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  2. Archaeology - Tiles not refreshing

    Remember that the south and east side of any fence or hedge will never refresh. The same often applies to building walls. The NW corner seems to be the deciding factor here, if it indicates a structure or some other obstruction, the tile will likely not refresh. If you have animal pens or similar there is a high chance that these tiles will not refresh due to the fences nearby. Try open spaces such as large fields or paddocks.
  3. Update Bump. New reduced prices on all horses! Base price is now 20c, newer colors 50c. Occasional feedback here would be appreciated, so this thread is not only me doing update bumps Thanks again to all of my customers, I love working with the horses, and this is the only 'business' I do to help with my upkeep costs, so your custom is very appreciated. Don't forget the 'freebie' pen as well, some 5 speed rescues in there as well as 4 speeds, very handy for visitors to rifts or unique hunts.
  4. Ogygia (Vanilla PvE 4096)

    Our Reddit post:
  5. Zac's Wurm Photoblog

    Cozy lil' building at Agria Gardens on Deliverance.
  6. I don't play a prem'd priest I've never complained about healers getting the top scores at a rift it does in fact, please me. but if a healer thinks it's insane.. +1
  7. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    There already was a post full of suggestions for replacement of this goal before the update where linking gives credit... For all those that think wurm is all about cooperation. Cooperation might be nice but forcing people to cooperate by offering insane rewards is wrong. Also we are not all the same and not all people want to play in group. Nobody forbids you to play and cooperate with others but understand people who don't want that and give them room to play their style without forcing them to feel left out. A little bit understanding from extroverted people towards introverts is much needed thing, not just in this game but generally in the world.
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  9. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    Well, then stop shrieking and propose ideas. What would YOU replace that goal with?
  10. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    i have gotten 22 2x body 2x body str 2x body stam 4x pickaxe 4x misc items 1x bs 1x mining 1x normal fighting 1x mind 2x soul 1x soul str 1x stone chisel
  11. 105+ cast nolo and corrosion

    Looking for a no-lo ring, and a corrosion necklace+ring at 105+ power, ql of jewelry doesn't matter much, pm me.
  12. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    if its made to cost more favor they won't co-operate with more people, they'll just make more alts to link. forcing people to co-operate doesn't work, especially as asking people if they want to link for it lets them know that the rite is ready, and they'd be able to snipe it from under you. as more people do the goal there'll be less competition for casting the rite, which will make the goal easier.
  13. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    The goal of my post was to try to find a suitable replacement to implement. If you have ideas to make cooperation more viable, and selfishness less rewarded please do contribute! My "making the cast harder" was one possible way at pushing cooperation. Wurm is better with friends, an active community, and competitive economy.
  14. [00:57:58] You must not move while doing that...

    This will be fixed in the next update, I know its annoying but a fix is coming!
  15. new pvp server when?

    the hash changes if changes are made to the client though. If the hash from an accepted client were to change from the one I deemed authorized then the connection would be refused. The game already refuses connections based on some criteria, I.E using the name Libila.
  16. Archaeology - Tiles not refreshing

    What type of tile is that? Sand is known not to refresh.
  17. I have a deed, tiles have not refreshed in around 3-4 months. There are also several areas outside of deed that haven't either. Whats the timer on this? I assume Im not the only one with this problem. Investigate tied to forage/botanize? I haven't done that either.
  18. Spelling/Grammar Error

    This is the message I got today when trying to port to Epic too soon after combat: [11:19:39] Nothing happens. You sense a disturbance - maybe your are not calm enough yet.
  19. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    No not Jim
  20. [00:57:58] You must not move while doing that...

    Tell us how you really feel!
  21. [00:57:58] You must not move while doing that...

    Every action, on every server, unless I stand still for 10 seconds before starting it. >: (
  22. [00:57:58] You must not move while doing that...

    I try. I really try to not move. Yet 50% of my meditations are interrupted soon after start.
  23. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Location will be revealed a few hours before, however I'll be offering Summon Soul teleports to the kill location, as well as back to directly east of esteron at the coast. I highly recommend parking your boats east of esteron, no toons will be turned down a summoning. If you live on xanadu, the easiest way to the slaying would be to accept a Summon Soul and then use Karma to teleport home.
  24. LOF spam is hilarious, but the rewards top out at 500 points or so. Going into quadruple digits is fun for dickwaving, but that's all it amounts to. The real problem is that you can't get to the max awards unless you are an AOE-healing priest, so the ceiling should probably be lowered to something attainable for non-healers.
  25. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Hi. I have a goblin leader. Said goblin leader, dubbed jim, will be executed 19 hours from now. All are welcome to join in on killing jim to get mining bloods, and the skull and hat will also be rolled off to fighters. Thanks.
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