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  2. My rent is going up so I have to make some life adjustments. While I would say Wurm is last on my horror slasher list I feel it might be time for me to meditate in rl again so I'm seeing if there is any intrest in my Seraphrattle acc I think the acc is well worth over the approx 5G I'd like for it. As I said I'm seeing if there is any intrest, as I've grown very fond of Wurm Online and I don't think there is the intrest in my acc (I stopped playing to sell it a long time ago) The deed is @ Q25 on Xanadu and is the capital of an alliance. The Official deed name is 'Grand Esteron' but on the community map it is still 'The Silk Road Silk Wurm' and has 65s or 134 days upkeep at posting (it's a large deed but there is alot of room left to resize it) I've done a bit to the deed so it's very teraformed Ondeed is; : 2 large magic chests : MR wagon : Crow Wagon (full set of crow banners & 1 crow tent) : +1G worth of marble & slate etc (I was going to build x3 10 story 8x8 before the announcement of a building update) There are various rares from +3 years of playing including x1 Rare 99ql 100 imbue Runed Enchanted Pickaxe x1 Blank Supreme Stell Sickle & about a half dozen Rare Steel Sickles 2 of which have BT and are on the character. A Fantastic Dragon Fang Statue. There are various Statues & Statue fragments. Drake, Eagle & Scorpion Hota complete Statues : Still various veins viable ncluding an untouched Utmost Iron & nearly untouched Utmost Gold Vein (maybe 1k taken from it) The acc has; : x1 black drake armour set : x1 rare summer hat : x1 Trader contract : about x5 Merchant Contracts : x1 sculpting wand The acc has permium until Dec 12th The Character:
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  4. Could be a great new use for lead veins .....
  5. This is pretty much my view too. PvP will never be equal, and that's half the fun. Not knowing what you'll come up against. Surviving a fight against the odds. And like you said, removing advantages for veterans could backfire and encourage them to leave. Having objectives to work towards that make us stronger in PvP is a positive thing, if only because it gives us something to do the rest of the time. It's the cookie-cutter angle you referred to that I was really getting at; you just phrased it better. Right now players seem to be going leather/chain, long spear, and Fo/Mag priest. The thing with priests not being able to imp is actually irrelevant (and therefore not a disadvantage) if the priest doesn't have to imp because they're supported by the same player's crafter. So a player can buy a decent crafting account, priest up, and then use it for PvP with massive advantages over a straight crafting account, and insofar as I can tell, literally no disadvantages. When I talk about balance, I don't mean balance in the sense that we want to make everything equal. I mean in the sense that advantages ought to be well thought through and proportionate. So fine, you can priest an account and get all the advantages of heals and refreshes. But there should be an effective cost in doing this to that particular toon. For example, restricting priests to cloth armour only would maintain a level of risk that offsets the advantage of spells. I'm not saying this ought to be done, merely giving an example of how balance might be maintained. Personally I would like to see a wide variety of "builds", tactics and gear used in viable ways, rather than the cookie-cutter situation we currently appear to be in.
  6. Somehow there is a mismatch in the directory structure: The error message says "No such file or directory" for WurmLauncher under /home/USERNAME/Desktop/archive . The program is somehow run from /home/USERNAME/Desktop/archive/WurmLauncher/WurmLauncher for some reason. Therefore, it does not find the executable under /home/USERNAME/Desktop/archive and displays an error message. Maybe KDE has created an icon with wrong parameters. So the client seems to be wrongly installed. As noted, it is possible to uncompress and place the directory wurm-laucher with the executable file WurmLauncher anywhere, I would suggest /home/USERNAME/wurm or where ever. Then one can try to start it from a terminal window. Any previously installed icons should better be removed or at least ignored. Edit: Pandalet, when his terminal messages are in Russian, what can he do than display the output? And if anybody with better Russian than me could directly contact the user and assist, it might be more helpful.
  7. WO Steam Discussion

    I agree, lots of super leveled vet accounts that should have died off when the original owner left the game but no... they were sold and now there are too many over-leveled accounts and their current owners are the ones opposing this steam thing now.
  8. It was the entrance. I thought that in the past they prevented this to keep players from just mining past doors into mines. I did tunnel the entrance open again. The iron tile is now ready for those who wish to use it again. thought I would see dark dungeons ahead.
  9. Thing is, that when you get some advantage in PVP (being a priest), it should go at a cost of some disadvantage in PVP. In Wurm, you get advantage in PVP at a cost of disadvantage in PVE really. Slower body stats gain doesn't count, couse people mostly priest up strong accounts anyway, and also, after recent pvp changes, I heard that body strength were nerfed in some way? Priests should be removed or should be just specialized units at some PVP costs. - healer - got heals and protective buffs, but after each heal casted, got his normal and magical damage output lowered for certain amount of time - elemental - got range damage dealing spells and damage increasing buffs, but after each dmg spell casted, got his healing abilities lowered dramatically for certain amount of time etc. just a general idea
  10. Thank you kindly, I unfortunately forgot to leave my character name, so my alt has received the goods. It will take one day for my bank to transfer, sorry about that! Really appreciate the service, and thanks for the Pizza!
