely miss and do not need to be moderated. Conversely, when things get graphic perhaps even in a lightly suggestive metaphorical but extremely detailed manner, it is absolutely appropriate for someone to step in. Number three: Sometimes folk will moan and build a spectacle around a less popular player or a player who offenders a particular cult or political group and it is important that input from "grey" rulebreaker should be received. Individual moderators might sometimes be particularly offended more than others and the handing out of justice has to be consistent. Due to the cumulative nature of warning points it is important that players do not get themselves banned without trying. In 2003 the Federal Communications Commission actually singled out Howard Stern on the radio for criticism of George W. Bush. Number four: There is a extreme inconsistency in a warning point given out for light sexual talk that would be against the rules vs something that would be highly offensive to a grown man. An example of something offensive to an adult who might be EATING FOOD would be if someone were to talk about a medical problem or describe using the toilet is grueling detail. I think sometimes the authority figures step in and redirect the conversation for it not being appropriate for a child less than 8 years old and to be frank it is downright insulting to a grown adult who could easily be offending people without breaking the rules. Number five: The United States decency regulatory organizations for videogames and communications has some decent material that is probably publicly available for consideration. One thing I think that is important to be pointed out is that the Federal Communications Commission tends to regard anything that will make a watcher lose their appetite or even vomit while they are eating is something that is disallowed. *** Apologies for not being able to dig up any of the examples I have seen but at times the babysitting gets ridiculous. I'll probably regret making this thread as folk tend not to like the undermining of the established order but yeah. Everybody make sure to clean their sheets at least once a month. Last thing I am going to add is that I have heard of players getting banned for questioning authority figures that as humans are falliable. Society tends to not like the truth and getting fired from an investment or banking firm for being cynical about things.. or getting banned for plain old pointing out an idiotic fallacy for what it is, is a ridiculously stupid thing that should never be done unless the person in question is downright has no argument or validity in them undermining the established order. I have a high regard for the GM team for volunteering to aid new players who are stuck in a mine shaft.. I think we have all been stuck in a mine shaft at one point, but the reasons why admin disrespect is a downright stupid thing to get slapped for is another subject that I can write a long form novel about. Authoritarian psychology has has a father/god type metaphysics that should ABSOLUTELY be left at the door. Let people play the dang game. It does not matter and talking to players is something I can leave behind, but I am just putting this out there.
  18. Mailbox not working

    Thanks for the info, Cuddles! I suspected that there'd be some differences, but a front-end doesn't actually change the code, does it? I mean, locally, I get the UI that has been described, and on Citadel, there's a different UI, but it should tap into the same bit of code/db tables, etc ... right? Though, I expect it doesn't make a lot of difference - bottom line is that I can't give our admin the step by step from my viewpoint. I'll have to convince him to follow the instructions given here.
  19. K 10 Tunnel Project - mining out the veins

    Well done! Because I'm in a generous mood today, you're allowed to expand your breaks from 4 to 6 minutes. Thorin
  20. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    After placing several confusing (and partly impossible) orders, I now have a new stack of finely enchanted gear. Thank you VirusMD for excellent work!
  21. New Exodus Community Map

    All added, many thanks again
  22. New Exodus Community Map

    All updated, many thanks
  23. New Exodus Community Map

    More towers in South Exodus: 903/1854 1026/1897 1025/1806 ''BP Agrikultura'' 1086/1904 838/1774 834/1854 818/1910 ''U14'' 889/1916
  24. New Exodus Community Map

    Archedale 621, 613 and Arcadia 501, 561 is gone, and exact position of Black Forest Cottage is 609, 604 and there is tunnel for small boats or knarr
  25. Violet Cove Recipes & Archaeology

    Bump! Added some rares!
  26. fancy stuff here

    bump, please open a conversation to negotiate today!
  27. [INFO] Possible recipe bug

    Also fish and fillets, despite there being a recipe for those.
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