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  2. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    if you pack up that zipfile in a new folder you get a file called Executable jar file that one can open the prg for you In the new window skip update (down on page) so you stay on 2.9.6 you can rightclick it and send as copy to desk too please tell after use, if it freeze your comp, if you one of those that had that problem
  3. WTS blue scale set

    Blue scale set for sale 85-90ql on all pieces, 80+ web casts on all. Included will be a open helm (glimmersteel). Dadd signature on all pieces. firm on 250 euros. (Or CAD$ equivalent). PM for more info. selling so I can purchase a software to start my business, if anyone was wondering
  4. Please delete

    Please delete
  5. Test Client Crash - 4.0.92 (8d6fbc6a)

    Thanks for the report, should be fixed now if you try to get onto test again.
  6. Deedplanner 2.9.9 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    Warlander, I just tried this jar file. I associated it with javaw.exe and it locked as soon as I tried to load a saved scene. So it's not in the code that makes it an exe. Could be a windoz 10 issue like everything else is...
  7. I'll raise it for discussion All things you've mentioned here have already been raised, we'll share more when it's all laid out
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  9. All or nothing Ok say this here for a "I told you so"
  10. this post about sums it up though, anything other than this is kinda just "taking what we can get" type of feeling and is sub-optimal, i honestly think hundreds of people would come back for a fresh experience even knowing its just for 6 months to a year? while a "mildly fresh experience" (just an ele map and some tweaks) would gather around 75~ rough estimates based on the last handful of changes
  11. also gonna give a quick tldr of things that have not been discussed i think are super important for facilitating a truly competitive elevation reset, if it were to be the only thing that would happen 1.breeding timers need to be reduced to like 3 days MAX, it takes 6 months to get enough horses for 5 fights, we mentioned this before the previous epic changes but it was ignored and people couldnt even fight after like the first two fights and that was with the help of current epic players supplying horses (if people didn't join existing kingdoms and groups they were ###### out of luck and then the server died before they were ready to pvp) 2. native epic players having sotg and any new accounts/freedom transfers don't and that IS A PROBLEM, IT STILL TAKES LIKE 4 MONTHS TO HIT SOTG THATS A PROBLEM elo is there any way to do a check If med level = xx then apply corresponding max level on insanity to account as a one time thing? anyone that doesn't want to stay sotg can switch after. we all agree meditating as a whole is a problem, unless theres a way to just disable it completely we need something done here. 30% DR is insurmountable even if you have 70 strength you still get truestriked for 75% of your hp in one hit i think its important to keep in mind, 99% of the people asking for meditation fixes already have 70+ meditation and are sotg, we just realize its a problem i don't think a non hard reset is going to completely kill the enjoyability of a 6-12 month new map, but i know everything else that has been mentioned by people most likely will
  12. Looking forward to seeing the list - The most important thing really is new characters/fresh skills being a requirement - the abundance of MM, tomes, high skilled characters just makes it unfun. We will have top tier deeds up in 3 days with action timers and current skills. It'll be good to write what the provisions are and see if any of those will effect the above issues tho before deciding on this. Perhaps using Elevation, we could cut it off from home servers and make it so you have to create new accounts to access it? Or somehow have skills reset when accessing it - since the map is being reset anyway and we know the server is stable/its up - this might save a lot of time, but i don't know if it's feesible. we have a chance to create epic content this year and really bring in new players through word of mouth/videos, but we need the mm, tomes, high skilled gaps closed, i hope the devs really think hard about that part when doing this, other wise we're just going to miss the window.
  13. You said enough to know that at best we are looking at a new Elevation map. Still connected to home svs, still with 10yo accounts
  14. I mean, I havent listed any details, but assuming gets you nowhere
  15. The map reset without the skills reset is trash. A fresh start is the best kind of gameplay u could ever have. You disappoint yet again
  16. I've sat down with budda and discussed this at length today, what I can say is that currently a new server is ruled out due to the amount of behind the scenes work it would take to set it up, it's not just spinning up another server and clicking open, but a lot more work in ensuring transfers are right, how it all handles, and so on. What I can say is we are looking into the other things listed here, we can't meet all requirements but we are working on what we can do in the short term to tide you all over until we can look at the long term, and that does include a potential map reset, under several provisions that we will outline when we have the time to sit down and ensure we know what we can bring to the table. As for long term, I am working on getting as much information to share as possible. My hope is to share it with the understanding that it's not 100% guaranteed but merely our current thinking towards it and our goals for Epic in general. Stay tuned
  17. Well.. my thinking is that since we already got a message from the devs that they won't work on any pvp changes there is no reason to ask for it over and over again, they have their plans already. So what we are hoping for is they dedicate a little time to get a server (elevation is my bet) and reset everything on it including skills so we can get the new pvp server rush for at least 1year until they do have time for it. Might be more than a year of course, but this is actually a test for us as well to see if we are happy with what we are asking for.. and if we are able to bring back some people that will enjoy starting pvp on an even playing field.. Some people will get to top tier faster than others, but it will be nowhere near where we are at now with 10+ year old accounts, that went through countless windows of opportunity, and with probably an average of 5+ years on the pvp players.. Once this test si completed successfully and we can prove to the devs that pvp has a future in wurm, maybe in a year+ time we will get some updates and tweaks based on the valuable feedback we are getting during this time. None of us know how it is for a new player to start from scratch anymore, and this is our chance to find ways for them to get into the game faster so they can enjoy it and not die in 2 hits every time like now.
  18. Ehh Not too interested in that. Unless a wipe would follow shortly after people get near top tier.
  19. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Also @Cuddes - The Settlement Deeds/Forms Rename themselves automatically (although GM deeds rename automatically to some strange number convention until you change the deed name ;P)
  20. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Can I get in a feature request for tent sleep that we can configure whether or not the sleeping in the tent gives sleep bonus or just logs you out? Personally it doesn't seem to me that resting in the wilds would be a very comfortable way to sleep and thus doesn't really warrant a sleep bonus - on the other hand I'd /love/ to place Tents inside deeds that I own (as non-admin characters - I know I can just GM it in there)
  21. how much seller had to pay extra for selling her?
  22. Dig strange bones from tar

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