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  2. If you have rights for the epic board you can see what happened there.
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  4. *Some* of us have no option but to use creation Ql. Seriously, kill the deco decay. Looters will love you, and deed owners will praise you.
  5. I haven't had a computer for a few weeks, and I logged into Wurm this afternoon and saw this: [16:23:06] No other players are online on Elevation (212 totally in Wurm). Now, I know that the first part on its own is not too unusual for Epic, but I also noticed that 212 is a bigger number than it had been for a little while before my laptop broke(Just as Jackal launched, funnily enough!).So, I'm wondering what is going on. Is everyone over at Jackal, with some returning/new players boosting the numbers a bit, or is it something else? I would just like to know so that I understand what has happened since I left.
  6. Thank you for your interest.
  7. [Released] New Portals

    Oh darn. I should have noted that. Oh well.
  8. [Released] New Portals

    I use the auxdata to turn the portals on and off, that would be a conflict.
  9. Mythmoor better than ever!

    Still online, still here for you!
  10. Thanks Finn, I think we know this setting, however I mean we can toggle to always just take all we can carry (weight or item wise) of any item we are trying to pick up or move into inventory (or between containers). If I am building a wall, I want to just drag the bricks into my inventory without having to pick that option all the time. It may mean four bricks, it may mean five. Next round I want to drag mortar over and this time it may be 40 items...I just want the system to automatically work this out and drag that amount without me having to actually press another button to tell it to do so.
  11. Is there still a cooldown? I only ask because it seems most of my skill gains come just after logging in. Well the first or second attempt at picking a lock.
  12. WTS Olloch

    Exactly hahahaha
  13. Burning Witches - Black Widow (Official Video) Unexpected band from Brugg, Switzerland, a nation known for many famous bands such as .... uh, ..... and umm .... so anyway, it appears Judas Priest left quite some love children behind when popping over to Switzerland to fill up another bank vault. I actually prefer Hexenhammer, tho the lyrics are a bit disturbing, and the vocalist who did such a good job on these recently left, so time will tell if the new singer is up to the task. BURNING WITCHES - 'Hexenhammer' (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
  14. Please close

    After completing a lodestone on our deed on Jackal, I realized I am unable to check the Jackal point shop. Before someone says I need points to see the option, [18:06:43] For helping to clear the area around the beacon, you have earned 20 Jackal Points. A friend was able to access the shop on his account immediately after it was created. His right click menu: Vs. Mine: *After relogging, menu shows up. Redeem rift points also shows up, but doesn't do anything*
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  16. Thanks for pointing out the settings in the Game tab Finnn. I always just remove 1 of each kind of item in the crate/bsb/fsb and put it back again to 'refresh' that volume (e.g. crate of 300 cedar logs just remove and replace 1 log). Since doing that I have had no problems with decay in transit - if anyone knows different please say!
  17. shroom / zombiehands were the best part, well maybe not the best.. but one GREAT part of it...
  18. If you take "As many as I can carry" from a bsb / fsb / crate and have a full inventory ( 100 items or maximum weight capacity ), you get the following messages: "[19:21:23] You selected max." "[19:21:23] You can not even carry one of those." If you choose how many items to take and are at maximum weight capacity, you get the message: "[19:31:24] You selected 1." "[19:31:24] You may not carry that weight." If you choose how many items you want to take from the bsb / fsb / crate and have a full inventory ( 100 items ), you simply get the message: "[19:26:25] You selected 1." It doesn't say that your inventory is full or that you didn't actually get the items. I'm not sure if it's an oversight, a bug or intended... but it could definitely be more user friendly
  19. That is how it usually works.. it's limited by your inventory space and weight, you can only have up to 100 items in 'inventory', so the more items you have, the less you can transfer at once; also.. the more you carry already - the longer it is going to take to move dirt/sand/bricks/logs/and such... In your settings preset there's a setting for the default number to drag around, it's in first [Game] tab, scroll down on that one: Enable Shift-Drag in GUI [ x ] Default Shift-Drag Value [ 1 ] (could be 10-20-50+) You can just move something from bsb1 to bsb2 and just drag + drop + press enter to confirm the transfer, should move it all... unless I'm forgetting something atm ^^' Pressing SHIFT + ENTER and dragging items from bsbA to bsbB should move the content around with the limitation I mentioned: inventory and weight you could carry. Is there some specific action that requires extra checkboxes and settings? (like crates and such... idk if the old bug with old crates.. leaving deeds lose volume.... and have to 'wash' the contents from 1 crate to another to 'unbug' for offdeed transport)
  20. Usually these are backwards compatible.. meaning, you're probably running some ancient linux build than?
  21. is this a thing anymore even?
  22. Thank you for the link. I used it and a link contained within the thread linked. This helped me get to my goal faster than I thought possible with less resources and less waste. Thank you for the link
  23. more people needed ! come join the adventures!
  24. This is the second Halloween thread revived haha BRING THEM ALL BACK!
  25. I just had an amphora vanish on me last week, in a building, on-deed
  26. Hey, don't knock it. It's not my kind of thing, but it seems popular and if players like it and are having fun then good luck to them I say. If it's good for Wurm then it's good for all of us?
  27. Thank you for the post, to my shame I have to confess that I had the same issue, wanted to make a post but forgot it.
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