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  2. WTS Toon BS WS CS AH

    thanks Blood had added a toon to that boat to pick it up ages ago must never have!
  3. Thanks for the order of 40k dirt 5k mortar and 1500 bricks!
  4. A New Elevation

    Its irrelevant just ignore it, they won't remove home servers but home servers need to be blocked for the month from being able to sail, it has to be portal only. Reset skills ain't happening with this update and might not with the bigger one either, but they're calling for something out of scope to what this update is for. 6 months of fun bros focus what you want to see within that which can realistically be done, maybe you want to see easier archery, less speed on repair times, less speed building war machines and firing them using key binds, The gameplay.
  5. Today
  6. A New Elevation

    Aye this guy gets it!
  7. A New Elevation

    Really hope hell goes are removed
  8. WTS Timeli

    open to reasonable offers!
  9. Looking for Owner of Sickle of Awakening

    Language please, this is a CHRISTIAN server!!
  10. A New Elevation

    Where did I said that I'am happy with current state? Reason is that there were multiple suggestions from some people to reset skills or remove home servers and I'am just answering to that.
  11. A New Elevation

    Because the server is dead and we play a game where if things are allowed to go on the entry becomes too great and end game takes over the whole game when pvp is mostly about the struggle for the first year to put up deeds, craft items and have no op mm/armors stacked against you. Im not interested in repeating the same point like many others because a selected few thinks it's unfair, I think it's unfair the epic feel and pvp it can give is bring denied to over 200 players for a few who came from a dead home server and joined Ele when all the kingdoms left because it was a slightly more dangerous home server. Sorry you're happy with that, but it isn't epic. We will bring back epic to its glory days and if you die you die. This thread is about the 6 month temporary plan so take your reset debate to the new post, this is literally feature feed back lol and skill reset was not mentioned in these notes and we've been told won't be happening lol, you're just blowing your home server privileged stance for no reason. In this update, I will probably work with other elevation groups to give you home server boys a visit. Because my guess is you're all running back to home servers once the kingdoms come back then you'll shell away until we leave again. Hope that isn't the case and you join the groups on Ele properly and experience something new, then we can debate again in 6 months.
  12. WTB Fo Conversion

    Found a Fo Priest to convert me, ty
  13. beeswaxed floors

    Well, Wemp is our FLAX, it just made me wonder why we never got the chance to make wemp cloth. Yet we cannot even use a spindle to make Wool into strings. sooo wogical I m also totally for more visual rugs also, tapestries.
  14. Beverage overhaul

    [21:40:03] You start to tend your wounded soul with Brandy. [21:40:05] After you finish aiding you will start aiding again. [21:40:05] The Huge Tub contains too little material to cover the wound.
  15. Release Rift 05/27/19

    Hello everyone o/ Release´╗┐ Rift is located at M21. Hope to see you there!
  16. Rare Strange Bone

  17. WTB Fo Conversion

    I have a FO priest on Celebration and Xanadu. Pm me to see if either location is easy and works for you to get to and i'd be happy to covert either to follower or priest.
  18. WTS some stuff

    Interested in the two masks of shadow and the dark red dyed right/left layered shoulder pads pm price please
  19. Add epic curve to freedom

    Would you please care to explain the reasons and ideas behind that proposal? So far I respected you as a rational contributor, even if I disagreed, but that proposal feels like mere trolling. Maybe I am wrong. But even then please mind that there is an audience beyond the sklerotic and gerontocratic PvP scene which may have troubles to understand. In my area in "Freedumb" about 30 to 40% of the players joined Wurm no earlier than 2 years and a bit. And not everybody is familiar with function graphs and does intuitively understand y=2*x-(x/10)^2 . In short, the Epic curve results in much steeper skill gain in the beginning, 19 instead of 10, 36 instead of 20, 75 instead of 50, and still 99 instead of 90, while the difference between 99 and 99.99 is somewhat tinier yet not completely unimportant. Transferring that to Freedom would mean completely disrupting the skill training system here. So beyond a provocation I fail to see a point. And if it was meant as a joke, please move it to wood scraps forum.
  20. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    WTB Short Sword - Iron - Q 90 - NIM 95 (+3 CR) - LT 94 - COC 93 - 4.30 Silver send it to Azraiel
  21. Make name change Possible.

    Discussion old as Wurm. And as always people write about reputation etc, while still creating countless alts or accounts and selling/buying accounts is available. Funny.
  22. A New Elevation

    Why anyone should be forced to change their server? Couse some people want to start fresh from vanilla? Most of people that wants resetting Epic skills or removing home servers, are currently playing on Chaos. Why don't you suggest to reset Chaos map, your skills and disconnect it from freedom? Then you can pretend playing vanilla server. I said pretend, couse vanilla it will be only for new noobs, that gonna be soon spanked by old players, who thanks to good knowledge about the game, gonna very fast catch up on skills, deed building etc.
  23. Add epic curve to freedom

    -1. Epic is open to everyone. The two clusters are quite different games and big part of it is the different skill system.
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