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    new players want untouched land. Not this overly terraformed lands with old decaying buildings, fences etc. I for one would only start playing WO again if a new server comes up. I don't mind starting anew but I'm not a precious spoilt brat (Elkins words) that cannot see that we are at such a low pop that something big is needed, you put older vets in among st the newbs and the whole thing will fall flat on its face. I don't think they have a choice but to try something drastic...... Have a look at this guys filming of Wurm and what he found frustrating t, this is the sort of person we should be encouraging not worrying about older players who are so entrenched in their little houses they can't see the writing on the wall.....
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  4. people like new servers
  5. Full Steam Ahead

    I already pointed out the same thing, earlier in this topic, and I am glad someone else brings it up again. Why they want Steam is obvious. What's NOT so obvious is why they insist on new, separate Steam servers. It's not just yet more new servers, clearly serving no purpose. It's also servers under the heavy DRM-crap called Steam. Some of us not only refuse to start over, we also refuse to play under a DRM. I already know the answer I might get: "you can still play on Freedom if you don't like Steam". My in-advance response to such an answer is: "hypocritical NONSENSE". That's because with separate Steam servers it is inevitable Freedom servers will be even more deserted, and eventually die; even if they keep them alive for a while, they will be almost empty, so pointless. Maybe that's exactly what they want: to get rid of Freedom and its many servers no matter if existing Freedom servers are more than enough to hold the expected new Steam players. Why they might want to get rid of Freedom? probably to reduce the cost of running 7 PvE servers; or maybe they want new separate Steam servers because Steam demands it. Whatever the reason, they want new Steam servers so much, and one thing is sure: there is absolutely no need for new Steam servers. Look at the current server status, assume Steam will make the Wurm player base 20 times higher permanently (unrealistic, but let's pretend it will happen). Guess what, even in that scenario you have the population Wurm had years ago, when it was at its peak, and even then existing Freedom servers were more than enough. So give me a goddamn reason for introducing new servers, under Steam or not. In the unlikely case Steam will bring SOOOOOO many new players that existing 7 servers can't hold them, they could open new servers THEN, not now. But noooooo, they want their new servers NOW, and they want them not connected to Freedom. Do you really see any need for this? In any case, they insist for new Steam servers and whatever I am saying doesn't matter because it will be ignored, or even deleted from this forum (Wurm forum is not exactly famous for freedom of speech). And if I have to play via Steam in the future (which seems inevitable unless they change their mind), I am out. I refuse to play under DRM, and even if I wanted to, I refuse to play via Windows or install useless 32-bit libs on a 64-bit GNU/Linux system, just because Steam is 32-bit only. So far I was able to play on GNU/Linux and without DRM; Samool himself addressed the problems that occasionally occurred in new Wurm versions, and in general Wurm was running flawlessly, with the freedom not to use DRM and not to use Windows. I see a danger this will change in the near future; I really hope I am wrong, but if I am not, bye-bye Wurm.
  6. Full Steam Ahead

    There was a long time of complaining, and then, in the wake of Elevation reset, there were indeed some constructive proposals. Elevation3 has been based on that, as a test for the final Elevation reset. The PvPers who had long complained got many of their proposals reflected. Ok, not all as there was no unanimosity about e.g. full skill reset, or scrapping player gods, and a couple more. Many of those b*tching and moaning in the forums had bragged that hundreds of their friends would flock in. While I was reluctant about, I had at least expected that those complaining so long would at least take the opportunity to build up new deeds and fortifications, and thoroughly test, evaluate, and criticize the newly built server and its properties, to contribute to the final project of new Elevation. Instead, the spoiled brats flocked in at modest numbers, maximum participation I observed was 160 at a time in the third week, doing a couple of PvP brawls, then getting bored about soon. In the fifth week, less than thirty were left, and less then ten in the subsequent weeks, often dropping to zero. If you have a look of the list of changes Darklords published before the reset, you may appraise what all has not even tried to test and evaluate, even the faster breeding of horses, most probably (which I felt quite pathetic), much less siege technologies with the new restrictions on slopes and minedoors. If you compare Jackal, you see that there is not only lasting albeit somewhat lower participation (same to bit lower as Indy), but also ongoing discussion about impressions, critique, proposals for further instances. About Elevation3 and the ashamable failure of PvPers, there was nothing but deafening silence except a deviant if not criminal molestation of a dev by a few resulting in some bans. It is not the devs who did not spend time on PvP changes.
  7. Ballpark price on the two huge axes? Interested in the WU banner for 30c COD to crimsonearth.
  8. Can't read the detail on any of those rares/supremes due to image quality. Any chance of a better shot of those? Also, ballpark figure per wagon + banner?
  9. I'd not hope so, can't think of another game with music player. Use winamp +mp3/4/etc or good old youtube playlist/s.
  10. Hello! When you're next on, would you confirm the casts on that pendulum for me, and give me a ballpark figure for it?
  11. Priest goals require being a priest to turn green, but you will still get the achievement as a regular player. I believe relogging would have them not show. As it is updated on login. Upon going to jackal where you were a priest the goal was triggered. This is intended and how it works. While titles will transfer I am not yet sure of benefits and will find out.
  12. i will offer 5s for all 5 if you dont get results from the auction
  13. Full Steam Ahead

