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  2. A New Elevation

    New elevation map need to be seperated from the home servers for atleast 2 months.. if not old farts like me will just bring in 500 kg of mm weapons and armour to kill everyone trying to start fresh - fun for me for a bit, boring for new players from the start = Boring for everyone in the end
  3. A New Elevation

    There he is, i missed you.
  4. A New Elevation

    It's almost a gasp moment, I find myself in complete agreement with McLavin here on this one. It really does support the group mentality if everyone gets reset at same time. The nice thing also is this is a time limited map according to OP so it's also setting a precedent for this kind of thing in the future if it works well. ~Nappy
  5. A New Elevation

    In my case, I'm completely burned out on Wurm skilling; I just can't go there again.
  6. A New Elevation

    I'd support that for a new Elevation. I'd also support the following: - Disable priests - Disable meditation - Disable moonmetal/drake/scale - Disable uniques - Disable transmutation - Disable dirtwalls (40 slope max terraforming for dirt and rock) - Disable item transfer from home servers - Disable Freedom and home server skills (locked flat 50 for everyone, except fight) - Disable Valrei missions - Disable mounts entirely (make a smaller map to compensate!)
  7. A New Elevation

    That's because you joined where you had to grind, not joined where you had to create. When I joined Epic agggges ago, I wasn't forced to get 50 body str or 90 plate smithing, if everybody around you were on the same level, creating the same gear from scratch and gearing each other with different roles, how is that different to having skills at a flat 50? you're in same ql gear but higher right? Fresh is fresh - you focus different roles and you have different players for different tasks, thats the real group-feel. I understand your point tho, a lot of players missed the start of epic and think its how they joined cause they came after the gear up/skill up. It was more casual than you think.
  8. A New Elevation

    That, or making the island not connected to anything.
  9. A New Elevation

    This is exactly why a fresh start is needed. So that people with 300 digging dont instantly create a fully functional deed under 1-2 days, so that people don't have stashes upon stashes upon stashes of items , so that it's actually a start. A fair one, for everyone.
  10. A New Elevation

    On skills resets, there's no way I'm grinding a toon again anywhere in Wurm; it's too painful now. The only way I see a skill reset working for me is if all prem toons that access Elevation (whether from Freedom, from home servers, or brand new toons) get flat 50 in all stats/skills (plus whatever curves), maybe 70 fight, with skillgain locked. -Maybe- make fight skill losable/gainable, but that's it. That would make Elevation all about building/fighting, and not about an arcane, frustrating skilling system.
  11. A New Elevation

    The guy was banned but the items are in my control - i've got about 4 knars of items in total. I will rest my "no items to ele" case on this screen shot alone. This isn't kingdom assets, this is private. That's a different ball game. You don't want to see the MM we have on Epic. This is without VD putting theirs into the mix lol.
  12. A New Elevation

    I really want to see dirtwalls nerfed to the ground (pun maliciously intended! ), so I'm going to harp on it a bit more: The reason mine doors are so powerful is that they anchor the dirtwall and prevent ramps from being made. If, however, the max slope of the dirtwall were 40 per tile, the mine door ramp-resistant meta becomes irrelevant, since the ramp is already there. That's a huge nerf to mine doors, without the potential bugginess of changing mine door mechanics. Mine doors would no longer delay draining deeds, and thus might not need direct nerfing at all. Additionally, make, say, portcullises unpickable, and you wouldn't even need rock layer to build a deed. (Mine doors really shouldn't be the only safe way in and out of a deed!)
  13. A New Elevation

    I mean as a player that has never really set a foot on epic, i would like to see things more neutral, since we aint getting -fresh start- that means the players who has played there ages has the advantage over fresh blood on their turf. Gear + mats wise. It should be Epic map with no access to it except thru some portals so there won't be tons of items when it starts... i mean.. it will ruin the whole experience.. i could just go now to some home server and start doing tons and tons of stuff to be ready to do our landing on the main continent. Hopefully mailing from home servers as well is blocked. Making everything from scratch gives a cool fear factor to living in the map unprotected and basically you would be racing against time who will have the greatest tools and weapons first would dominate. THAT would be cool.
  14. A New Elevation

