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  2. Celebration Map

    Pretty sure, a lot of your deeds are not on the map. New information is as always very welcome. I know some deeds have been disbanded and needs removal, I will work on that shortly.
  3. Rendering of Stone items

    So currently in the game you can render plane stone walls, stone fence and iron fence (Maybe some other wall types I forgot). I love the look of rendered and think making a house rendered looks great. I was wondering why one couldn't render other stone objects. For example a Stone Forge, or Kiln, Smelter, Oven, Fireplace, etc. I think having the ability to render things like that will add further design aspects to the game for players to work with. Just a thought.
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  5. Hedge Options

    I favour this option myself: But if that never gets added, +1 to OP
  6. Hey the Deathlyghost ! Can you do me a favor and move your cart and 2 horses off my deed? You can store them in the palisade area on a patch of enchanted grass where it was before, would be great option. Thanks tons save me a support ticket to have a GM randomly move them off deed somewhere.

  7. Last Post Wins

    Are you really trying to win all these later? you do realize a Druid is always the last on the trail? surrender to the forest’s will.
  8. hello ! I have quite a few weapons instock from 1 to 2 handed all 70ql or higher. any weapons can be ordered from iron to steel . enchants also available monster/animal demises - nimble - coc - woa - and more I have the cheapest prices around I can gurantee that imps are cheaper then buying a brand new enchanted / blank weapon. (I have a limited stock of Life transfer weapons. gettem while you can! ) Message Guthansthewretched or karilthetainted ingame im on either one or the other nearly 24/7 . if im offline then im sleeping
  9. New Exodus Community Map

    All done, thanks once again
  10. wtb high channeling account any religion

    batteries bought, still looking for a high channeling priest
  11. New Exodus Community Map

    New data for you: 415/1840 guard tower 436/1867 deed ''Skeleton Coast'' 460/1864 deed ''Cursed Fields'' 475/1864 guard tower 628/1923 guard tower ''Antioch'' 572/1863 deed ''Skeleton Forest'' 721/1864 deed ''Quintrex'' 781/1891 disbanded deed Tapatai Temepara
  12. WTS 2 Characters

    Hi there, I'm looking at selling 2 characters, both jack of all trades. Paypal - have done tonnes of trades check my history randomone is on path of insanity lvl 9 I believe, currently is 50faith lib priest tworandom not sure on path, spent most his life on epic servers Both come with some basic items - nothing special and currently have prem. I think prem expires on both accounts in around a month. online/clusters/freedom/skills/randomone online/clusters/freedom/skills/tworandom Feel free to pm me, looking for offers. Happy to wait for the right offer to come along. Cheers,
  13. Hedge Options

    YES BUMP AND HOORAY for this suggestion!!!!
  14. Keep the offers coming
  15. Make offers

    rare oaken rope tool with 88 botd, 3s cod to Caroc if ok
  16. Playable Skeleton

    you are playing as a skeleton hiding under a costume of meat
  17. abussing powers on chat?

    Current societal norm, to be overly sensitive to anything said to you yet dishing it out to others. Stupid thread is stupid.
  18. Now 8 villagers .. come join Amore Xana P15.. PM me for summon.
  19. Wurm University PMK design change

    I liked first arts much more. When i saw my tent, suddenly changed it's colours to such plain purple an white, without event fabric texture, I thought it's some kind of texture glitch. Took me whole day to figure out it's just a new art as it is.
  20. abussing powers on chat?

    Retrograde should be congratulated for the skilful way that he manoeuvred the chat that was obviously heading into dangerous waters. The fact that he used coloured chat to do so surely allowed fellow players to look at their screens, see what was happening and get the hint? Good to see that senior members of the team have time to play Wurm
  21. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    I appear to have missed a few items from some folks so if you had a return just send it back +1c. Got quite absorbed in some terraforming activities and entirely neglected my mailbox.
  22. Day/Night/Weather Cycle Hardset

    there is a client mod that can freeze to a specific time, not sure on server mods though
  23. abussing powers on chat?

    I... don't really think Retrograde can change rules. Unless if you mean that in more of a progressive sense.
  24. abussing powers on chat?

    I think its in poor taste and preferred the old rule but when those that make the rules change so do the rules
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