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  2. A New Elevation

    Smaller map for X kingdoms is still better than bigger map for X kingdoms
  3. A New Elevation

    Regarding the characteristics "nerfing" of higher skilled characters, wouldn't it be better to make it the other way around for the sake of high end PvE (unique slayings)? Instead of stronger players being nerfed, I'd rather see weaker players strengthened. I don't want to see unique slayings becoming impossibly difficult or long. We need to get more scale somehow.
  4. Server running great! Alot of deeds every where
  5. A New Elevation

    Agreed. Phase out as many "must haves" as possible. If we're getting a 6 month PvP bonanza until November then it would be a good change in that period. My view is that any non-compliant items should be allowed on home servers still, but you should be blocked from portalling/sailing to Ele so long as they're in your inventory. Have some kind of action you can take on your boat/inventory that alerts you to any non-compliant items to save any wasted time (a lot like count items did during the 2009 closure of JKH and MRH when people had an item limit to take to Independence).
  6. A New Elevation

    we can pass that along
  7. A New Elevation

    Looking good, I'm getting some real old-school wurm pvp vibes from this update, what with the hell horse changes, less DR, etc. Can I suggest removing (or changing the effect) of things like Frost Salves and Acid Potions? Otherwise, it's just another "must have" that prevents people getting involved quickly.
  8. +1 Make BL vs. WL great again!
  9. A New Elevation

    Agreed that this is something they should look at in the November update. The new map next month should be configured in a way that makes it easier to switch over to this model. An alliance should be able to align to one light or the other (not neutral) but a BL alliance should be able to fight a BL alliance and likewise for WL. Yes, although civil wars should be possible and encouraged. I think portals only would be sufficient. Maybe block the transit of scale, drake and moon metal armour for a period of time. These restrictions could later be relaxed if there is community demand for it. Being able to bring over conventional iron/steel gear would be fine I think.
  10. A New Elevation

    we can reduce the bonuses from moonmetals. This isn't the major changes planned, this is to give you all something from late june to when we can work on our major overhaul in November
  11. A New Elevation

    This is some great think and time put into a short term quick fix, for that, Kudos to the Dev team for proffering this rollout as a possibility. This is a modest to moderate change from the current which feels conservatively safe and right for change with minimal negative outcomes. I have one small change request. Yes i believe tome use with unending karma sources is OP and the cooldown timers on most of them seem exactly the best solution. The one exception is i'd rather see True strike take a different approach. Rather than a cool down on it's use, i'd rather see a player once hit with ONE truestrike instantly gains a buff for x amt of time blocking an further truestrikes. With that tome i see this issue more of stacking truestrikes to insta kill more than someone using it then using right away again because of large karma source pool. This to me gives the desired outcome of more balance with that particularly tome feature.
  12. A New Elevation

    This feels more appropriate on Chaos, where PMKs essentially are just alliances with a king. Epic is kingdom vs kingdom, god versus god, at its core.
  13. WTS White drake set (full)+AosP

    Bump with price - 82s (or 82e via PayPal)
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  15. A New Elevation

    Imo it depends on how they handle math changes in combat code, if the ql of weapon would have diminishing returns, too, you ll have a long term solution instead of solution which would be obsolete 6 months in.
  16. A New Elevation

    Agreed with the posts above, with no skill reset and no separation from home servers that's just not as appealing as it was supposed to be. People will just bring their 99 weaponsmiths with tons of moonmetals and there's not gonna be much difference from what we have now tbh, just a smaller map
  17. A New Elevation

    Maybe only 2 sides?? Light vs Dark, Good vs Evil kinda thing.
  18. A New Elevation

    Alliance vs alliance!!!!!! This dynamic will really flow things x villages in areas could turn or be persuaded to turn, smaller villages will turn to bigger one's for protection, this would be sick!!!!! We could call them after houses Lol This will really help with the set-kingdoms we all expect to see. If it's in my interest to team with mondain to destroy a nearby village, I will and if its my interest to later team against him, I can, I can do it with no convert timer politics and talks if failed can turn to action. I could literally charge people for protection in my area until a bigger built kicks me out. You migjt see smaller groups this way, I really think this could be a core feature. Love to see this idea especially in the smaller map!
  19. A New Elevation

    Cut elevation off from the home servers, no mailing or sailing over.. So even if the skills remain at least everyone has to start chipping bricks.. Otherwise people will sail over with knarrs full of bricks and moonmetal and gear that's stored now on the homeservers and will give them a huge advantage.
  20. A New Elevation

    Keeping elevation separated from the homeservers for some time would be a good idea imo. Would make things a lot more interesting in the beginning.
  21. A New Elevation

    ONe thing came up in our discord, all the MM drake scale and so on will just be floding new Ele right away, cant there be a restriktion on bringing items to Ele for a while in the begining, so noone have anything to start with, and the battle camps acualy will bea realy big deal to fight over?
  22. A New Elevation

    Would it be possible to cap the dirt walls creation to 100 slopes or something? Not like dirt walls were needed back in the day IRL, plus it wouldn't hurt the landscape that much. + 2 tiles wide dirt walls at max thanks. that would solve some problems that deeds are too hard to raid.
  23. A New Elevation

    5 drain disband, awesome I like all these changes, I am in a middle of a forest walking my dog and im screaming, honestly I will give more feedback later and read again. My thoughts about dirt walls, why don't you limit the slope a house can be built on the edge tile, so if I got a 3 wide dirt wall, I can only build on the middle tile, this will allow catapults to be setup along the edge and remove difficulty of shots? That's a first idea. The mine door will fix a lot of broken deed plans, it's a good change. This will help future map not become so stagnite with top, undisbanadable deeds, I feel like control will flow back and forth a bit better which I think is the aim here.
  24. A New Elevation

    Just to restate - quick travel across server borders is not something you should do because people's settlement patterns tend to take into account where the server border is. Having a 2k map is sufficient to cut down travel times. It takes me 1 hour to get from the centre of Elevation to my deed in the south of Affliction, and with a smaller server I suspect that'd be closer to 30-45 mins, which is fine!
  25. A New Elevation

    getting far out of the scope for this update
  26. A New Elevation

    I'd be up for no kingdom relations on Ele, so long as there was still a system of being good or evil with a "Blacklight Home" server and a "Whitelight Home" server. This would presumably entail removing either Desertion or Serenity. It wouldn't really make sense to have a distinct MR and JK kingdom on the home servers if they had no gameplay impact. inb4 a troll calls for removing all home servers again
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