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  2. I'm not sure who moved this topic. But there are 2 different bugs here. There is this bug that is supposedly well-known and has been around for years where you can teleport into mines through the surface. I can do consistently, over and over again where I teleport from one mine 4-5 tiles over to another mine that is "secured." "This also has nothing to do with walking into a mine "sideways or being teleported to mines below the surface." P.S. I have about 4 support tickets built up.
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  4. don't think that's it chief
  5. Ive had a new idea as to why they have not opened the oceans. When they reset the servers they erased by mistake all the connecting points on the ocean and now each one must be reentered. I only think this because it just does not make sense that they would leave them closed after such a failure. I guess we must wait till after steam. They said they would work on epic after that time. I assume this is what they are talking about.
  6. All I really want is just a bind for it. Please this is a huge oversight.
  7. [18:46:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
  8. No, I don't think you're alone in not following, because I get the feeling a few others are replying to other things than what I've actually said. Not really sure how to explain things more clearly though. Yes, actually the numbers are more like ~3.43, so slightly less, but anyway. And, yes, that is true, WU doesn't cost anything in maintenance of servers and such things. Server hosts are paying for all upkeep of WU, and we are generating all income CC are making from WU at no cost at all (for CC that is, it does cost the hosts quite a bit of course). Having a game on Steam is a one time cost of $100. If there were no privately funded servers, there would be no income from WU, because players would have nowhere to go, and they would stop buying the game. But of course, there will always be WU servers running as long as the game exists on Steam, just look at the server list, there are more servers than players running - I counted to about 200 active on the server list at the time of writing. CC couldn't possibly scale up to that if there suddenly would be a rush of hundreds of thousands of players, not that it's very likely the way it looks now, but hey: "In the first week of Conan Exiles's early access release on Steam, it sold over 320,000 copies." (Wikipedia). Who knows when there will be a rush of players with a bit of advertisement and some graphical makeup. Btw, guess what, if WU sold 320,000 copies, that would be the same amount of income that CC would make from 9,333 premium accounts for ten years - and Conan Exiles did that in one week, not ten years, one week. How many premium accounts are currently paying for WO? Would be interesting to know. And will they still be paying for premium in ten years, every month, since their hearts are staying with WO 100%? Wouldn't make much difference, companies have to keep investing in their products or they will lose customers. The only real difference is that instead of selling the game to the same customers every month over and over, making a smaller number of players pay a vastly larger amount of money, with WU 3.5 times fewer sales have to be made and to new players all the time. So, the question is, is there a limited amount of players on the market? No, not really, Conan Exiles again sold one million copies in the first month. Funcom though is a company the market can trust to keep their promises, they have a long range of long lasting games. A company that just take the money and leave to other games, well, it won't keep the trust of the customers for long. One million copies in one month, that's 40 million euro, it should last a bit of time I think. Besides, they have a business model that makes old player keep paying for the game, by releasing expansions. WU could do that I'm sure, if there were expansions worth paying for of course. Maybe it's just me, but I can't follow what you are trying to say.
  9. Yes, new character names will be required.
  10. I wouldn't mind being able to walk through trees .... creatures cheat like that... players get stuck in them.. makes no sense. As for rain.. clear sign you need a better pc or video card at least... plenty of cheap 2nd hand on your local market from crypto miners.. if it's an option look for one.. else sure +1 for optimization if that drops fps too much, etc etc.. etc.. As for snow.. it sucks.. but playing around brightness/contrast makes it ok.. still sucks.. but at least you wont be visiting a doc about it.
  11. Lunalong 2019

    so i hope to see lots this year im super excited and cant wait lol.
  12. Full Steam Ahead

    Not sure if it's been confirmed somewhere, but are we definitely going to be required to use new usernames? As in, I can't use my current one?
  13. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot follow what you are trying to say. as I understand you state, that for one year subscription WO 3.5 WU Units have to be sold. that I understand (based on the given numbers). Then you say WU is solid business because you sell and dont have to care to keep the ppl invested. As I understand exactly that is what CC is doing, is it not? because if they would provide new stuff the 'doesn't cost CC anything' would not be valid. Correct me if I am wrong. As I see it, exactly thats what happening in the market as well. A lot of Publishers/developers pushing out one Product and move on to the next. Thats what they do. Just because CC has to keep players invested for the abo in WO, they still work on WO. No Abo, no WO - WU would probably "long abandoned with almost noone caring" because it is the usual. Now they care just because of the continous development happening in WO. for me it looks almost like complaining about a Feature not present in the Original but in the next episode of the series. Ok, that is a bit over the top, I admit, but it has a slight touch of that. (I dont want to put exact examples as it not the right place for that) Maybe it was promised (like features in lots of other games too), ok, but thats just how the business works. To be honest, I dont think it is right but it is happening in a lot of games and most ppl. keep buying.
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      first 4 days i played the game never got more than 30fps

  15. WEBSITE: LIVEMAP: DISCORD: We would love to have you! Currently most of our players are in Mol-Rehan, we are a pretty chill PvP server who needs more people. I have done a lot of custom work to make the map more interesting (different tribes / camps of goblins, trolls, etc. Dungeon type adventure locations, prismatic world currency, check out the site or ask in discord if you have any questions / interest! We hope to see you online!
  16. [14:21:36] Weapon smithing increased by 0.0004 to 51.2357 no CoC on the tool for an example.. not SB either.. but those numbers are super low... i could see tick sizes that small at maybe 65-70 skill but at 51?!... please fix! and before ya'll are like "WS has always been slow and thats the way it is" posts, there's something about jackal's timers that make WS gains even slower on this server.
  17. 1 salve of frost cod to sleepys
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