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  2. Shrine of Toyot and Silent Winds are player deeds, the others are the spawn town and to mark important spots
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  4. So what are those deeds around the map? Are they gm deeds?
  5. So, when's this new game streaming/selling/humblebundle wanna be company going public? I've got a couple grand but don't need a new rifle, I wanna buy stock too. #MinorityShareholdermeplease I'd like in before the next jump in value
  6. Inter server portals were discussed, but with the rites offering 5 hours sb by praying 24 hours after it becomes a bit easily cheesed
  7. I also prefer small feet but pride myself on my ability to utilize terrain association and situational awareness to know where i am even when exploring new locations. Having the game tell you where you stand takes away from the risk and ultimately from the reward of exploring. It would speed up corpse recovery but so does the other skills I mentioned.
  8. No, you have to pay for creation and upkeep (as per the OP), but it's balanced in a way so that only by voting you can keep up a fairly sized deed. And yes, it's a 4k map, you can see the coordinates on the livemap in the bottom left corner.
  9. Are deeds free here to make? Also are you sure its a 4k map? Looking at it and comparing it to other 4k maps feels... off
  10. Jackal a 6 month server then its gone . Need premium also . and for any skills transferring back to real servers after jackal is gone , no clue on that yet since are overlord PR guy has not answered us yet ..
  11. I'd be up for a nice quiet out of the way deed! I dont fancy the jump to Jackal just yet! I've got relogged on and instantly got bopped by a Troll by my old Decayed Deed! Such is life! If you give me a hollar in game its: Rexxian
  12. Hey there zCat! There's still a bit of balancing left to do so that 3CR is subject to change. We accumulated that stuff at spawn during testing, that's why we're a bit ahead.
  13. Basically a different server. Different cluster even. But that'd go offtopic, it's new content and you'll have to read up on it. Or I explain it to you on my Xanadu deed where you can catch your breath and get you some gear set up, unless you're looking for a big village with many people physically present. If that even still exists at this point.
  14. 3 CR is not well balanced BC 20 for everyone except GMs, who start with horses and carts, does not encourage me to join
  15. Great service! I earned, 90+ HFC, 40+ Mind Logic, 50+ Cooking, in about an hour. Am highly recommending this service to my village and alliance. Thanks for making this service available!
  16. Interesting but i say let us pay a large toe, i like small feet and i don't want to sell any from amongst my collection +1
  17. i believe every starter town should have a portal to all the other starter towns.. I believe there's one such portal at Haven's Landing but when i offered advice to a newbie at a different starter town, said portal did not exist. +1
  18. Well i found a place i like to settle, but unfort there a restriction that you have to do it within 50 tiles to the nearest settlement. No wonder hardly anyone playing this? Infact i saw some players way out of nowhere and how in hell they manage to do that? I been boating around looking for a sweet spot, look like i have wasted my time doing so. So this elf doesnt like being around civilized areas, she want to be out in the wilderness a way from people, esp humans. So gonna look for another server to hop one, too bad this didnt turn out as i though it would be.
  19. Yeah I guess I was thinking Freedom as I’ve never done PvP
  20. Hi, I need 50 Reed Plants QL 99. Combine and cod them to Dwain thanks! Edit: Lightning level service. Will shop here again!
  21. Update released on 2019-09-22 - 16:42 GMT(September 22, 2019) This weeks updates are: West Coast (6x, 31y; K9) - updated the roads and the geography in the local area Northwest Coast (10x, 16y; G10) - updated the roads in the local area - removed a patch of sand from the map (9x, 13y; G10) - updated the roads in the local area Northwest Islands (7x, 10y; E9) - corrected the colour of the rocky outcrops - updated the roads along the east coast Crystal Lake Southeast (45x, 46y; O20) - added in a new guard tower and the calling range marker - updated the roads in the area Elysian-Crystal Canal (45x, 50y; Q20) - minor update to the roads in the area to connect to the new road tunnel - updated the geography to reflect the increase in the canal width at the north end Inner Sea Southeast (32x, 40y; M16) - added the bridge that connects the roads enclosing the harbour As always, we have removed disbanded deeds and added those submitted to the Albia Roads Map of Indy forum. Wurm is waiting.... Skyefox and Hughmongus Cartographers of Indy Co-Administrators - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  22. Our Thanks to all for your patience whilst we entertained family who came from over seas for their 1st visit with us. We were busy touring them about, visiting historic sites and museums. So ..... and we have finalized this weekend's Update of the Albia Roads Map of Indy. Any geography changes and deed addition requests that are time stamped AFTER 00:01 UTC (GMT) on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 will be processed in the next update cycle. Indy is waiting.... go and explore it! Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  23. Our Thanks to you all for your patience when we pushed back last weeks update to this weekend due having family from overseas visiting with us. So..... and we have finalized this weekend's Update of the Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy. Any additions or deletions to the Cats Eyes Highways Map time stamped AFTER 00:01 UTC (GMT) on Sunday, September 22nd, 2019 will be added next update. Indy is waiting.... go and explore it! Cheers! Hughmongus Co-Creator-Administrator - The Albia Cats Eyes Highways Map of Indy
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