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  2. If it happens to you from one of the mods I created, then it most likely would happen to others at some point. It is up to you if you would like to post the log file for when you attempt to start it with the mod enabled. I can see what is going on and possibly fix it
  3. Just fyi, it's still working fine for me and for all the players on my server. Any chance it's just conflicting with a server mod, for those who can't get it to work?
  4. Lag issues on pollNextZones

    What Sklo said. It's pretty much a lag-fest anytime they are killed off.
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  6. Wsa silver sales and safety

    The problem with banning the sales of silver is the fact that the game still wants your real money. You still need real money to buy premium and pay for your upkeeps and buy goods, unless you sell stuff which is effectively allowing sales of items for real money and the same thing as silver selling. If wurms economy was something similar to that of say, runescape, where your ingame coins are obtainable through many ingame methods and tradable with other players who also obtained them via ingame methods, and you can buy premium with those ingame coins, it would be a totally different story. Especially since runescape already bans selling items/money out of game. It would be great for people that legit are just trying to get their prems/upkeeps paid for, but I feel there's too many players with the mindset that they should be allowed to work for money in wurm and that's supported by the team so it would never work, and would probably lose even more players. But hey, we can at least reduce the necessity for so much silver. Why's it 8e/10s a month for prem for every single account? Why aren't we paying for a master account that allows x many characters, and if needed extra charges for x amount of characters? 8e a month for one account is cheap, but when you add in just one priest alt it's suddenly 16e a month and it's not like every priest alt is played as a main to the same extent of prem time usage. It seems pretty outdated, especially when you can spend 2s a month on fresh alts for whatever use they may have obviously limited by being prem for only 30 days. Even if we just had a basic system that allowed one free second account for the same prem, and 2e/2s a month more for each extra account, it would be such a difference. I know the argument would be "but then ccab loses money!!!" well if the game relies on less people paying for more accounts, then that's a giant problem way beyond us
  7. Yah, I don't know if it does or doesn't directly relate. Just that I can't start my server when I have Drakemount mod, and if I disable it I can. But no need to fix anything if it's just me. I maybe misunderstood and thought someone else was saying the same thing, so I wanted to confirm.
  8. Wsa silver sales and safety

    I understand you may disagree, but having too many veggies is a first world problem. On any game that disallows rmt, you simply don't farm as much or trade that money forward into the in game economy for other services, have larger deeds and nicer gear. Your real life nest egg should not be the concern of developmental decisions. If rmt is resulting in scams and problems in the community, then illegalizing the practice is a completely viable solution. People who regularly cash out are taking part of the market out of the equation as they are not moving commerce. The trade of goods and services does not flow when you treat currency as a good: it devaluates it. So it always affects gameplay. Regardless, the only reason why these type of scams are happening is because people are allowed to openly advertise the silver sales. I am sure that if silver sales were illegal, those selling silver publicly could be banned on sight. This would have prevented recent victims from falling prey to the practice. I am sure anyone who sells silver would be against banning the practice. Me? I am a buyer. I don't care who I get my silver from. All the money I produce stays on the market.
  9. Lag issues on pollNextZones

    Example from Sklotopolis: 470 fog spiders spawned 70 of them killed instantly and that just in 1-3 server ticks. That is not a friendly thing to do Spawning has IO operations killing has IO operations, IO operations everywhere
  10. Its not easy being an NPC

    Nice day for fishin' ain't it hu ha Thank you for necroing this, is so worth it, and so made me laugh again!!
  11. WTS Silver coins

    Great seller! Quick response, transaction went through without any problems, recommended.
  12. Latest Raspberry Pi Cluster server?

    This might get me away from Odroid. I still like the HC1/HC2 and want a H2 though.
  13. Instanceable Unique Hunts

  14. Latest Raspberry Pi Cluster server?

    If that is the issue probably few things could be reworked for that... maybe you could wire an ssd to it? i/o solved if it's just disk performance thing. I'd not call a cluster of 55$/ea raspberries .. cheap, only bonus to this is the power consumption
  15. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    -1 for host based events.. rather deal with rng and some participation system. Certain few have proven that some hosts should never have the right to have a right. Instanced.. I don't see the point of that, rifts do not need their own instance for example Karma is a b* to farm if you go after it.. rather have either completely other way to charge the start of such event or to have a variety of ways to do it, certainly not crops, too easy to charge if sac favor is the juice.
  16. WTS Tools 20C/eatch with enchants

    [19:30:38] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. good luck gergorian
  17. Instanceable Unique Hunts

  18. Instanceable Unique Hunts

    I like it. There was a time when I didn't think instances would be a good thing for Wurm, but my thinking on that has evolved over time. Currently we can step into a portal or cross a server line & end up somewhere else entirely, Epic, Choas, another PVE server. What would be the difference really? If done right, it could be just as immersive and not change the sandboxiness (word?) at all. Maybe this new Frontier thing they've teased/tantalized us with will be something along these lines?
  19. [FINAL] Upkeep Costs

    @MthecMod has been working great the exploit´╗┐ is fixed! I still have one small problem with the guards, I would like players making a new deed to get 2 free guards, but pay for more guards. Also they cant add guards using "manage guards" when making a deed with upkeep off because we get message "There was not enough upkeep to increase the number of guards. Please make sure that there is at least one month of upkeep left after you hire the guards." only way to buy new guards is to use resize deed because it takes the money from the bank instead of upkeep but with new players they can't buy any guards during the making of a new deed because they have no money in the bank.. basically: I just want players to get 2 free guards during creation of new deed and to "buy" new guards with managed guards while upkeep is turned off.
  20. WTB rare low ql high coc butchering knife

  21. Wts Garrettwademan

  22. [RELEASED] Improved Improve for Ago's mod loader (client)

    mmm would be nice - atm its crashing my server
  23. Some how, my pottery crafter got bugged out. What i did is, i have donated ~10 planters to improve skill. Then i gave large amphora to imp it. Logged out. After coming back, i receive email wtih bunch of clay jar with money, 7 out of 10 (i beleave) planters and amphora.I take everything out. One of clay jars had coins i was not able to do anything with. I gave same amphora for improvement. Logged out. After login back, that amphora appeared in inventory window, but not within inventory and i can not interact with it. I always get message that It is in mail right now, but upon checking mail it states that it is empty. So i have ended up with amphora in inventory, i can not do anything with.
  24. WTS 1 Gold

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