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  2. ./WurmLauncher Gtk-Message: 17:09:08.800: Failed to load module "canberra-gtk-module" //This next part came up after the process terminated, a few seconds after running Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  3. I assume (Jac) after the CA Help moderator's name refers to Jackal server chat, which means WO not WU. This is the Wurm Unlimited tech help section, so you really need to ask this in the Wurm Online Tech Help section. The right people won't see it here. I would suggest usng "Report" on your own thread so that you can ask a forum moderator to move it to WO Help, probably the "Model and Sounds" subforum.
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  5. making what you want in the game is impossible?
  6. looking for 80s for it but open to offers
  7. This is worth funding. Has many options. HELP THIS GROW WITH THIS LINK. I don't have funds now but I can spare something soon.
  8. How much do you want for this?
  9. boatmod would be broken from reading that, so remove it and try again
  10. I just made some copper chainmail because I like how it looks on the wiki chain armor smithing page but after making it and equipping it I found it looked like THIS That has not been painted or dyed or anything other than crafted and improved a little.
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  12. I know that all my comments are just babbling, which is similar to the ravings of a child. Sometimes I don’t even know when to stop in time. But to be honest, I don’t care. I’m not going to change my character.
  13. I’m a little tired of talking about the same topic, and there is still a lot of things that it’s just hard to think about, for example, military crafts, but I will go through a couple of those that I just wanted to add, but forgot. Even if it will be a dead weight. Tamer Gives quests to capture. Bring a certain number of monsters, get a monster statue as a reward, activate the statue, sacrifice the corpse of a monster, thereby giving him a second life. Useful when creating arenas. Cook Every month he sells random dishes, seasonally. Gives tips on killing monsters, in return gives dishes, books or dishes (by the way, these two, I can say I rewrote the thoughts recorded on the smartphone) Well, then I'll tear a couple from the long list of the Internet. Doctor Sells medicine depending on your treatment skills (By the way, this item is not enough in the game) Architect Sounds cool, I won’t even add anything Geologist Maybe developers will add mines with dead geologists who do not know their job well Astronomer It’s hard to understand the philosophy of this game, maybe he will tell Librarian Books are sacred. Especially if it's a craft book.
  14. For health reasons, it is almost impossible
  15. so you understand adding things in music but are confused by things not being present in a sandbox. if you want it then build it
  16. Any software resource rests on a human
  17. There was a duplicate of the comment here
  18. Great Idea! would love to have this available
  19. Wurm would be huge if they sorted the NPC thing out in a format like Wurm Unlimited for single-player. Like a cross between Skyrim/Exanima but with more depth. Problem is there're just too many variables; there's no way they could program an AI sophisticated enough to cope with it all.
  20. The server is active though the player count data is buggy, much over the real numbers. For pvp players the situation would be interesting. A team of witches did recently start a deed in the arena pvp map. You would have people to fight against. Relaunch would mean that players would lose everything and would have to start all over again. Who would like that ######?
  21. A bit about NPCs. I want to add that most players usually refuse all seasons, and set only summer. In my opinion, npc, this is one way to solve this problem. Although, maybe I'm wrong. It would be nice if new products appeared every season and every month. So, it makes sense to come to the merchant more often, even in the absence of online. If you played in Valley Stardew or My Time is Portya, you may realize that this is not bad. If you think that if you put traders, the desire to develop will also disappear. But this does not mean that you must give them everything. A small portion of the content is enough. And if the game has a little content, then the developers did not report it. But can they not report something? After all, developers boast of diversity. And how many food recipes are there, will the players really cheat the NPCs of the cook? It seems to me that you need more demonstration of goods, as it’s not good to come out that with modest online players once in five years will flash goods, and then click with their beak. Not good. Well, next in line are craft professions. I could not even remember them, since it is difficult to come up with something innovative for them. But just remembering them is already good. Maybe the developers will change their mind: D A carpenter Available in a variety of wood materials or painted products. Perhaps there are new furniture schemes? What kind of goods is lying around with him, well, I just can’t imagine, because there are so many types of trees and colors of painted goods in the world. Can we find his ax with which he killed his wife? Sometimes gives tips on where you can cut down a tree. Stonemason Stone man, like all of his NPC brothers. Does he have stones besides what's under him? Probably ate everything. But can he reveal to the world unexplored materials of unprecedented strength? Or it will also sit by a broken stone, depending on the developers. Tanner Bring him skin, and maybe he will make you an exclusive. And maybe it will give you a tip where the next skin runs. Weaver Need a thread or a needle? Or maybe you want to sell cotton? Find him fashionable clothes and a brutal headdress? Blacksmith Is your sword cursed or are you an idiot? He will fix your sword, and you will pay the next time you come. Thief - Cracker Do you need a dagger or poison with a speed debuff? Or pick a good master key? Engineer This profession involves the creation of siege weapons, arbatels, suspension bridges and so on, all that includes mechanisms But it’s not necessary to have it on sale. You need secret drawings. Jeweler Charmed bracelets included Sculptor Buy a Rolf statue? That's right, a statue, because Marrkus Perrson ran far ahead. Barber Is there a hairstyle? Need a hairstyle? Not? So now she will not be! Working professions Builder He can’t build, but he can tell me new craft. Miner Where in the world is there a good mine? If the developer wishes, he will give you a tip. Cattle drover Will sell you your favorite animal food (He has it special) Plowman Can't find the seeds? Every year we have new ones. Groom Keep your lasso
  22. Hello Everyone. I'm looking for a WU mod that will allow a GM to place a personal merchant and keep it automatically stocked with specific items that can be indentified in the config file. Through the mod config file I use the personal merchant ID# to identify the merchant, list the item number to stock, the ql of the item, the number of items, price of the item. An example would be: My GM character places a personal merchant in the starter town. After retrieving the merchants ID, alter the config file to have it restock sleep powder, magic chests, shaker orbs, etc, etc. every few hours the mod would automatically reset the amounts on the merchant. This creates a useful tool for the community admins to allow special merchants on their server without the need for gm's to be constantly checking it's inventory level and refilling it. I'm hoping someone will take up the challenge! TIA, Rookie
  23. Thanks! New players are always welcome to stop by and have a look.
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