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  2. I think the game really lacks variety, and I just want to write about it. By the way, I'm use Google Translate, so correct me if I say something is wrong. Let's remember that you can add magic to it. The first thing I would like to recall is the Wisp. Live flashlight, in my opinion it is very beautiful. You can still draw an analogy with Will-o'-the-wisp, maybe it's the same thing. Have you ever played Warcraft 3? Great animation. But in this game, all that is similar in appearance to a visp, is some kind of boring pebble above the water. In my opinion this is not at all cool.
  3. can we get a music folder we can add mp3 and such to it to get more music in game we want and maybe remove songs from game we do not want. not a question, just an idea... and set how often we want music to play
  4. For me the choice is clear. Do you want to play on a server in someone's basement with rules set by a 12 year old or meth head or drunk. Some server that may not even be here next week? I cant say that is what is going to happen or even that is how it works but I trust WurmOnline. Its operated by professionals. They don't give in to rants. Its time tested years of work behind and years of work ahead. This game is about work. You don't build a castle over night. You work for what you are proud of. Skills are just a small part of the game the rest is friends and digging, crafting and construction and exploration. Do you want to work and explore in someone's basement or play the real thing. The choice is clear: WurmOnline !
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  6. I think almost all Wurm lovers present want something in this game, including myself. This game is beautiful, but in my opinion it lacks colors, lacks something more beautiful. Each person has his own sense of beauty, but it seems to me that today there is nothing more beautiful than the fantasy genre that is already in this game. But even the efforts of developers and modders have their limits. To create beauty, you need two things. The first is inspiration, which should be everywhere, including in this topic. The second is your hands that fulfill your plan. All of us have all this, to a greater or lesser extent, it does not matter, but it is. And bye this opportunity is available, I will start this topic.
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  8. ok , i have set sound to disable. Lets see how it goes
  9. not sure why i can not add my playlist... it keeps changing the link to different videos!
  10. The reality is that the group who is going to cast it will be in touch with you, not the other way around. When we did the Rite of Death on Celebration I tried to get in touch with as many of the BL priests as I could who were trying to charge it on Cele over the last few months, and even at the halfway+ point it still took us around 2 to 3 weeks. People who know me on Celebration know that I was running around 8-10 accounts at a time, along with the others I worked together with to get it casted. It's a crap goal but the team don't care anymore. It's here to stay at this point, it's clear. This goal and 100 rifts are very weak parts of an otherwise fantastic journal system. My advice as someone who worked in a team to get it casted? Get in touch with people on Xanadu or whatever server you're on who are running the same god, and group together to just spam prays and sermons as much as possible. Sermons are one of the keys to getting this charged up, as it seems to do a lot more than just prayer does. Have the person with the highest channeling skill casting, as that reduces not just the chance of failure, but also means you'll for sure have the capped amount of players linked to the person casting. Casting it has no real benefit other than a nice little boost of mind logic if I remember correctly.
  11. In that case it's totally understandable. I wish you luck in your quest for justice. I don't think I'd want to come back if I came back to the game and found all my stuff just ######in gone tbh, so it's good you're doing this
  12. hello guys so...i am not good with words or making a fancy tread and such but i am looking for some people to test what i have made to get some feedback cause i am stuck at a corner atm , so far settings are PVP(no gear drop on death,gear just takes flat amout of damage but there sections connected with bridge 1 island in the middle one left for mol rehan pve and one right Hots for pve ,with 0.1 skillgain / 8x action , the skillgain is so low because i am testing how it would be with buying skill books and selling goods (corn,nails,planks,ribbons ect) to vendors or getting coins by other means ( fighting , burning corpse,fishing ect) there are also crafter at the starting 2 faction towns which are limited at 40ql ( those you can buy are limited at 70) and yea...there much more to explain but not sure where to beginn and i don`t want to make a long writing even if you would just join to test one of my costom dungeons i made (palmwire mine takes 20-30 minutes ) i would be happy for more feedback , if you want to know the full details of the settings and mods and the ideas and things i am working on feel free to add me on steam or reply here pve/pvp 2 factions mol rehan/Hots 50.000 Creatures (70% aggro) Characteristics starts at 31,other skills 1,fighting 20 Modlist: armoury AshProduce betterdig betterfarm Bookshelfs bountymod BountyOnBurn bulkmod buyermerchant crafter cropmod DisableFogSpiders Dungeon DUSKombat eventmod FireBurnTime fishmonger fishytweaks halloween hitchlimits hitchingpost increase-merchantitems meditatemod ModifyGestationPeriod modtreefarm MoreCreaturesMod movemod nobuildlimit riftevent SimpleConcrete Spellcraft StableMaster startergear taxidermy TreasureHunting waxedFood WyvernMods
  13. I guess I'm 'creeping you out', I probably wasn't in irc when you were, been in irc only a few times.. and one of the few times modded person abused rights.. the other.. well chat everywhere seemed terribly dead, I can't consider it sort of communication... there are far better options(voip alternatives or any chat with log)... especially for gaming.. who bothers to type when it's not necessary nowdays. Not to speak bad about it.. but my experience of that feature/server/network was bad to begin with. You've probably seen finndar(almost sure that's how he writes)? I'm not him. He's a CA and might have helped you, I do the same as normal person when I feel like it(you can't help everybody) As for FE.. I really liked the game.. crafting, gathering, events, LAG WAS A FEATURE.. to work around with vpn and manual-'leatrix' changes to solve the latency issues.. but overall good times to remember.
