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  2. Fastest Libila favor?

    What's the best method for favor with Libila? Should I chop farmed veggies? Thanks :)
  3. Congratulations to AustinS who won the Eagle with 15s! [Please close - auction ended]
  4. Congratulations to Aroma who won the mask for 5s [Please close - auction ended]
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Mordraug saying other people are triggered is the sweet nectar I needed directly into my veins. Please keep posting you magnificent creature.
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  7. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    Bear Paws isn't useless on PvE. With it casted you can easily get hurts, harms, damages depending on the mob. I was even able to kill Eaglespirits with it and yesterday I got a Sea Serpent down to about 70% health before it started naturally healing. It's more 'useless' in PvP. Now that doesn't mean it is fine as is... some sort of slight buff might be good and maybe changing weaponless too (special moves plz). Of course, we all know that won't happen because a lot of people here have the mindset that Weaponless = useless skill or Weaponless = not realistic against actual weapons. ... I think I have enough experience with this useless skill and spell to talk about it, currently 92.5 in it.
  8. Why was PvP abandoned?

    yah i've never seen you triggered, you're not on wurm unlimited because you played WO fora good while , but triggered to leave.
  9. Potions for Imbues

    Message me in game or leave name for COD
  10. Why was PvP abandoned?

    That's another thing... you guys are WAY too easily triggered. So sensitive ffs. Enjoy killing your own PvP. Gives my popcorn purchases an added meaning.
  11. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I'd hate to think after all the different things i've been in this game where I spent a vast chunk of my time on pve and talking about it's merits, my time dedicated to staff roles where i worked endlessly for all facets of the game vs some niche component, where i've hosted pve players to learn and love wurm to then go on to make deeds of their own, to my times on pvp servers both epic and freedom chaos in various kingdoms to know all facets of game mechanics to be informed about when speaking on behalf of these areas.....and that the hundred or more complainers coming before; half of which never pvp'd with....that I am marginalized down to just that...a toxic complainer. I can go over my history of posts on the forums to find the very opposite. As can be said for me the same can be said for the vast majority posting in this thread, we are expressing because we care, because we love the game, because we don't want to see it go the way it is apparent to go. Sorta like any minority group marginalized in RL they all seem not to matter and be nuisance until the very day you're one of them. It is easy cast aside when it's not your turn on the chopping buck yet you should care not only for the plight of those here but that historical pattern would suggest you could be next and we won't be around to be able to defend you.
  12. [SOLD] supreme stone chisel (please close)

    I'm really sorry, forgot to update - already sold
  13. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    It needs a new map yes but it feels pointless when it will be left alone like the last map reset. It will stagnate again but the thing is, why would people rebuild when they don't know what these alleged plans for epic are in 2020 2021 the future? Just slapping a new map on elevation doesn't give me any drive or feeling any trust to come back to epic. It needs a new map and the attention that it has earned but apparently doesn't deserve
  14. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Seems to me like people keep mentioning going back, classic, or other classic games. Sounds like Epic needs a complete 180 from the rest of the game.
  15. Journal: 70 Prayer / Global cast

    Maybe all the bl priests on freedom can get together and pray and sermon and do an organized public rite cast so everyone with a bl priest can get in. I suggest independence, so mrgary doesn't have to travel Or maybe maybe We can make it all a true community (still lol) event by allowing all faiths to link for rites. Or just, you know, allow all faiths to link to all faiths because otherwise it's just an artificial cost barrier forcing useless 2s battery alts until you get 100 faith for regular spells.
  16. Priest overhaul testing

    You can pretty much draw a circle around every diety and have something to complain about, not just Fo. (See my response in your thread you just linked). PvE and PvP both, although I'm sure they will differ under the different circumstances. No diety is perfect, nor will they ever be.
  17. The State of PvE Magic (Fo)

    Taken from my priest overhaul spreadsheet, which can be found here: The list I made of "useless" spells varies from yours, and includes the following: As you can see from the numbers, Fo is pretty middle of the road when it comes to having "usless" spells. Almost 33% of Nathan's spells are useless, whereas Fo is only 25%. Vynora and Nahjo are in pretty good shape, but everyone else is pretty equally balanced when it comes to useless spells. If we're going to count "95% useless" spells, I can come up with many more for every diety, not just Fo.
  18. WTT rare forge for rare oven

  19. Why was PvP abandoned?

    @Mordraugthat's what i thought as well for a very long time while reading the forums and staying on pve.. that the pvp community is toxic and there is no point in trying it at all. I assure you that it's nothing like you think it is if you look at it from the pve side, especially from reading the forums.. Most people will go out of their way to help you, will stay up at night to make you weapons and enchant gear for you and will give you all the information you need for skilling and whatever. The people around you really matter in a pvp kingdom because morale is important so you have to do everything as a group, both to learn how each play the game in pvp and to be there for each other in the hard times when you lose fights.. There are some vocal and toxic players around in pvp of course, but you have those all over the game, they are not a reflection of the entire pvp community at all.. Even your enemies will give you more respect than some neighbors I've had in pve..
  20. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    This 100%. This was a huge part of what made deso 3 so good.
  21. Returning player - having bad time

    I remember when we took in nekoexmachina to epic booty hole. Sad to see him turn
  22. Potions/Bloods

    3s for the two ropemaker potions? (1.5s each)
  23. Looking for archeology job

    Have an old deed that was lost in time yet remember were it was? Wish you had that token from that lost deed? Plus all the fragments that come with ? Cost 5 silver full deed Indentifyed and invested .
  24. Give Epic The Map It Deserves

    You can run a very decent dedicated server on Wurm Unlimited for around $110 CDN last time I checked for a month. That's about 73 euros or about 9 premiums (at 8 EUros per premium per month). Implementation isn't a big deal and would take minimum time once the actual map is created. Using a tool like World Machine makes that relatively easy too. With PVP servers go small not big. Lack of space drives player interactions (just like in real life btw). If you want active PVP make people crammed together so they need to fight. At current or even improved PVP levels I would not make it any bigger then 1024 x 1024. ~Nappy
  25. Returning player - having bad time

    TL;Dr 2.0: shorter and more meaningful.
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