    Why exactly is it so difficult to reset all skills to 1 again? Run a database query and set all Epic skills to 1. It only gets complicated if you are trying to have a skill level for Elevation and a skill level for non-Elevation servers. As far as item transfers just make it that you can't take boats across, only by swimming can you cross the border. This will eliminate 99.9% of the items people worry about coming to the server. For meditation just turn it off for elevation server only - make it so it does a simple check on user login if they are on elevation. If so then no meditation skills, if not elevation then let them have what they want. Seems simple. (pseudo code - If server name = "Elevation" then exit else turn on mediation stuff). Do the same thing to turn off tome effects, If on Elevation off, else on Similar logic can be applied for faith, priests etc.
  15. Niarja - Wurm Online Live Server Data & Skill Compare

    The list of slayers on killed uniques seems to not be in alphabetical order, is that intended?
  16. A New Elevation

    Removing tomes from Epic completely is something I'd 100% support. Just not sure other people would.
  17. A New Elevation

    +1 I would like to see tomes removed from game tbh or easier obtainable in that specific map. So it would be fair towards the players who hasnt spend their time to play on epic before and would want to be on equal-ish grounds.
  18. A New Elevation

    I don't know, I tend to agree with Mclavin that the item block should be extremely punitive. It would make it a lot easier for Freedom players to come set up. This is only an issue for low pop servers where there's nobody who pens uniques as soon as they spawn. The fact that uniques no longer chase very far also makes it less of an issue. With higher pops, it wouldn't really be a problem at all.
  19. A New Elevation

    Another crazy idea: remove current uniques and unique spawns from home servers. I still see them as newbie-eaters and disruptors, not treasure troves. The long-term health of Epic would likely be improved if new players on home servers could play without getting chased across the map by hatchlings. I realize limiting uniques to Elevation could cause a snowball effect, in which case I'd say remove them from Elevation as well until uniques on Epic can be sorted better.
  20. A New Elevation

  21. A New Elevation

    I'm not sure if the code can differentiate between each server. If it's a 1-2 month thing, all you're doing is delaying what will eventually happen. If it's a perma thing, it will get confusing on what you can bring over, what won't come back. It really makes no sense to limit bringing gear between servers. I could see blocking the borders and only allow crossing with the gear in your inventory to limit the amount of resources an individual can bring over.
  22. A New Elevation

    I want to be forced to setup farms for cotton, stables for horses, find mines with iron, clay for mortar, coal piles for steel. This will expand the "new map" feeling with "fresh start" we wanted a Fresh experience, this can be the way to get it. A lot of freedom players who'd like to join this will portal over - and with Meditation/SOTG not a thing, they won't have to wait months to get the same advantage I really would love to see a item block, it is the second best thing to a reset in terms of "fresh server". I don't want to spam this out of scope, i've said what i feel is enough and the devs will have to let us know if they can before we rabble on our opinions.
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  24. A New Elevation

    I think just disabling Elevation -> home server item transfer and consequently disabling home server raiding pending a final decision on their status would be fine. The only one way item transfer that I think would be positive would be Epic cluster --> Freedom because it might encourage commerce and for Freedom players to come over to get collectables for their deeds.
  25. A New Elevation

    A lot of the pvp will not be home server based - it will be focused around elevation, thats the goal with the new map, 1 month "not being able to raid home server" is not a big deal in the goal of things surrounding elevation. I think it will create much better game play for everybody if items are blocked going to elevation for the first month - it will draw a lot more people and give them a lot more chance. And Technically you can go raid a home server with items you get on elevation, you just can't bring them back - But if fast travel is a thing you could travel from JKH, to MRH, without touching elevation and store your items?? I agree.
  26. A New Elevation

    I'm up for blocking high end tools and equipment. If its portal only then it'd be difficult to ship building materials over. Portalling should have a cooldown of maybe 15 minutes to stop people ferrying stuff through. If you said no gear above 75ql, no enchanted gear, nothing with rarity, sure. I tend to think travelling by sea should be blocked, or at least travel by knarr. I suppose you are right that there is an argument for starting with nothing, yes. You wouldn't. Home server raiding would be disabled in this period. That wouldn't be an issue if you were unable to bring valuable items from Elevation to a home server to hide it.
  27. A New Elevation

    I think that the idea of the question was "how would you raid enemie's homeserver if you cant' bring items over".
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