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  2. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    This is the CLIENT mod patch. You do not install it on a SERVER.
  3. full length mirror

    This would be pretty cool, definately a +1 here.
  4. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I find it horrible, it is unfun, annoying and unrealistic. I do like that we still have more basic and complex rod crafting, it goes well with all the other decent crafting. but having started new on a server recently shows how badly the system actually is. However stupid is: Twigs for floaters. Wurms for baits. Wurms: Having just like one wurm per Tile is bad and unrealistic. we should be able to find wurms repetetively, depending on the area there can be up to 500 (earth) wurms per m² ansd we have one per tile. Twigs: a bush is basically a plant made out of twigs and branches. We should be able to get both branches and twigs form bushes without tools. Doing so should damage the plant. That would make sense and grants multiples. The rod or parts break way too often early making it a HUGE annoyance. These two basic things can be very annoying to find if there isn't the right environment around. And they make early fishing unecessary complicated. There are fishes pulling away with only stupid 70gramm weight (given visual size matches their weight somehwat) but perches in general are way too tiny to properly break a line or even pull away. That's truly a joke that it happens. Spear fishing, pretty stupid. Coastal spear fishing is not made by throwing it's made by stabbing. Or swimming/diving and stabbing. Give us basic wooden spears that are made of nothing than wood. And one with a stone tip. You should make rod fishing an own skill and spear fishing. And make spear fishing the most basic form as this is the most realistic basic form of fishing.
  5. Metallic Liquids

    Looking for 9 metallic liquids, message me if you have any for sale.
  6. WTS some rare tools

    [14:31:19] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Thanks
  7. Today
  8. Those 3 settings are definitely set (as false). I checked the INI today when Bdew mentioned it on Discord, the INI file for the world was last changed on 2nd Feb 2018. I recall doing that to rectify a different issue whereby items I had sold came back in my inventory after re-logging. That was years ago though, and this problem has been much more recent. Not all items the salesman had in his inventory still had my owner ID too. A lot of it had transferred correctly. Looking at the items that had this problem many of them were mauls and shields I know I had made this year on version 1.8.x.x.
  9. This is something which could also happen due to bad synchronisation while multi threading. Make sure that in all wurm.ini files the following entries are set to false: USE_SCHEDULED_EXECUTOR_TO_UPDATE_ITEM_OWNER_IN_DATABASE=false USE_SCHEDULED_EXECUTOR_TO_UPDATE_ITEM_LASTOWNER_IN_DATABASE=false USE_SCHEDULED_EXECUTOR_TO_UPDATE_ITEM_PARENT_IN_DATABASE=false
  10. WTS green cherry charge

    As topic says, I've got green cherry charge. If you are interested PM me.
  11. WTS Stuff

  12. WTS some rare tools

    leather knife to oospeedstyleroo
  13. .

    It was supposed to be private message xD. Seems I shouldn't have skipped morning coffee
  14. .

