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  2. full length mirror

    for the wall in the house ,to see diff armours on (same size) picture .or see the yellow potions use .and make mirror maze lol
  3. WTB 1.5G

    1s / 1e
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  5. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Yes! thank you very much, now on to playing with the dungeon mod!!!!! I'm so excited about what it can do for our dungeons.
  6. It's all in the manual. Also has been discussed several times in this thread. You find the manual in the pdf file that comes with WurmClock; also mentioned and linked in the OP.
  7. Complete Mod List

    meh he hasnt posted the mods i released like 3 months ago.
  8. [Released] Coldies Compilations

  9. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    I was testing with my player not a gm. So I started fresh, I deleted them both, downloaded fresh copies and put them in, and they work this time. Maybe something got corrupted in the first download I don't know. Thank you for your help. EmmaGrace
  10. Whats working, whats broke with new patch.

    the xray part of wurm esp doesn't work with the modern renderer introduced with the update - Im hoping Sopherino can fix it or Retrobate will read this and enquire about whether the team at WO can fix it oops Retrograde hahahahaha Sorry for the second edit - going nuts at work and bored also....... ._.
  11. Complete Mod List

    i see that eject is no longer updating which mods work and which ones don't at the beginning of this thread.. it was really helpful
  12. Action Q Bubble doesn't go away.

    oh yes, this has been going on for a long time or forever maybe.
  13. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    how are you testing if it works? just spawn as GM and wizz kill it? that won't work, a player needs to have combat window up to get bounty, so need to go visible and vulnerable to engage in combat as GM.
  14. Sindusk Server Mods

    In the .properties file, has the classname= been deleted? If so, just grab a copy of and copy/paste the line.
  15. Easter event this weekend, come join in the fun
  16. 1. Create a Item that drops on the ground like a BSB. 2. Add it to crafting window. 3. take a step off the tile(so it's to far away) 4. Set your action Q to your max actions. 5. Hit the continue button. (you will get: [20:20:23] You are too far away to do that. times how much your action q is.) Your Crafting UI will look like this: With all of your action bullets stuck in the lit phases.) You can close it to reset. Or at least for me I can step closer and hit continue again which will now work and reset the lit bullets.) A player with 3 actions reported that if they try to use the Continue button they would only get 2 actions.
  17. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Ok, I've run through that a couple of times now, all the other mods are working correctly. I'll look at it one more time and see if I can figure it out.
  18. Now 9 villagers .. come join Amore Xana P15.. PM me for summon.
  19. WTA Rare Hammer

    Auctioning off old stuff Rare Hammer, iron, 94ql, COC100, Auction start with 4s Min inc is 50c No protection applied
  20. Meditation gains

    Guaranteed ticks with half the tick size. Every one saves their sanity.
  21. Whats working, whats broke with new patch.

    I can confirm the following items on your list are working: compass livemap timelock toolbelt tooltips wurmesp
  22. Can this be configured tor a Wurm Unlimited server?
  23. [Closed] WTB , 1 charge: Scroll of Binding

    Scroll of Binding found, please close
  24. new pvp server when?

    that you know of lol
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