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  2. Make name change Possible.

    My friend, the reason why it's a bad idea is because, in this game reputation have sense, other way people will do some not honorable actions, and then switch nicknames to new. That will cause Chaos in trusting, where everything is, not flat even now. Мiй друже, земляче ця iдея не зовсiм гiдна, тому що зараз репутацiя маэ великий сенс. Якщо люди будуть мати можливiсть змiнювати своi' никнейми, вони будуть нехтувати гiдними дiями та чинити хаос. Це пiдiрве ще бiльше довiру в цiй грi де вона дуже важна але навiдь зараз не в кращому станi I'd recommend you to join some Ru/Ua villages. Like mine at Pri D10-D11 we have there 3 villagers and another village at Indy where Gashek is Mayor there also 3 villagers! Always wellcome Я би рекомендував тобi приеднатися до однiэй з деревень з росiйскими та украi'нськими iгроками. Одна з таких знаходиться на Pristini D10-D11 (це моя) нас вже троэ а iнша знаходиться на Independence, там головний - Gashek i в них також 3 iгрока я впевнен що тобi будуть ради i там Пиши в iгрi
  3. Bonefire

    Looks at stash of wagons carts and furniture
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I'm confused, is this "if you give us a new map now the mechanics can come later instead of both at once" or "if you give us a new map now we can play on then it all resets when the mechanics come"?
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    bro its just the season bro they will all come back soon tm :)))
  6. Today
  7. WTS Hexd

    Thanks, though as good as your intentions maybe, I've got this. I'm in no hurry to sell.
  8. Epic Portals 10c Each Use

    I swear ayes is worse than klaa
  9. It would be very interesting if you entered the name change function or opportunity.. I will tell one short story Please add this feature. You can even monetized it. ____________ Было бы очень интересно если бы вы ввели функцию или возможность смены имени. Я расскажу одну короткую историю Добавьте пожалуйста эту функцию. Можно даже монетизированную.
  10. I would like to propose the idea of making large and extra large mine doors. Reg Size doors - No change Large doors - only placeable on slope of 91-180, requires 2x materials of Reg Doors. Extra Large Doors - Only placeable on a slope of 181-270, requires 3x materials of Reg Doors. Simple enough, I think.
  11. line trough face

    The forehead scar is one of the female complexion choices. I cannot reproduce the line near the jaw. Does anyone else see it or only you, ftoz?
  12. Very impressed with the thoughtfulness. I had a silly alt die on Xanadu, and it respawned at GH. I went to this shop to get it a horse, and right as I was heading to the chosen pen, it occurred to me that I had no rope! After grumbling to myself, foreseeing time to waste finding and sending rope, I noticed that all horses I was passing by had bridles! And my chosen horse had bridle too, yeeees It may seem like a small thing but man, it saves time and annoyance for others.
  13. (first part navigation),(second part fight skill) List of people who can make cheap equip for FS grind Studded Leather set: !! RECOMMENDED BY GUIDE !! irbiska - ql80 1silver 20copper Zoranah - ql80 1silver 30copper Timothymarker - ql80 1silver 44copper Virusmd - 80 QL 1 silver 50 copper Tyrtix - ql80 1silver 80copper Kain - 70 QL 1silver -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chain mail set : Nomadikhan 80ql for 1.5s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Plate set : Virusmd 80ql (iron )for 1.5s, (steel) 2.75s Gofs 70 QL (iron) for 1s, (steel) 2s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Weapons: Velfor - 80 QL with ET, COC, Nim ~ 2.5-3s (up on power) Kain - 80 QL 80+ CoC/Nimb = 1s Zoranah - 80 QL weapon would be 30c, its 50c per cast up to 89, then 1s for 90-95 and 1.5s for over that. Virusmd 80 QL / 80 power casts (LT/Nim/CoC) > 2.5s, 90 QL / 90 Power casts (LT/Nim/COC) 3.8s -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Shields: Nomadikhan 75QL 40c Gofs 60 QL Free Will add more people in this list! Please feel free to add your prices to help NEW Players! Thank you!
  14. Why was PvP abandoned?

    When wurm has declined steadily from ~6k players in 2015 when wu came out to a little over 2k now, over a period of years, it's not a summer lull
  15. Why was PvP abandoned?

    gone, he ran away with all the premium money to cuba so he wouldnt have to deal with this game anymore
  16. Jola's Wonderful World of Dyes

    Hi Jola! I would like to request another purchase plz. i would like 15 kg each of these 2 colors plz: sent to Emylyna plz and ty!
  17. Bonefire

    I can see this happening at rift's when clearing out the forest area.
  18. Animals trampling fresh fields

    I like the thought here but instead it may be best to just code the freshly sown tile so that animals can't graze on it at all. Done! (if it can be done). =Ayes=
  19. Bonefire

    A hot idea! But needing to add up to 100 logs to it to finish, can you imagine the time involved? Maybe 50 logs at most and what skill would be used to do this? Also it should be able to burn very large items such as felled trees or could hold 100 logs added to it when opened to burn all those junk logs others leave lying around. Even animal and mob corpses could be added to it for disposal. Burn baby burn! =Ayes=
  20. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I think that's a great point you've raised. It's not important what Retro says or thinks. With all due respect to him and his position, at the end of the day he is just in charge of communicating the message. We really need to be hearing from someone more significant, someone with more authority and someone who actually makes the decisions. Where is Budda?
  21. Returning player - having bad time

    come play on Indy! or another Freedom PVE server
  22. Bonefire

    +1 if can burn corpses there
  23. white barding

    100% support this. The more things that we are able to dye, the better. Dye all the things!
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