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  2. Well, I am not quite sure what to make of this. Having worked in IT for as long as I have I have seen a lot of vulture capitalists... errr, venture capitalists... scoop up companies and really screw them up. I have also seen them grab struggling companies promising them the sun, moon, and stars, and then not even delivering a worm (see what I did there??). RARELY, if ever, have I seen them be a positive. Yet I know Wurm is in a major decline. The simple truth is, Rolf appears burned out. It happens. I 100% understand him taking what he can, and leaving the headache on someone else's doorstep. In trying to be objective, I looked up the financials. ONE employee. ONE. It *appears* to be not much more than a shell company. The second quarter financials aren't even listed. However, a quick glance at the stock chart isn't too bad. I didn't go into extensive charting (is it overbought/oversold? What about the moving average convergence/divergence?) I am really curious as to the huge spike and drop in July... that is a bit of a red flag from what is essentially a penny stock.. I'll hold my breath and hope that there is a lot more than what I can find from a quick Google. And if it is the demise of Wurm, well... we've been preparing for that for quite awhile anyway. I'll still play and enjoy my time, no matter how long that is (but only pay for 2 months sub at a time.. )
  3. On Jackal. While riding my large cart disappears. Or after disembarking.. poof... it's gone. Relog brings it back.
  4. I think that most things have a "secure" option now but some things are missing this, for example gnomes, yule deer, yule goats, pottery Valentine flowers, pottery flowerpots, normal planter pots, rugs, dragon skulls etc. Could we please get the option to secure these items as well, similar to the Christmas snowmen we got as a present? Also, please allow other containers like backpacks and crates and perhaps racks with crates in them, to be locked. Thanks.
  5. `To maintain objectivity in journalism, journalists should present the facts whether or not they like or agree with those facts. Objective reporting is meant to portray issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner, regardless of the writers opinion or personal beliefs.` (a quote) and imho.. `But they don't own anything else that's even remotely like wurm` - Objective `acting more like a journalist than anything else. Defending the Wurm community` - Subjective, even if we're represented properly, we are being, represented, as subjects.. this is not journalism, it's politics and the questions posed by said `journalist` are engineered by our collective, subjective, fears. Journalists don't defend they report. `What interest do you have in the gaming industry or the communities that support it?` is an objective question ` Are u removing all the cheap ass keys from the market to sell at a higher price thereby benefiting the game?` is a supposition but still objective because it's strategy that relates to an.. objective. `Do you intend to milk us for all we're worth till we die a sad death?` is subjective ` My guess is that the keys come from the humble bundle and reselling humble bundle keys is clearly forbidden` i don't want to patronize anyone by explaining that one. Journalism is a discipline, you can't be objective then eloquently apply subjective suggestions into it. unless you work for FOX or CNN, obviously.
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    The last thing I want to do is be negative about a game I love... but we don't know anything, and from the simple search of the company that bought codeclub out... you can tell that money is #1. But they don't own anything else that's even remotely like wurm to even say... well lets go play w/e else they own and see how they have monetized that etc etc. I know a lot of people have a lot of coin and time invested into wurm... and their whole hedge fund just got wacked out of proportion so I don't blame those that actually play wurm to be a little scared.
  7. Awesome, and thank you for making it public!
  8. @Cuddles Fairly serious problem that I could use your help with, please. Players who join a deed via the Village Welcomer all become mayors at the same time, while those I personally invite to join become citizens. I tried fixing this by creating a new GM alt and having her found and remain mayor of the deed at all times, but it still happens. Could use a fix, please! Thanks.
  9. DeedPlanner 3.0.3 release features bugfix of map-corrupting bug related to undo/redo, as well as changes to text readability and database update. Check it out! Standalone (Windows/Linux) version: Web version: Changelog: Added Jackal trees Added Jackal structures (beacons and lodestone) Added all types of flower pots Added cupboard Added chicken coop Added small and large pottery amphora Added missing archaeology statues Made different types of marble planters actually different Improved readability of most text in the application Improved handling of long entity names in GUI lists and trees Changed names of all trees and bushes to include "tree" and "bush" in their names Changed names of archaeology statues to their in-game names Fixed undo/redo stack overflow and added safeguard to make sure it won't lead to map-corrupting bugs anymore I'm in the process of setting up secondary development environment on Linux, for easier debugging of Linux-specific issues. This should allow me to fix the issues related to the Linux version more easily, and might also help with Mac issues I cannot directly debug. (but I cannot guarantee it will help with Mac issues, depends on how platform-specific they are)
  10. Bought some dye for a plate set. Happy with the result
  11. I see that someone else has just started a new server also named Harmony. Ours has the full name as:
  12. How does actual journalism work?
  13. I'm gonna attempt this tomorrow. Yea, I only deleted the single altar (Black). So I am going to purge white light tomorrow as well and then restart.
  14. When people have no clue about how business or actual journalism works they should not be posting guesses which turns into FUD. -edited for ranting-
  15. Our plans continue as before and our development work and goals remain the same. We will still be directly working with Rolf in almost all scenarios, or working off our own internal plans. I refer everyone to the original "plans for the rest of 2019" roadmap as to what our goals are, with Jackal out of the way. All of these plans have been shared with Rolf and approved by him, they'll continue as we intend.