  14. heh, you were in irc when i first found this game were you not? or else you are creeping me out friend
  15. I think my priest made eyelets until 18 JS skill.. It worked for me.
  16. You can add the new deed "Camara's Hub [260, 1338]"
  17. Okay so It has been a good few months now. And I am getting quite anxious. I have done nothing but raise my channelling (I'm a priest main btw) and I am already at 88 (My goal is 95). And this goal is absolutely necessary as a high channeller. I have seen rite casts go by me, and I can't even begin to have an idea on who to contact to get this done. I have put my name in the benediction waiting list (Which I have confirmation from Flubbb that it mostly watches over Xanadu) and I'm just waiting waiting and waiting... And there is nothing I can do to get this done. And the chances are high that on the next cast I won't be a part of it and instead it will be some random group. If I had like prayed for a month straight on a bunch of alts and had a cast done from under my feet then I might actually quit the game out of anger and defeat. So that option is out the window. And I'm saying this so that some person can't tell me that "Well you can technically work for it." Because if I actually do, it will most likely be stolen from me. And don't forget, nobody should be expected to do something as useless and monotonous as this with their premium time. @Retrogradesays that there is a bottleneck effect from too many people wanting it done. But what I'm seeing is the opposite, less people needing the cast means less opportunities to be a part of a cast. The amount of people working to recharge the cast is diminishing, and you can see that as a player like myself who isn't a part of too many communities how infuriating, and dividing this is. I just feel defeated in every way by this. So please, try to make this make sense to me as of why this is still a goal, and why there isn't some kind of alternative goal that doesn't divide people and something I can WORK towards instead of most likely getting screwed over for. How many people have to complain about the logistics behind this goal before any kind of change is made?! All I see is deflection and ignorance in response to these issues.
  18. Even after Hota has been won and the battle camp tower has left i still cannot build in area where tower was. [16:15:29] You cannot found the tower here, since this is an active battle ground. Also, when the tower vanished from hota win, it cleared all the walls within an area of about 25 tiles.
  19. Oh yes, again this story. Don't you like having it told to the world? Guess who Vendetta is folks.
  20. Hi Wurmians, i want to buy 2 boots, 2 gloves, 1 pants and 1 jacket of green drake hide. The Quality is not important for me and enchants arent important too. pls PM ingame: TheDesmon or here. thx Desmon
  21. On jackal market ?
  22. I see. Yeah I am tired of just waiting and waiting without anything I can really work towards. I can't even begin to get an idea of who I should contact. It's frustrating as you know.
  23. Items for sell

    Hello I would like to buy the Corbita for the 4 silver coins. I have never bought anything from another person before in game so I don't know how it works... My location is HarvestMoon Lagoon on Release - D 22/23 - I only have a rowing boat at the moment so this would be a great upgrade
  24. A bit more information, since it seems necessary. It was a rare loom, it was Finndar's deed. What many don't know is I have become good friends with him, and I am still hoping he comes back. I have been gathering as much of his good stuff as possible to secure it in hopes he does. His LMC, tool chests, and some other stuff I know he valued are all secured. They will be stored in a new, high quality building on his old deed site (right next to mine). These are not items I would sell. And, lastly, I already have a rare loom.
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