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  2. Thanks for the slaying. With all the lag I'm surprised I made it without dc. My client hated it, but I was happy.
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  4. Thanks for the slaying - enjoyed it!
  5. Excellent service and easy process. Very recommended, fast and friendly. A+++
  6. Top seller i would really recommend them fast delivery good prices 10/10
  7. This was the funniest slaying I've been to. The serverdragon massacring the hunting party before the fight even started, then 127 people lagging their way up the hill when suddenly DRAGONATTACK!!
  8. Thanks to everyone for attending! Was crazy busy, but good time!
  9. It'd be nice if there were, for example, 12 entries for a portion of the journal and you needed to complete 10 of them to finish it. It gives some flexibility to the process without giving too much freedom.
  10. Amazing Seller, hooked me up with what I needed at a decent price. I will purchase from again!
  11. Congrats on the find, and for hosting this. Its very decent of you to make it public! Ill bring my main and one healer (even tho i really want to bring the whole army for those juicy bloods ) - and looking forward to seeing you there!
  12. Please rename Huntington Castle at o22 to Isle of Sirens. Thank you.
  13. Awesome Service, All pre-loaded before I even arrived, so the turn around was quick. A godsend for those of us with carpal tunnel. It would take me a month on my own to turn 3k pans, let alone 10k. Thanks!
  14. You wait until the timer expires and i will be there on my acount 'Fevfev' to walk with everyone to the spot.
  15. The irony is the tools and hardware have gotten better but the people who "make" games have gotten much worse. When it was harder, and I am not saying it isn't still difficult to design or make games. But when there were zero tools or outsourced engines the only people who attempted to even make games in general were the ones with a passion first & profit second mentality. Now we have Indy unity trash a dime-o-dozen of tech demos and kickstarters who take the money and run. We also have the larger older game maker companies turning everything into politics even though games are supposed to be an escape from all that.
  16. So how will we know where to go once we get to the deed you listed as the meeting point?
  17. oh sold already as i posted in seperate discord pm, apparently demmand is high for drake sets from champs that die to alts. Thanks all. can close
  18. just pm me offers, got it for basically free with an Alt so not bothered, was some REAL TRAP Sh#t
  19. Weirdly I just came to this thread to post this: Xan horses/unis clearly not into social distancing...
  20. if I can scrounge some more favor I will be able to summon as well if that will help at all
  21. Heading there now, will not bring alts... cannot justify it with the lag I get from Xanadu vs mental distress from being disembarked constantly in the ocean from bad mechanics. Cya soon!
  22. thanks I am blind, looked through Linton area twice, sheesh, need moar coffee
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