    that works for pve and pvp!
  14. My positive batteries are running out today, so I will write about other things later. But a few details that bother me, I will say now. You know, even without really modifying the game, you can improve it. For example, textures. Textures of anything. The same stone above the water. Or a unicorn. Gorgeous unicorn, right? There are different textures of horses in the game, but why can’t they be made elemental? Have you made some translucent cranks to the tower, but what about diversifying animals, for example? I know there is one such mod, a couple of dozen new ones, but my soul protests anyway. The color scheme of all living things and not living things is so meager, although I still find it hard to believe. The game is relaxing, but the positive in it is very lacking.
  15. +1 we need this for the steam release to succeed
  16. I think the game really lacks variety, and I just want to write about it. By the way, I'm use Google Translate, so correct me if I say something is wrong. Let's remember that you can add magic to it. The first thing I would like to recall is the Wisp. Live flashlight, in my opinion it is very beautiful. You can still draw an analogy with Will-o'-the-wisp, maybe it's the same thing. Have you ever played Warcraft 3? Great animation. But in this game, all that is similar in appearance to a visp, is some kind of boring pebble above the water. In my opinion this is not at all cool.
  17. can we get a music folder we can add mp3 and such to it to get more music in game we want and maybe remove songs from game we do not want. not a question, just an idea... and set how often we want music to play
  18. For me the choice is clear. Do you want to play on a server in someone's basement with rules set by a 12 year old or drunk. Some server that may not even be here next week? I cant say that is what is going to happen or even that is how it works but I trust WurmOnline. Its operated by professionals. They don't give in to rants. Its time tested years of work behind and years of work ahead. This game is about work. You don't build a castle over night. You work for what you are proud of. Skills are just a small part of the game the rest is friends and digging, crafting and construction and exploration. Do you want to work and explore in someone's basement or play the real thing. The choice is clear: WurmOnline !
  19. I think almost all Wurm lovers present want something in this game, including myself. This game is beautiful, but in my opinion it lacks colors, lacks something more beautiful. Each person has his own sense of beauty, but it seems to me that today there is nothing more beautiful than the fantasy genre that is already in this game. But even the efforts of developers and modders have their limits. To create beauty, you need two things. The first is inspiration, which should be everywhere, including in this topic. The second is your hands that fulfill your plan. All of us have all this, to a greater or lesser extent, it does not matter, but it is. And bye this opportunity is available, I will start this topic.
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  21. ok , i have set sound to disable. Lets see how it goes
  22. not sure why i can not add my playlist... it keeps changing the link to different videos!
  23. The reality is that the group who is going to cast it will be in touch with you, not the other way around. When we did the Rite of Death on Celebration I tried to get in touch with as many of the BL priests as I could who were trying to charge it on Cele over the last few months, and even at the halfway+ point it still took us around 2 to 3 weeks. People who know me on Celebration know that I was running around 8-10 accounts at a time, along with the others I worked together with to get it casted. It's a crap goal but the team don't care anymore. It's here to stay at this point, it's clear. This goal and 100 rifts are very weak parts of an otherwise fantastic journal system. My advice as someone who worked in a team to get it casted? Get in touch with people on Xanadu or whatever server you're on who are running the same god, and group together to just spam prays and sermons as much as possible. Sermons are one of the keys to getting this charged up, as it seems to do a lot more than just prayer does. Have the person with the highest channeling skill casting, as that reduces not just the chance of failure, but also means you'll for sure have the capped amount of players linked to the person casting. Casting it has no real benefit other than a nice little boost of mind logic if I remember correctly.
  24. In that case it's totally understandable. I wish you luck in your quest for justice. I don't think I'd want to come back if I came back to the game and found all my stuff just ######in gone tbh, so it's good you're doing this
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