  15. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    The folder name for the dedicated folder is "Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server" and it can be found in your "steamapps\common" folder. The WurmLauncher folder is for the client. It is in "steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited". The client also has a server included with it which can be found WurmServerLauncher in the same location as WurmLauncher. Your client modlauncher must go into the client folder so you will want to extract all the files into the WurmLauncher folder as located above then run "patcher.bat" (on Windows) or "" (linux). The server modlauncher must go into the dedicated server folder or the WurmServerLauncher inside your Wurm Unlimited folder as located above. The same applies to patching the server with either the patcher.bat or It won't harm your files. If at any time you want to remove the modlauncher, you can simply repair your installation from the properties tab via Steam. EDIT: Additional Information You can also pin these folders into File Explorer quick access for fast access without having to navigate to them.
  16. Doesn't look like the Ebony wand mod was the issue. Resolved this with some tips from KeeNAN. It turned out that items I was selling to a salesman (world one, not personal) were not having their `ownerid` updated to reflect the salesman instead of me. ---- For anyone else having this problem you will need the following: An SQLite editor. (My favourite is SQLite Studio.) Your Wurm server to be shut down. Direct file system access to your Wurm server SQLite database files. These are within the world folder from your Wurm server root, then in the "sqlite" folder as ".db" files. If you see ".db-shm" (shared memory) or ".db-wal" (write-ahead log) files your Wurm server has likely not shut down fully yet. To find the issue first find your Wurm ID. You can find this in the `wurmplayers` database: Open the PLAYERS table. Click the Data tab. If your player list is very long put your in game name into the Filter data text box (2nd toolbar) then press Enter. In the row for your player copy the contents of the WURMID column, e.g. "100686085376". Next you will need to find out all of the items Wurm thinks are in your possession right now. You can find this in the `wurmitems` database: Open an SQL editor by pressing ALT+E, or clicking the button for it in the toolbar. (2 left of that "fx" button.) Paste in query: SELECT WURMID, NAME, OWNERID, PARENTID FROM ITEMS WHERE OWNERID = YOUR_WURMID ORDER BY NAME ASC; Replace YOUR_WURMID with the WURMID value you copied from the `wurmplayers` database earlier. Press F9, or click the play button in the 2nd toolbar to execute this query. At this point I immediately noticed a huge amount of items I knew I had sold to a salesman and were definitely not showing up in any of my own inventory windows/trees. One thing I took interest in for these rows is the PARENTID value, particularly because that ID wasn't appearing in any of the WURMID columns of this result set. Copy that PARENTID for later... As I know these were traded to a salesman I verified this by finding that creature in the `wurmcreatures` database: Open the CREATURES table. Click the Data tab. Paste in the PARENTID you copied from the previous query into the Filter data text box (2nd toolbar) then press Enter. This returned 1 record showing the salesman I knew I always sold stuff to. The INVENTORYID column of this salesman ID was an exact match for the suspicious PARENTID from the items table. Copy the salesman's WURMID for later... Finally to resolve this you need to transfer ownership of all the items you sold from yourself to the salesman. You do this back in the `wurmitems` database: Open an SQL editor by pressing ALT+E, or clicking the button for it in the toolbar. (2 left of that "fx" button.) Paste in query: UPDATE ITEMS SET OWNERID = SALESMAN_WURMID WHERE PARENTID = SALESMAN_INVENTORYID AND OWNERID != SALESMAN_WURMID Replace SALESMAN_WURMID with the WURMID value you copied from the `wurmcreatures` database earlier. Replace SALESMAN_INVENTORYID with the PARENTID value you copied from the `wurmitems` database earlier. Press F9, or click the play button in the 2nd toolbar to execute this query. In my case there were 567 affected rows changed. Disconnect SQLite Studio from all (3) databases you opened, start up your Wurm server, and check yourself. -- I was completely fine at this point. ---- My final thoughts why this problem happened in the first place. (Wurm bug? Plug-in interference?) Not everything I had sold to this salesman still had me as the owner ID, just a significant quantity of it. This could have been a bug with a specific version of Wurm. (1.8x as this issue is recent?) Who knows! I'll try selling some diamonds to the salesman now that I'm on and see whos owner ID the item ends up with.
  17. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    "Instructions * Unzip the contents of client-modlauncher-<version>.zip into the "WurmLauncher" folder * Unzip the contents of the individual mods you want to run into the "WurmLauncher" folder. This adds the required .properties files to enable the mods. * Run patcher.bat * Start Wurm from Steam" Need Help : Emm . . What if you have NO "WurmLauncher" folder with in the Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server folder ? Can I just create one there (safely), and then follow the instructions above ? BTW - What else is supposed to be in that folder ("WurmLauncher" folder), if anything ? PS - Also, can I put the "server-modlauncher" in it's own folder also ? (it seems a bit worrisome to just drop it in among all those other files in the directory & a bit of a 'pain-in-the-arse' to find & remove them all, if need be). I would be happy for anyone's input on this, I know mod creator's are very busy people, and we appreciate them !
  18. full length mirror

    for the wall in the house ,to see diff armours on (same size) picture .or see the yellow potions use .and make mirror maze lol
  19. WTB 1.5G

    1s / 1e
  20. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Yes! thank you very much, now on to playing with the dungeon mod!!!!! I'm so excited about what it can do for our dungeons.
  21. It's all in the manual. Also has been discussed several times in this thread. You find the manual in the pdf file that comes with WurmClock; also mentioned and linked in the OP.
  22. Complete Mod List

    meh he hasnt posted the mods i released like 3 months ago.
  23. [Released] Coldies Compilations

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