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  2. How to get started modding?

    Thanks Coldie, that was very helpful! I assume writing a client mod is similar as far as which external jars to include (client.jar vs. server.jar, etc.)... anything else to know about when modding the client vs. the server?
  3. Bought a blanket appaloosa named Piedog a few days ago. I had also previously bought a 5 speed horse and gear for it after returning to Wurm. Very fast and reliable service. Would recommend without hesitation.
  4. Yayy for friends and imping I'll be bringing my Vynora priest (100 faith, 74ish channeling) and chip in on carpentry (70+ skill) and the various smithing skills to the best of my abilities (can bring items to 60ql at least). Please reserve a room for me
  5. Fishing update server error

    You have Craft more things mod??? This might be causing the issue...
  6. Violet Cove Recipes & Archaeology

    Bump! Was away for a bit, but I'm back!
  7. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    what about chopped pea pod, and chopped/ground in general if on yes list?
  8. Epic, Complete 180°

    I am so sick of having to boost this idea for a Wurm Classic server when it holds so much support but is not being acted on.
  9. Today
  10. A little extra info. The timers were from two completely different accounts.
  11. New HotA System

    Possible bug - Conquered two camps that were 12 tiles apart around the same time by two people. During looting of both, when the first one was looted, it stopped the other one from being looted with the standard message of must wait 24 hours. Both camps were never previously conquered. The second camp was about 3 minutes into the 5 minute looting process and automatically stopped with that message exactly when the first camp finished looting.
  12. Very generous, im sure everyone will appreciate some extra SP, ive assigned you room 108. No such thing as too much booze anyway...
  13. How to get started modding?

    yeah i tried to use my usual recording software but it wouldn't get the windows that pop up like exporting and such, so had to use stream and capture entire screen which is why the quality sux, slow internet down here in aus haha
  14. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    ok updated traderoute with that in mind. numlocals=10 is in the properties file and should only be changed if you edit the db correctly adding in the additional locations.
  15. The % done is much lower than what my achievements show, at 59% when according to my achievements it should have been done multiple times over [23:05:14] <> slay 20000 creatures, got it at 23% [23:05:23] <> my horsekill counter alone is close to that
  16. Sounds like a great idea - Let's use 10 more kilos of lump, to imp a set of armor few would ever consider wearing in combat... (probably only PvP players) On a serious note, I could imp it at the buyers request if they provide lump, but I obviously won't be doing it myself because to me it's pointless.
  17. How to get started modding?

    @Cuddles - That was absolutely fantastic! The earlier parts of the video would have significantly shortened my learning curve last week had it been available then. The later parts of the video gave me some more background knowledge that I hadn't either encountered or thought about yet. Thank-you very much for creating this for people to watch! ~Nappy
  18. TC banners have the new model already in game for a few days.
  19. Do you like the new fishing system?

    I just make kielbasa constantly, it fills CCFP nicely (ok carbs only like to 50%). It's quite easy and fast to prepare. Just switching types of meat I use for it + other small changes (with salt or not) to choose affinities I need.
  20. Valrei International. 082

    I know this is not on the post here but just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for fixing this : Bugfix: Fixed the ‘You must not move while doing that’ message when you were not moving.
  21. I have found the way to Wurm

    Thread Moved
  22. WTS a few things

  23. Shafts of white/black light gone since 1.9x?

    I periodically hear quirky things in Wurm with dual monitors. Does anyone else with this issue of not seeing the beams, also have dual monitors? No idea why that would make any difference, just that "dual monitors" pops up sometimes in the tech help section. Might be more often though with lag/crash issues.
  24. WTA Gold Stone Chisel. 3 runes, 2 casts

    Only one rune can be added under normal circumstances. This must be an Archaeology find.
  25. Iron Mine Door

    My suggestion to increase the decay rate of the iron door was not rooted in limiting its utility, but instead mirroring reality. Iron is strong and cheap, but when used in civil engineering projects without caution taken to preventing rust, oxidizes quickly. As you suggest, Gold and Silver should be weak to bashing. IMO they should also decay very slowly.
  26. Shafts of white/black light gone since 1.9x?

    Dual monitors for me, 1920x1080 resolution on both.
  27. WTA Gold Stone Chisel. 3 runes, 2 casts

    its regular add or some archeology find?
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