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  2. Toggle to use old emotes

  3. Me and a few others really miss the old emotes, and think they sounded a lot better and with more personality. Please, dear god, give us old users this.
  4. Add epic curve to freedom

    add it so they can see how much the curve dunks on skilling so they can finally realize how wrong they were on grinding to 90-100 on epic pre-wu skill system being so "easy"
  5. Add epic curve to freedom

    I didn't spend almost 5 years of grinding on Freedom just to have it easy mode later. That's what Epic is for.
  6. Beverage overhaul

    Added it to the google doc with an idea for a use for teas, at long last. Many thanks for the very, VERY good idea
  7. Beverage overhaul

    Idea I mentioned in-game: Using distilled alcohols to treat infected wounds/disinfect them. Pour a little brandy on that leg!
  8. Add epic curve to freedom

    they got everything else from epic, why not the curve as well?
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  10. Add epic curve to freedom

  11. Add epic curve to freedom

    -1 Freedom market would crumble further, we have affinity food and meditation boosts along with vynora skillgain boost
  12. 400 support beams delivered Thanks for the order!
  13. A New Elevation

    Well, you can already go over to Freedom/Chaos and keep most of your skills from those years of playing. Wish it would be 1:1 and just get it rid of Epic entirely. I don't entirely want a skill reset in whole, I'd like to see what I said above happen. A fresh start, with the new changes. (granted there should be many, many more)
  14. A New Elevation

    I can't wait for the meta to be just spamming new accounts in order to get the even FASTER boost, making full use of the curve -1 Give us the reset
  15. A New Elevation

    +1 also +1
  16. Yesterday
  17. A New Elevation

    They would leave the home servers for 2 main reasons: 1, to stop enemies from doing missions on ele. 2, to slow the melting of their map/deeds by meteorites 2x2, 4 per mission, multiple missions ongoing.
  18. Large Backpack

    ALICE clip or nothing!
  19. WTS Timeli

    Used to own this account, wonderful caster, friendly bump!
  20. Large Backpack

    lets just use MOLLE? For reals tho, sounds cool. I wouldn't mind money bags or grain sacks, just more containers with models so things arent so bland and plain. +1
  21. Shafts of white/black light gone since 1.9x?

    Yeah, you can only see them if you have this issue with VBO or FBO extension fix, or just use legacy client. Hopefully it will be fixed before the next 6 month from now update.
  22. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    Locked at OP request.
  23. A New Elevation

    Well even if you have your account Borken with all that stats, whats the value of it? What are you doing with it on Epic nowadays? Well epic were supposed to be a long term challenge esque server. Instead it is a standalone freedom server beacuse you aint getting any pvp over their. But you maybe are still happy just sitting at deed watching your crops grow and your horses getting fatter.
  24. A New Elevation

    The idea for homeservers even existing is stupid. The only bonus is you can grind fighting skills in relative safety then go to elevation and pvp. A rather crazy idea is to have one map with 3 distinct almost connected islands to the mainland which act as 'homeservers' Just make it so it has the same benefits as home servers.. But you'll also feel less safe and be occasionally part of the action more since it would require less sailing. Whenever id raid serenity I never once had a feeling i was being chased or people from the homeserver would defend its deeds no matter what i hit and when. It's almost like im draining a freedom deed. On a sad note i did die once, to 3 stacked trolls... while trying to cross a anti raider canal..
  25. A New Elevation

    -1 Sounds like a reason for people to never leave the the Home servers like has been done for years just to say they play on a PVP server.
  26. A New Elevation

    Hurry, we are sitting on needles here
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