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  2. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    This does not need to devolve into arguing over Epic and Freedom. I can say that a 1:1 transfer will not happen. That said with the epic rework a solution which allows skillgain to transfer in some manner is on the list of things we wish to achieve, there is no basis in making any decisions or claims off that however, as the nature in which it happens may change drastically.
  3. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    I've been solely a freedom player ever since the skill merge while still having been playing freedom before it (or you know, starting on the freedom cluster too), I am not playing new elevation or epic at all still since the merge, and I am even grinding 70 prayer on freedom instead of epic. I still think it's fair for epic and freedom to share a skill set rather than just one way, and I have absolutely nothing to gain from it. What's not fair is people on the freedom cluster demanding everything that was unique to epic and then continuing to treat epic like second class players that deserve nothing and should be ashamed for even asking
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  5. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    You literally just described every problem the game currently has in detail, but then at the last sentence, you attribute all this to being the cause of "player separation" as if Epic not being part of the freedom cluster is what's responsible for all this turmoil. "Newsflash" - Everyone who played Epic was on Freedom up until less than a week or two ago. Didn't magically solve any problems, did it? Or was I simply unaware that the game had suddenly come back to life, all because Epic'ers had graced us with their glorious presence? You are trying to push for a change you have put absolutely zero forethought into - Allowing people to cross with skills between Epic and Freedom does nothing for the actual game, all it does is make accounts more omnipotent than they already are, and give those who want to grind on Epic the upper hand since you can do so with guaranteed tick rates and significantly higher skillgain. Something I suspect you would benefit from, but I could potentially be wrong there. Freedomers certainly don't gain anything from it, I can tell you that, other than omnipotent accounts randomly hopping over to sell items at cheaper-than-dirt prices. That doesn't sound like much of a boon to anyone as far as I'm concerned. In fact, hmm, it actually sounds kind of like the exact reason the game IS in the state it's in today... hmm.... How does making Epic skills transfer to Freedom, give people any incentive to keep playing the game? Unless they're playing the game with a bot, skilling up new accounts on Epic and then selling them for profit - I fail to see any incentive generated by that. You realize there is a reason people use Epic to cheese skillgain goals on Freedom, right? Because 70 prayer for a priest would take you literal days, weeks, on Freedom. I got it in less than 12 hours on Epic. Now you wanna tell me that not only should you get credit for cheesing the goal on Freedom, but you should *keep* your skill as well with no penalty to skillgain? Why should freedomers have to work 3x as hard (sometimes more depending on skill) just to reach the same level of skill? Which you then get for free (or at least, 1/3 of effort cost) when you are allowed to transfer your skills over. How is any of this fair to freedom players, whatsoever? None of you seem to be concerned about fairness to others, only yourselves. As long as it's fair to YOU, getting to keep all your skill, it's fine. But unfairness to freedomers? Who gives a ####? Clearly no one here.
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  7. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong 2019 (Friend-A-Long)!

    blessedbeard and moonbeard (vyn priest) will arrive tomorrow. looking forward to helping out!
  8. Room 412 Such a great screenshot
  9. Building materials store

    Welcome to a small building materials market! Here you will find various building materials, the list of which will be expanded in the future. We will deliver building materials to any coast, or you can come to us in Heavens Landing (Independence p21) and pick up the goods. Free Shipping on Orders over 4s
  10. new animal trait

    Sounds like it would be less fun
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    However early one plans to arrive, it is always a challenge to find a suitable parking slot outside your favourite venue, especially if you are a very long vehicle.
  12. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong 2019 (Friend-A-Long)!

    Id like to attend. Could I have a room reserved for myself and another guest?
  13. I don't know anything about Runescape, but I have been thinking about joining a village I'm an old player who just started playing again after a very long break, currently living solo on Deliverance. Can I come by and visit the place?
  14. The difference between Guthans and those other lonely freedomers is that Guthans is very motivated to bring people in. As an ex-lonely freedomer mayor the reason I was sitting alone on a deed was the mentality "Eh. Maybe people will join. Maybe they won't. I don't really care because I'm content to run a solo deed." Guthans is out recruiting people in every day, and as a result, his village actually is fairly active and growing at this point.
  15. Hide rain

    Next he'll be asking for hide trees
  16. The Screenshots Thread

    Serpent in the morning haze:
  17. Meanwhile at the impalong: serpent in the morning haze
  18. new animal trait

    Can we get a new animal trait that makes the bred creature non-hostile? (no red aura) Could make breeding certain animals more fun.
  19. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    Personally I dont know why people care about what effort another person puts on their account. How is it any different for an Epic player to come to Freedom with their skills than for that same player buying one of the 6 billion accounts for sale out there? With all the skill bonuses out there today, you can get ANY crafting skill to 90+ in less than a month from day one, maybe 3 months for WS. You can get 90 med in less than a year (hi Stickher!) and you can have a pretty decent account in 6 months. With that in mind, how does ANYONE having 90+ in any skill devalue your account? You don't loose anything in any way, shape or form. You can still imp the same tools, make the same crafts, hunt the same things... and this is assuming that EVERYONE who would be coming from Epic is this massive grind monster everyone talks about. Newsflash: They are not. I said it before and I'll say it again. Allowing Epic players to come to Freedom is nothing but a good thing. More populated servers, more people with an incentive to stay, more friendly faces, a livelier game. Even the economy is benefited by having more people invested in the market: more buyers, seller, crafters, consumers. Right now the Freedom Market is so anemic that you cant sell 4 90/90 horse shoes for more than a silver. I've paid 1s for rares, for crying out loud! Its time to merge the community, or soon we will not have a game to play.
  20. WTS 1.5k Support Beams (1k currently in stock)

    bump 1k support beams left
  21. EPIC - FREEDOM 2 way affinity transfer

    Treating epic as a risk free playground for freedom further pushes the idea of epic being second class and less important, and well, that's what drove epic to the state of 0-10 players per server pre-current hype, and will continue to happen as long as epic is still not considered equal with the freedom cluster
  22. Thank you, I hadn't found that command in my troubleshooting.
  23. Hmm now as testing again, I cannot really reproduce either. I get "that would destroy the liquid" or "already full" errors only.
  24. Hide rain

    I'll always support this as I always complained about rain making wurm run worse and kept asking for this for years, but I wouldn't expect it because I was always told that rain shouldn't cause issues Though there's also the fact I want it hidden more because heavy wurm rain feels like lines being scratched into my eyes, which makes wurm painful to play similar to when we get blinding snow
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