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  2. We've recently been made aware that Bag of Holding is no longer castable on magic chests. It appears this started at the same time that went live. Has anyone else noticed this, and if so were you able to fix it? Thank you for your time.
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  4. Greenwood Market | General Store

    Thanks for everyone who's visited so far and supported the market! I've added some new items to some merchants and started restocking others!
  5. Portable mini forge and bedroll Just a quick article about some braziers that may have been used on ships. +1 to a portable forge and bedroll.
  6. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    This suggestion is for peeps who like to go bush and do archeology off grid. The burning boat is funny Luckily we don't play a game which adheres to real life conventions, else we would not have snowballs keeping wooden larders cool all summer long, chars running around in winter with nothing but a cloth rag, or pretty pink unicorns to keep the house sized champion deer company.
  7. Quick keybinds show "null" for Space

    I get this for backspace, delete, home, and end too (my goto keys for binding whatever I need at the time).
  8. DUSKombat - Full Combat System Rewrite

    Does this in any way change the effectiveness of shields, like small, medium, large, metal, wood?
  9. Rite Journal Goal: Question for the Devs

    It really isn't, unless you consider being unable to go to every single rift unplayable. Literally. Dude. Like, schwaaa. I'm more of a casual these days, and my day job is more than full time. I get to go to a rift from time to time, and I'm fine with that - they come around to my evenings and weekends often enough that I don't get bored. If it's really that much of a problem, make rifts open on a much shorter timer, and automatically close after 12 hours (or whatever) if not closed by players. Probably want to reduce the land / tree damage a bit, tho.
  10. WTS 3 White tome charges

    I have 3 white tome charges I would like to sell - 30s per charge.
  11. Rite Journal Goal: Question for the Devs

    So, for most of them, no change to how much they get paid now, then?
  12. WTS Archaeology Statue and Mask pieces 10c Sale

    Yes you can, in game name the same?
  13. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    Or make your noob tent something you can sleep in at a reduced rate of sleep bonus, so that sleeping in a bed is better
  14. Anybody know if bracelets work for these offence/defence type enchants? And wait, warrior damage bonus is 12% now? I thought it was 15%, maybe they changed it when I wasn't looking.
  15. Meal and Pizza generator

    only noticed the posts now, it seems back to normal. I like how someone tried to refresh the website over 60k times yesterday. Someone's really hungry.
  16. WTS Template JK Stuff

  17. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    -1. A lit forge on a cart/boat should just set the cart/boat on fire, and destroy it. As for the bedroll, wouldn't this just make inns useless? If you are that desperate for sleep bonus, you should look for an inn.
  18. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    +1 to loadable campfires
  19. wtb octopus ink for writing my economics paper

    okay people look here is the deal with me getting high ql octopus ink for writing: as long as i do not have to horse two hours through the xanadu canyons to get to my knarr and find an octopus to butcher and maybe if i am lucky i will get high ql octopus ink, i am happy to pay for it. i seriously need to get the ball rolling on my long form essay on solutions to establishing a unit of account for the exchange of rare pepes. i believe that meme based currency is the future and want to get the nuts and bolts worked out in my writing and create a "new world order" of sorts based on the exchange of rare pepes. this is actually going to be my master thesis that, god willing, yale might credit me with a doctorate of science degree for the masterwork. so i will reiliterate: based on me not having to find an octopus what with me living in the middle of the xanadu boonies, i feel comfortable paying rather well. if you have the means of production of this task then this is the opportunity for you. for now silvers will be given but i can establish you as an investor in the johnston syndicate with me being at the ground floor in the proliferation of this new unit of exchange. my offer is that on top of the silvers that you will receive you will be given a share of the total rare pepe stock and i absolutely promise you that you will be screwed over like the guy who financed mark zuckerberg.
  20. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    Can you load campfires or something and smith while sailing?
  21. As in the subject line. Minus cap. PM details and asking prices.
  22. Portable mini forge and bedroll

    Just out of curiosity, does a campfire not fill that requirement?
  23. Please make a forge option we can carry on a cart of in a wagon or ship AND have it lit to work or keep ores hot. This can be used while travelling or offloaded. Secondly, a bedroll similar to wagoneers! Why are they the only ones with easily portable beds? (This gives sleep bonus, of course.) Please help the camping community with these essential items. Thanks.
  24. [INFO] Possible recipe bug

    Not sure if this a bug or not, I can confirm it happens but the same happens with wrapped meat in an oven too, it may be a non recipe thing and just a stage of preparation. Will check with devs and get back to you
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