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  2. wtb octopus ink for writing my economics paper

    naw my economics dissertation is going to be quite lengthy and i will need the 100 character extension that the octopus dye provides. this is very critical to me as the economics paper that i will write with this octopus ink will be included in my application for yale. if anybody with good butchering plans on a sailing trip, i will hold off on buying it on your behalf just so you can fulfill the order. uh 100ql with the gathering imbue and whatnot would be highly regarded
  3. Today
  4. WTS PMK Wagons DD / EBO / Panda / JKC / MRC looking for offers reply here / pm
  5. wtb octopus ink for writing my economics paper

    can use normal dye
  6. The Screenshots Thread

    Fashion Newsflash: Ponies with pajamas. Even the deer are jealous...
  7. Yesterday
  8. Make offers

    [19:34:54] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. Remove player gods from Epic

    Its not bad idea. +
  10. Since the patch, if I try to assign Space to something using the quick bind feature, it displays "null" instead of Space as expected. Space still works, it was apparently assigned, but the display "null" is confusing people, who may believe it didn't work. Other players reported it too.
  11. Jolly Rogue Monastery BL/WL Sermons

    +1 for the well written post. I can invest a premium toon, to help you guys get the count, can have it logged in almost always. ETA of approach. 20.08 around 9 PM eu time Jimbean o/
  12. Make offers

    10s for the rare horse shoes, cod to sharkin if accepted
  13. Unicorn Horn Wands

    +1 and another shameless bump
  14. wtb pearls

    wtb pearls, need em
  15. Unicorn Horn Wands

  16. Make offers

  17. K 10 Tunnel Project - mining out the veins

    Kantinka and me just killed the 42ql iron vein. Time to move on
  18. WTS 6k mortar - 10s

  19. fancy stuff here

    archery tower pending
  20. fancy stuff here

    all the addy is gone, supreme bone
  21. Seasons

    Thank you both, I will look into the survival mod as it seems to be close to what I need. If anyone has any further suggestions for mods, in general, that I should put on a viking-themed hardcore PVP/economics server, please let me know!
  22. The Screenshots Thread

    Here be leprechauns... (sorry, couldn't resist! Those rainbows are just too beautiful )
  23. Moonmetal weapons and tools

    Looking to waste some money so Looking for the following weapons. Rare/supreme a plus, must be atleast 75ql Addy shortsword Seryll/addy/glimmer 2HS seryll/addy/glimmer large maul addy small axe seryll/addy/glimmer axe seryll/addy/glimmer staff seryll/addy/glimmer halberd seryll/addy/glimmer spear seryll/addy/glimmer scythe addy butchering knife addy hatchet addy carving knife (must be rare+) probably any rare+ addy tool tbh lemme know whatcha got pm me what you have and what you're looking for it.
  24. New Exodus Community Map

    At the request of the Community, we've updated the font colour and type for named Guard Towers So if you want your Guard Tower named, just let me know! You might need to reload your browser cache to see the change and ensure you pres R to see the resources, which is what the Guard Towers are currently classified under!
  25. flashing and flat horses

    i disabled and used extension neither had any effect.
  26. fancy stuff here

    another 10 lumpers sold.
  27. If anyone want to join me at my village Riversdale. I have lots of flat land for houses already prepped. just looking for some company and people that are willing to join and help work together to build a good community together and see where it goes from there. Hope to see you here someday at this build in progress. Halofreak
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