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  2. They should though, or longer. For an object that will persist for a good 30+days whether they ever return to use it or not there needs to be some level of commitment required. If a new account could make a shack in their first hour of playing then why wouldn't they spend 5 hours making a bunch of .shacks and then leave never to be seen again while the rest of us, and any subsequent new players, have to deal with that. People already complain about all the "abandoned" areas and how hard it is to find a place to build (granted most of them can't be bothered to walk 45 minutes from the spawn or go off the road 100 tiles to find something). Imagine how much worse that will be when every new character spams random houses because they can't think of anything better to do in their early days.
  3. Is a good feature but: - players need to find out about it - they have to create the files - they have to press the extra button to switch from one to the other is not a natural no extra action required transition - not all players are computer savy and they would be unwilling to try it even tho is quite simple and straigh forward to set-up
  4. Its because of the color that offer is written on
  5. I don't think the problem is that anyone is confused with these two. Some people just have a different idea of a challenge. That's the fun of Wurm. Some people want new and interesting adventures. Some want to complete personal goals that have no relation to competition. Some want to compete with others. Some want to tame the land. I'm a personal goals person, so probably how I play Wurm is tedium or boring to a new experiences kind of person. They're both valid and both found in this game.
  6. Indeed, but I think there's one important thing you didn't touch on in your post. A lot of sandbox game worlds are ephemeral in comparison. There are very few that allow players to build on and change the game world and have their creations persist. I enjoy traveling across the land and seeing other people's creations, and I like building something interesting. It's the one thing Wurm does exceptionally well. This cannot work if everything becomes effortless to accomplish. Some quantity of actual labour, in whatever form it may take, must go into creating something in the game. That said, I think the dial for a lot of tasks starting out is way too far in the "tedium" spectrum. A new player should not have to spend several hours to create a 1x1 shed.
  7. trusted seller and that account number 2 is an absolute beast smither
  8. It *IS* in the base game. No external software is required... It certainly does take extra effort though and I really am not trying to diss your suggestion. It makes no difference to me if they implement such a thing. I wouldn't use it but it wouldn't ruin my life either. There are options already available for switching keys though, it just doesn't trigger on entering combat like you would like.
  9. Yes but why use external software and extra actions when it could be in the base game. You think players will go the extra mile and do this? Sure some will. But why not have it for all in the basegame?
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  11. I just wanted to highlight and simply +1 that line, everything else you said is spot on as well.
  12. I like the server a lot. You start with a limited amount of tools, and if you want to go solo, you would find a nice spot, somewhat close to clay and get a guard tower built to help you kill stuff to fund your deed. You can also join one of the existing deeds, as there are several that take in new players, eighter to stay there, or to get an easier start to go off alone (or with friends) later. The 1x/1x can be a bit tedious, also for me, as I never played on anything slower then 2.5x/4x before. But then again, it makes so most people are not "skillcapped" within a month, even if you start late and want to specialize, you might find that you are amongst the ones with the highest skill within virtually no time. The large map sometimes have the 3min poll, which you seem to always get on servers at this size, but besides that there are not any noticeable lag, even as i am playing from Europe, and the server is in the US. The nice thing with the size of the map, is that you can easily find a nice spot to build without building on top of your neighbour, and there are also some mailboxes around the world that makes for trading between players. /Calth PS: Hanel, this game is mostly "waste of time" anyways, no matter what server. Most servers will be wiped/discontinued at some point. Actually, all games are waste of time, we do play games to spend time that we do not use on other things. Same as books, newspapers, movies ++
  13. The Bok and 0.40 butchering knife listed with items has been sold separately. Open to offers of any other items listed, unless anyone wants to buy all including acct. Cheers max
  14. This same post was also made by you back in January (almost word for word, except the poster name you used last month was "davidbrok5" . My guess is the reason it is missing now is because it mentioned the naughty word "pirated". What I said back when you posted before: If there is an absolute cap on what you/your brother can afford, i would say Wurm Unlimited. WU is also good for those who find specific gameplay mechanics to feel restrictive, and want more freedom or convenience in their gameplay. This doesn't always mean easier; a few WU servers are actually harder, and every WU server is a little different. You might need to try out many different servers before finding the one that suits you best.If community and social relationships over a long term are higher priority than budget issues, and consistency/predictability is critical, I would say Wurm Online. People don't "play" WO so much as they "live" WO, and often they've known their neighbors there for many years, and in some cases may know them much better than real life neighbors or coworkers.
  15. It wouldn't be sadstone if it had any actual benefit. It definitely should count though (or have one of the other numerous suggested changes to its quantity/distribution). Performing 10kish actions to remove a vein is the same set of actions be it metal or stone and at least metal ostensibly has a use besides combining and discarding.
  16. Well you might have keybinds for spells or sacrifice on those "easy to reach keys" and not just digging so they aren't of 0 value to everyone. But it really is quite viable to load in different sets of keybinds with exec files for any given action and only ever use the same 3-5 keys to do every task, which is what I was replying to. I'm indifferent to your suggestion, but I thought new guy should know he can do exactly what he suggested should he care to. For me, my hands never leave the keyboard and every key is easy to reach. I have binds on nearly every letter of the alphabet and on many of them using one or more modifiers.
  17. Only static models can be converted using this tool - any models with animations won't be exported or will be exported with errors.
  18. Ah I see, thanks for sharing! I'm just an avid player, casual browser - no idea who Buddha even is beyond Buddhism.. but sounds great. +1 to your vision regardless.
  19. The thing is, when in combat, you cannot perform any other non combat actions, even if you had say 5 digging actions queued and you get in combat after 2 the other 3 will be performed only after you get out of combat. So you are de facto locked out of using non combat keys during combat anyway so then why not use those very confy easy to reach and press keys to perform combat related actions during that instead of being of 0 value like they are at the moment. Buddha already mentioned he was intending for the UI update to have a default action key where you would be performing a defaul action depending on your activated tool and the object you are targeting. Now we cant say if they intend to keep it that way but i don't think this and that feature would clash since there are more than one very usefull buttons you would need to bind in combat.
  20. So what I'm hearing is that you'd like to play WurmDew Valley on your deed?
  21. Bids and starting price are in Euro, and that's what we prefer, on paypal. If you want to offer silvers, every 1€ is 1.5 silvers (so if you bid 50€, you'll have to pay either 50€ or 75s)PIckup is from Modreth (Xan Q25), we can deliver for free if total winning bid is at least 20€ for either one or both lots (i.e. if you win both lots for 12€ and 8€ or just one for 20€ you have free delivery) (no chaos - central xanadu only with wagoneer) CRATES INCLUDED , you can keep them Lot 1 (high ql) : more than 5000 logs from 70 to 100ql you can get an idea of QL ranges and quantities from the first 2 screenshots. Starting price : 2€ Increases: 2€ Sniper protection : 1hour Reserve: nope Lot 2 (low ql) : about 13000 logs, ranging from 0 to 69ql, you can get an idea of QL ranges and quantities from the last big screenshot Starting price : 1€ Increases: 1€ Sniper protection : 1hour Reserve: nope Lot1 screens: Lot2 screen :
  22. +1 I'd like this for everything to be honest.. like, cutting trees / chopping wood. If we could have both as "x", the system knows when the Hatchet is activated, targetting a Tree Tile, it means Chop Down. Then when a Felled Tree is targetted, it means Chop Into Logs. So many binds to do, would be useful if able to overlap.
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