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  2. + rep cool and friendly guy!!
  3. Mclovins being dumb and still hasn’t sent me the silvers because he doesn’t want to log in.
  4. To put what Ekcin implied more precisely and is usually the source of confusion: There is a "hidden state" that is hotter than "glowing" hot that needs to be reached in order to smelt something. So you have to wait a bit longer after an item turns "glowing hot" still. It is correct that enchants (and runes) will prevent smelting, but OPs problem is that the option does not appear which is entirely tied to the item being sufficiently hot. A hot enough item will always show the option but "resist smelting" when actively trying it if runes or enchants are present.
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  6. bdew's Better digging mod allows you to choose what actions can be done from a cart. However, it doesn't automatically drop the trees into the cart.
  7. The object to be smolten has to be glowing hot, it may even rest in a lit forge. The smelting pot must be in your inventory, and must be activated. Right clicking the glowing hot object should then show the option Smelt. Mind that the furnace, usually a forge, must not be at the end of the fuel consumption, or the glowing hot object not on the verge to cool down. It may be that the forge still shows "The fire burns steadily .." and the object glowing hot, but the temperature is not sufficient for smelting anymore and the option Smelt not shown. In that case refuel the furnace.
  8. COD to Neville. artisan necklace, seryll all potions of tailoring
  9. COD the iron horse shoes with W90, W97, W93, W98 and W90 to Neville.
  10. Home Annoyance

    self entitled upper middle class snobs that think the world revolves around them when it clearly should revolve around poor bums like me
  11. This actually does need fixing.
  12. Full Steam Ahead

    All the fun?! No plz. 99% of fun for SteamWO, fine, I can live with that. But at least 1% of fun for us? Let's be reasonable here
  13. Moved to Merchant Ads due to items added now and more coming in the future.
  14. COD to Martynas Rare Butchering knife 76 QL COC 73- 1s
  15. The smelting pot needs to be the active part and the metal items have no enchants and be glowing.
  16. Message me here or in game at Caleisa 8 Longsword 84q with similar Cast(See Below)-1s [21:38:24] It is enchanted with Animal Demise and will be more effective against animals. [21:38:24] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [95] [21:38:24] Frostbrand has been cast on it, so it will cause frost wounds. [71] [21:38:24] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [62] 2X Yule Goat-1.5S Rare Statuette of Magranon 50ql 2s Rare Needle 38QL COC 69 1S Rare chain mail boot x2 68QL AND 70 QL-3S SET Rare studded leather pants 83ql 2S Rare Butchering knife 76 QL COC 73- 1s Rare Spindle 86 ql 98 WOA 95 COC -1s Rare Pliers 66QL-1S Rare short bow 89QL 2.5S Rare Long bow 73QL NI,B85COC73- 2.5S
  17. I have tried my smelting pot on various items and cannot get a smelt (use) option, One exception is the pendulum, I can get a use option on any pendulum I have tried
  18. Please send PSISIMIAN the iron small axe for 1silver.. please and thanks.. and thats to PSISIMIAN! SEE YA..
  19. where would tc flee to after that?
  20. Pm me here, in game, or on discord =).
  21. I live in upstate NY where we average 130 - 150 inches of snow per year. I've gotten 3 feet of snow overnight and still was expected to be to work on time.
  22. Unfortunatly this Bozo character and all of his alts think it is fun to steal from players right in front of them no matter the situation. I always wondered why he has so many alts, it is because he can be semi anon while he ganks peoples stuff. No it is not against the rules, but it is not something I condone. Glad I put him on ignore and will never talk to him again after the hota statue thefts. We would be much better off with out people like him in Wurm, ruins it for everyone.
  23. Suggestions for mods to do? a mod for mining and tree cutting from cart/wagon. (the felled trees chopped into cart/wagon (or bsb/crates), the mining into cart/wagon (or bsb/crate). quality levels for beds making a difference in how much sleep bonus ya get
  24. They thing that I hate about where I live, Arkansas, is how everyone calls you "love, sweetie, hun, darling ECT" I hate it. I just want to be like "i am not your sweetie, sweetie" It is suppose to be a nice thing here, but even being born here I feel like it is a insult or something. It just annoys the hell out of me.
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  26. Full Steam Ahead

    There's a lot of things I too find pathetic, many stem from your attitude and while I didn't participate in the Elevation reset due to a lack of care for the proposed changes or ability to see a positive direction coming from them - faster horse breeding was certainly not one of them. Having horses in pvp is a must and they die first and fastest in battle, not having them cripples your chances to participate so if you find people wanting to engage in pvp pathetic then I'm not really sure how much weight the rest of your complaining holds.
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