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    Wurm, by it’s very nature is a process of continual change, not just the game itself, but every aspect of it’s existence has changed over the relatively short time since I began playing, there’s barely anything left of the wurm I began playing. Change is inevitable, wurm changed when Notch left, it changed again when Rolf stepped away from the development process, and it’ll change again. Change has got us where we are today, and change will take us somewhere else in the future. And whatever changes we face, there will be those who embrace it, and those who resist it, and those who simply retreat from it, change is what we make of it, as individuals.
  17. I think that goes without saying.
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    Sklo, sorry to tell you that, but you may be sued in certain countries if you spread false and imfamous informations about someone, even if these informations may prove, over time, true. If i were in you, i'd be more prudent and lean to say that it's already enough that the same company we speak goes from cash shops in game to online casinos (if i remember well), to sell games in humble bundles, wich is basically a games discount wich leverages over the chance for the developers to make a little more gain if they cut their profits all over his product. About those bundles, i am pretty sure to know how they work: resellers pays royalties to Steam, who gains over basically owning the games they sell, to get the keys they then sell to players. Steam gains from that practice comes from the fact they don't need to do work for this gain, they just rake money from a product they already have milked enough, and if the reseller does not sell enough of those products, well, worse for him. Overall, the naivety i can read on most of the comments is staggering: from the staff basically telling their 300 players that they are stupid instead of reassuring them that the game is not already half into the sink (a thing that you can easily see by staying the last year into wurm: from 450 to 300 players online on average, not counting the 1200 we had when xanadu was in), to those players still thinking there's an actual cure for a game that is already worse than their clones, even if the staff is not even payed for the work they do, thou someone is getting money over their shoulders, and not little money. Don't get me wrong, i wish so much that the game could get better, but over the years, i NEVER saw that happen, and a lot of things were done to go into that direction: it's not that i've no hope or faith, it's that i became atheist over the years.
  19. 1) You start with a tent at the start of a new account. In jackal, if you can build a boat you can probably build a tent... if you have the tutorial enabled as a new player you'd probably learn about this also although I doubt as a new player you'd jump right into jackal since it's not really accessible to everyone right as soon as they begin playing the game, at least it's hella unlikely. 2) The game has a real world economy so there has to be some weight behind the decisions you make, rather good or bad you're gonna spend hours if not days trying to find your body as consequence of your decisions and risk. 3) This is a skill you eventually developed by exploring, but a map can be helpful although I'm guessing you're talking about Jackal, the unknown world we have all traveled to. Having a map would honestly destroy any kind of mystery behind the whole update. 4) There is a team system which creates a group chat. I still don't fully believe there are new players in jackal but returning players, multiple of which are running multiple accounts but that is just my opinion. JONSMOW!
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  21. First off, you should ask yourself... does this add anything meaningful to the game experience, or is it just a complete and utter frustrating experience? 1. Boats aren't spawn points. On PVP I get it... on PVE, it's just going to mean you spend all this time making a boat, and if you're like me (you have crappy optimum for internet provider) you will lag spike occasionally, and die. To a new player, who doesn't know about tents they'd sail off die and then probably quit the game! Imagine sailing for an hour or two not knowing where you died, the map doesn't show you where you are, and you can't find the damn body to save yourself. I already witnessed this on jackal without a boat, someone died and their stuff was too hard to find so he said the game was crap and quit. It seems to me that we've already put enough effort into making our boat that if you land the boat it should act as a spawn point. Quality of Life improvement #1. 2. Why do we have to go get our stuff after death? I can understand on PVP, once again... where it makes sense. On Freedom servers? What the heck? It doesn't get more carebear than freedom servers, so why do we have to spend hours trying to find our body when we may have died as of no fault of our own? (Both times I've died, it took me 2-3 hours to find the body and I died because I dc'd while moving about in the wilderness). 3. Just show us on the map already. It's Absolutely infuriating trying to find a friend. Hey I'm over here... where the water... meets the trees. The mountains all look the same, yeah... good luck. Or hey you want to join my town? You've already used up your free teleport? Well it's 6 hours away, by this landmark. Good luck. 4. Why is there no create group chat function? Having to private message 4-5 different people, as you're starting out on jackal and trying to decide where to place your city just seems silly. Allow us to create new chat tabs for conversations with multiple people.
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    Although perhaps not such a bad deal for Rolf (since he accepted more that half of this buyout in shares of a penny stock sort of company started (Listed? in 2017) I am sad to see him relinquish control as the god of Wurm. To me his determination and success in keeping Wurm alive all these years in spite of all the player resistance, condemnations and hope on their part for failure because he did not follow their wisdom in a multitude of areas; was an inspiration in one man standing alone to keep it all going. Make no mistake, all those who did assist him positively in various aspects to make this happen were there ultimately because of him, which is always why I have considered him to be the true god of Wurm (but without the capital G for that would be a bit too much worship, even with my high opinion of his achievement). Now we have new nebulous overlord pretenders to the game with little understanding of it's deeper meanings and significance in the hearts of many players and basic concepts of equality through achievement (other than buying accounts of course). Which direction this will all take none know but the hopers will continue to be hopeful and the doomers continue with the gloom. As to Rolf, I salute you with respect for you have accomplished what few could have imagined yet many had hoped, to create a game based upon the concept of life and the values that it holds. I hope that as your life continues in new and positive directions that you will find the enjoyment within it that many have found within these fond lands of Wurm, so carefully tended by your hands, heart and mind. Happy Trails =Ayes=
  23. Please add my deed Maharev 1260, 420
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    Boojahideen strikes again
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