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  2. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    Btw. code is inspired by the #loadItem command functionality, so as long as #loadItem works this solution will also work. I never saw #loadItem fail. And yeah it is NOT tested, so test it ^^
  3. A New Elevation

    This is valid concern, at the very least all aspects of the slime of uttacha deserve a neutralized debuff
  4. Remove the seals

    Why not remove (forum) trolls first?
  5. A New Elevation

    I'm not opposed to changing sorcery, but I think you have to consider a lot of people learned the tomes and took on a debuff because the spell was worthwhile. I think if you change anything dramatically or rework the entire spell, then players should have the ability to unlearn that specific tome as compensation.
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  7. Deliverance Community Map

    Thanks. Done.
  8. A New Elevation

    Not complicated to remove. We have the wu code to confirm this
  9. We had some big troubles last month but are hopefull that everything is solved and fresh. No more errors/database corruptions so we have a clean whiped and brand new server. We removed some mods wich caused problems and added some new mods. 4 portals will bring you around the world one way so choose wisely! We have some fun events planned in the near future!
  10. A New Elevation

    Made an account just for this. All the other tome abilities - whatever. Keep them. Truestrike? It should be changed. It is going to dominate the pvp meta very quickly and its acquisition is choppy, time consuming and extremely RNG. Its usage is flat out not fun. I'd love to have everyone agree not to use it, but I understand that isnt realistic. I understand if it's extremely complicated to disable it, I'm not a code monkey by trade, but if it's a "wait until november" situation the server will be dead long before then, as nobody wants to be out of the fight in one hit. Theres dozens of people waking up to the reality those of us who ran the numbers a month or two ago realized and they are not interested in this. This past week has been the most fun I've had in wurm in several years, please see what's possible with this before your hard work is spoiled, devs!
  11. Rift July 19th

    Central indie h19 u can set highway system for "Totebo" it's like 60-70 tiles east of it
  12. A New Elevation

    Not really worth playing if your just going to go down in 3 hits
  13. A New Elevation

    Darklord said to wait for November. Tome removal is to hard or something like that I told him day one it would be an issue and he's like nah fam wait till November 1 hour cool down is enough. I'm like igh ok fam. I have 2 tomes on my char. tomes should of been out just like sotg.
  14. another crash tonight console log below
  15. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    One major reason that a bug like this doesn't get attention is that it deals with the transfer code. Our transfer code is a huge pain point that we're painfully aware of, and to do much about it would require effort that we simply don't have the resources to commit to. To put it plainly, one false move in the transfer code and character data could be lost on transfer. That means people are very much against touching this code. Nearly every time someone does get brave there ends up being an issue requiring a hot fix. I have some experience with this code and I've also done recoveries when this code has gone wrong so I dared to touch it today. Sorry it took so long.
  16. [Bug] Lock on military tent goes invalid

    I've applied this fix, it will be in testing to ensure it doesn't muck with transfers. My main concern is that this assumes the lock still indeed exists, but the logging will at least help us understand more if the fix proves to be less effective.
  17. New Prices! Come get your tools!
  18. WTB Supreme Large Cart

  19. Epic looting system

    Leave the loot system as it is. I only played on epic and i realy like it. It means the winner takes it all. I would hate to care about loot before the fights is over.
  20. A New Elevation

    Saw this coming, about Truestrike. Which is why out of fairness I rallied for tome removal. It will seriously inhibit my willingness to engage the enemy. It was discussed at length in my group as something that would ideally be used once, and then be looked at in the future, and changed. Glad we are working these kinks out early.
  21. Remove the seals

    i like seeing the seals and i think not enough animals about ,bring on more of everything who wants to walk around and see zip
  22. hey, so i have realized that a 1 hour shift from camps spawning every 25 hours doesnt seem drastic enough how about letting them spawn either 18 hours apart or 30 hours, so more timezones are covered and its not stuck in one timezone for more than a week.... yes no?
  23. A New Elevation

    new elevation very fun with the boys, come all join us
  24. Rare Factory - Custom Made Rares Plus

    Bump - New stock added to OP.
  25. WTS Bulk Building Mats - Made to Order Nails, bricks, planks, shafts, etc. Low skills so expect <30 QL. /tell or PM with order and offered price. We can discuss how soon the order should be completed.
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