  11. The moment this game became Spells online was the day pvp died.
  12. Its when a wooden item changes wood types... sadly its a known bug. I found out about this bug when I was building a boat >_<
  13. does this help? plaes let me know
  14. I have found that sometimes when crafting using the crafting window the item being added to drops from the window. I have noticed this when making support beams. Having the unfinished support beam in either the right or left makes no difference. When adding a item (usually the log or shaft. Never seems to happen with the ribbons) the unfinished support beam is removed from the crafting window. Not every time the client launches does this happen but it seems to over 50% of the time. This never seems to happen with the native client.
  15. Please keep this thread on topic and remember the forum rules when you post. This is not the place to be fighting with each other or troll each other or the staff.
  16. Last month, we had our players vote on what type of event they wanted next... and I think it's time we deliver on that!! I'm very pleased to announce the Requiem Treasure Hunt 2019!! *When is it?: October 31, 2019 at 8am until November 4, 2019 at 8am (Server time). We're giving you a full 96 hours to complete this event! *Where is it?: The entire map! We will let you know where your quest begins at the start of the event. *Rules: No sharing any clue locations, answers, or prize items with any other players! If we see this happening, you'll forfeit your treasure, and we don't want that happening! We want everyone to have a fair chance. *What's the treasure?: We can't tell you that! You'll just have to play and find out!! *And for a little added fun, we will open The Arena halfway through this event! We are very excited to be bringing this event to you. We've wanted to have a Treasure Hunt for so long, but never had any ideas. We really hope to see you there! Any other questions, feel free to ask.
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  18. Actively recruiting! We have had many freedomers come over and join us!
  19. Sure, well, I'm just pointing out that this mentality is the current mentality among WO people and devs, and that mentality isn't revitalising Wurm nor is it going to market the game or bring any more income from new players. Actually, that's exactly what's happening, I don't particularly enjoy WO, I started on Xanadu and just didn't like the concept, but I loved the game as such so I moved to WU and have stayed there since. But all this time, WO keeps pointing out that it's the "real" game, WU isn't really Wurm, it's for freeloaders and cheapskates, lazy people who don't want the hard WO style of game play. Guess what, Wurming on a WU 1x1x server is bloody harder than WO, so it's just ignorance, but still. Now they are stopping updates to WU, and before that they delayed the updates to point out WU should be seen as inferior and direct players towards WO - because that's the real game. They are shoving it in people's face, and have been doing since 2015. No, WU servers are running as stable as WO servers, mine has been running at 100% up-time for the past year, but that's because I just started it a year ago, and we have a steady growing community of usually 10-20 players on a daily basis, and I'm not talking four players with five alts each, because I've made it so you can only login with one alt at the same time. WO statistics are unreliable because you never know how many players really are there plus alts, but checking stats at the time of writing Deliverance: 12, Pristine: 11, Release: 17, but of course those are very small maps, we have a 4k map, but we have steady growing numbers. I have no fear for the stability of our server in any way, no I'm concerned for Wurm itself. Hehe, what does that have to do with anything? Let's look at wikipedia again: "Terraria reached 200,000 copies sold in the first nine days following its initial release". That's nine days man, and it cost 10 euro, which means, in nine days it generated the same amount of income that 2 000 premium WO subscriptions generates in ten years. So, what does the age of the servers have to do with anything? No, I don't want to play on the main clusters, most of the people developing the game comes from the WU modding world. Your ultimatum: "support the company and people developing the game.. ", means that supporting development has and can only have one way: play WO, or else!... Why? Why is it so hard to think in other ways? To see other models? To see that I really have no interest at all in going to WO, there's nothing there for me. You yourself are shoving it in my face, and I don't like it. I've been asking for days now, just create a way for WU enthusiasts to support development of the game, but no response, nothing. I don't want WO, I like WU and I'm not leaving.
  20. I agree, also the hanging lamps, seems easy enough. But the idea of large glass windows in the stone arches, or even the wall slits, would be great, it could be a whole new skill line, making colors and leading.
  21. The priests with good pvp spells will in almost every case beat a non priest even with much lower skills...
  22. I still think that is currently wrong - you are essentially useless unless a priest now - I left the pvp servers after Sindusks changes not only because it remains unbalanced mainly due to the power anyone with tomes has under it but also due to having to be a priest. Being 1 hit by 5 people with true-strike is also a turn off. Fights used to last and be fun, the pvp game hasn't been fun for quite a while now.
  23. Hello, I just made a yoyo and saw that there was no animation showing. I had this idea of me walking around town while spinning my yoyo or while talking to someone. Not that big of a deal but something that would be cool to see. Animations in the game for the yoyo, instead of just words for the item. Thank you.
  24. WO Steam Discussion

    honestly i had more problems with old players than new ones, they deeded over my mines and half of my house... also the deed it or lose it that hey use counts for all offdeed farms, trees, fields, mines, etc
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