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  2. Sir, I only have 30 faith. But you can have all of it.
  3. Wow! thanks for this. I had no idea it was available in game. Looks like I'm going to be reworking my hotkeys tonight.
  4. Hello guys I am selling my rare knarr. It is almost 94 ql and it has a bronze rune of Vynora, so you will sail pretty fast. Its RGB color is R=1 G=164 and B=180, a nice peacock blue. Picture below. I am selling it for 25€ via paypal or 32s; you can write me here, send me a PM or contact me in game always as Luttuosa.
  5. I should not have been so fancy in my offer, but yes, I did 25e on the first day of auction. Sorry for the confusion. I repost it here for clarification. Bid: 25e
  6. I like both the idea of context sensitive keybinds of Buddha and OPs approach to more flexible keybinds, but it seems a bit too hung up on differentiating between combat and non-combat on a technical level - which would require the tedium of tagging every single action as either one by a dev. I think it would be a practical compromise to allow us binding multiple actions to a key, and the first action that is viable to do on a target is performed. Actions already "know" what they can be performed on, so I'd wager that perhaps this isn't a big implementation effort to check if an action can be performed on a current target. That's hopeful speculation though. Either way, people could implement both Buddha's one for all key to their own liking even, and OP can bind attack/combat keybinds before anything else, achieving the same effect, doing basically the same steps. The issue I see with this is how this is handled in the event window which would basically need to know ahead of time what your keybind will do to print the proper message, which isn't always possible, but that's a cosmetic thing. I've been personally fine with using modifier keys to extend the amount of keybinds, so I'd live without this and didn't use quickswitching either, but this could actually reduce the amount of "crab hand" you need to do in more exotic situations.
  7. That and if you're asking the about the ingame item, then this brazier is the furthest visible light source in wurm.
  8. Please add 1825, 4223 Linton Market by Copperhill Thanks
  9. This is stupid. If devs wants grab some more money on this game, pls think some cleaver. Ppl will be always sell silver out of wurm it they want, this only complicate it. Many play here only for trade and I hope y dont want ban players fot that. maybe will be better revome devs who do that last brutal changes.
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  11. They should though, or longer. For an object that will persist for a good 30+days whether they ever return to use it or not there needs to be some level of commitment required. If a new account could make a shack in their first hour of playing then why wouldn't they spend 5 hours making a bunch of .shacks and then leave never to be seen again while the rest of us, and any subsequent new players, have to deal with that. People already complain about all the "abandoned" areas and how hard it is to find a place to build (granted most of them can't be bothered to walk 45 minutes from the spawn or go off the road 100 tiles to find something). Imagine how much worse that will be when every new character spams random houses because they can't think of anything better to do in their early days.
  12. Is a good feature but: - players need to find out about it - they have to create the files - they have to press the extra button to switch from one to the other is not a natural no extra action required transition - not all players are computer savy and they would be unwilling to try it even tho is quite simple and straigh forward to set-up
  13. Its because of the color that offer is written on
  14. I don't think the problem is that anyone is confused with these two. Some people just have a different idea of a challenge. That's the fun of Wurm. Some people want new and interesting adventures. Some want to complete personal goals that have no relation to competition. Some want to compete with others. Some want to tame the land. I'm a personal goals person, so probably how I play Wurm is tedium or boring to a new experiences kind of person. They're both valid and both found in this game.
  15. Indeed, but I think there's one important thing you didn't touch on in your post. A lot of sandbox game worlds are ephemeral in comparison. There are very few that allow players to build on and change the game world and have their creations persist. I enjoy traveling across the land and seeing other people's creations, and I like building something interesting. It's the one thing Wurm does exceptionally well. This cannot work if everything becomes effortless to accomplish. Some quantity of actual labour, in whatever form it may take, must go into creating something in the game. That said, I think the dial for a lot of tasks starting out is way too far in the "tedium" spectrum. A new player should not have to spend several hours to create a 1x1 shed.
  16. trusted seller and that account number 2 is an absolute beast smither
  17. It *IS* in the base game. No external software is required... It certainly does take extra effort though and I really am not trying to diss your suggestion. It makes no difference to me if they implement such a thing. I wouldn't use it but it wouldn't ruin my life either. There are options already available for switching keys though, it just doesn't trigger on entering combat like you would like.
  18. Yes but why use external software and extra actions when it could be in the base game. You think players will go the extra mile and do this? Sure some will. But why not have it for all in the basegame?
  19. I just wanted to highlight and simply +1 that line, everything else you said is spot on as well.
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