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  2. Not sure why you would have missions in the tutorial, they just pretty much removed them from the game.
  3. The new runes seem lovely, too bad not a single one is usable.
  4. Good suggestion, we already have this when mining of course, so there is a precedent set that shows it's not unbalanced.
  5. Very helpful. Thank you!
  6. Some people were looking for a consolidated list of all things purchasable by right clicking coins, so here it is: 1s coin = 1000 karma, 1 sleep powder 5s coin = Armorsmithing potion, Stonecutting potion, Blacksmithing potion, Tailoring Potion, Weaponsmithing potion, Farwalker Twig, Farwalker Stone, Bag of Keeping, Granite wand, Farwalker amulet, Scale hide, Drake hide, Woodcutting potion, Mining potion 20s coin = Male/female horse, male/female hellhorse, male/female worg, male/female nogump, male/female anaconda, male/female gorilla, male/female wild boar, male/female uttacha, male/female hyena, male/female deathcrawler, male/female sol demon, male/female zombie 1g coin = Teleporter 5g coin = gems and rift items, blood of angels, smoke of sol, slime of uttacha, red tome, scroll of binding, white cherry, red cherry, green cherry, giant walnut, tome of eruption, libram of night, green tome, black tome, blue tome, white tome, strange bone 20g coin = Adamantium fragment
  7. did i win
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  9. only if they allow me to have the rockshard when its finished
  10. The whole "let's make timers longer to get more skill" really frustrates me too. Even with the new system on Epic, I've found that the best way to skill dairy-making is to collect the milk, go to my crops, bring a cheese drill, farm until stamina is low, turn on climbing, and make cheese. That's, well, cheesy.
  11. This happens both with a 1080p screen attached and just the 1440p by it self
  12. That is the intention, yes
  13. Skilling in general rewards not having downtime. Having it on actions instead of time would be more of a pain in the ass since you'd have to manage wounds/climbing to maximize the amount of skill you get from those actions. Not to mention majority of timers get shorter as you skill up so actions would mess that up.
  14. I posted this suggestion in another (good) thread, but thought it deserved to be highlighted with its own. My memory of Golden Valley is a of a place I couldn't interact with, where it seemed I was supposed to go around and read signs. That sucks! On the other hand, the scenario missions, especially the ones involving building various items, have for me acted as a kind of tutorial, getting me to poke my nose in places I otherwise wouldn't have. What if Golden Valley were a mission-based tutorial system, where players could do missions like the following (for a little extra sleep bonus and karma): - Forage a tile; - Cut down a tree; - Light a campfire; - Saw a plank; And so on. Newbies could do as many or as few as they wanted (and jump right into Wurm), but I think that sort of thing has the potential to teach a lot more than the random sign postings there now.
  15. Right now, sleep bonus is simply time-based, which means players are rewarded for cramming as much as they can into a short a window as possible. This also makes it hard to chat, or switch to an alt (for me, at least), because I'm always thinking that if sleep bonus is running, I should be doing something, and turning bonus off and on is complicated by the cooldown. An alternative method would be to key sleep bonus off actions completed. Let's say we got 1K actions with sleep bonus instead of one hour. That way, for example, if I had sleep bonus enabled, I wouldn't care at all about stopping to chat, because if I'm not completing any actions, my sleep bonus isn't ticking away. This would make for a lot more comfortable playing, and might even let me try developing a third alt (because for me right now trying to balance grinding and sleep bonus between two characters is pretty crazy).
  16. Heyo again! One more: Clay w87 c82 (120c) cod to Kokoyo please Thank you!
  17. [02:28:30] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thank you
  18. QL 70 Malt Vinegar back in stock for 35c per barrel.
  19. Timorius could you do me a favor and tell me where you are in the world and check the ping of the server i just got up? XD so excited. It's up just not operational yet gotta figure out how to get a custom map and then customize some stuff. The name of the server is Survive and Thrive bla bla bla
  20. Welcome to Wurm! Saw you on Celebration. Sorry about your first-death-experience but we all have it. You're now initiated in the ways of Wurm. There are multiple settlements on our server that would take you in, Sugarodenta runs an academy to help new players and is not far from the beginning town you spawned at. Your more then welcome to PM me here or ingame. I'll help you any way I can, free tools and armor/shields. Ask around in Freedom Chat, Celebration has quite an awesome community.
  21. I just see challenge servers as you have a year to build and kill and then it resets. I could have it wrong. Never played on one before. To me it seems if PvP map is too long term then it turns into old players and map gets stale. Give us a random 16x16 single map or little bigger every refresh. I honestly would like the stability of the game fixed first. No point in doing PvP when everyone's client is crashing and lagging out and can't battle anyways. Just adding to the idea....even if it's not a good one. lol EDIT: Forgot to mention that this would be the ONLY PvP server. All others would be removed and this would be the new PvP norm.
  22. true however you HAVE to have flint and steel to make charcoal piles and you need charcoal to make the steel for the flint and steel... so the only way to get coal is from butchering lava creatures, or following around a venerable to butcher it's corpse Also, you have to have the flint and steel for forges and ovens too aye, so it becomes a pretty long conquest if not the hardest thing to obtain as a caveman
  23. i want to see this paired with Xallos suggestion on the skill issue we mainly need a few things here and I think 1. one pvp cluster/server that separated from Freedom so it can be balanced properly 2. skill translation system between the two so that time spent on one isn't wasted if both of these are done it solves 90% of our problems I think (including map issue), other than client instability that really needs to be worked on, good grief its god awful right now to the point where 90% of deaths are honest to god crashes/lag issues and -1 no thanks to challenge style as the main focus of pvp
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