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    I can see your point, grinding from scratch still wont halt the experienced players more than a month or two. Even total newbies know to team up and grind a few skills each really. I'm not saying I think we should be able to come over, at least not directly. But it is no question of years for the experienced players to be dominating market, hunts etc.
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    Sure, those who put the effort in may do so, but it will be nowhere near as problematic than allowing all current players to just swing over for the land and economy rush then leave after the damage is irreparably done. If you haven't noticed in recent years, re-releases of MMOs especially go a long way at reviving an otherwise dying game. OSRS, WoW Classic, etc. Not saying Wurm is anywhere close to their caliber, but it is the same idea. If they allow account transfers they defeat the entire purpose and the game will be undoubtedly doomed to die. Especially the PvP side of the steam cluster...
  4. Really hoping for the highways on the maps this time Pretty please, Keenan? *tries to look like a cute kitten"
  5. I've excluded Jackal for now. We can revisit once it's officially over!
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  7. We can't? I have pushed my bsb's between houses up and down bridges recently.
  8. WO Steam Discussion

    Well ok, but any experienced player starting a new toon will be able to produce high end products within months.
  9. I've added this as a bug and will try to see if i can get an instance confirmed on live. Thanks for the report.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    The point behind a fresh cluster is to have new characters along with it. If they allowed transfers of characters even in the first year or two, it'd completely negate the point in doing this. Give new players a chance to experience a fresh world without having year old accounts flooding the server with high end items immediately. You always have the option of making an alt account to try it on, which I'm sure is what a lot of people are planning on doing.
  11. Can we have one for Jackal as well? Would be swell to see just how much I ran in circles
  12. I now regret making any suggestions and will refrain from doing so in the future. The goal for the suggestions forum is constructive discussion for game mechanics as they affect the success of the game and the experience of the players. The Wurm team can then use the posts as they see fit when evaluating the various game features. The forum is useful because it allows people with different play styles to provide input from their perspective that may reveal a side that the original poster hadn't considered. (For example, something that has popped up several times during the thread is the weight of cotton. That was something that hadn't even crossed my mind when posting the suggestion.) Some people take the time to read the suggestion, read the responses from others, and then take even more time to explain their viewpoint in a respectful manner whether they agree or disagree. I want to say "Thank You" to them. I believe that you are highly valuable to the community and Wurm is fortunate to have you. For many others, it seems that they are unable to read through the entire thread. Instead they make assumptions and lash out with attacks or reply with condescending dismissal. I know that this is the internet and should expect such things, but I really thought the Wurm forum community was better. Can a mod please lock this thread at this final post? (For further discussion I'd ask that it be taken to a different thread. I'd rather not participate.)
  13. Would be nice if we could push items from the buildings to the bridges. Currently we can only push items from the ground to the bridge. We cannot plan a building when we have unfinished bridge. Those things could be separated. There are no permissions for bridges, you cannot pass ownership, so only original builder can change a name of the bridge. Would be nice if it worked like house permissions. Additionally to that, ability to destroy bridges like houses, by builders (off-deed) or mayors (on-deed). There is a noticeable height difference between bridge start/end and the house, those two are not on the same level (feeling of "bump" while entering a bridge).
  14. In situation, when bridge part is close to the ground, player cannot pass through it, but all mobs can. I have a house where horse pen is fenced from three sides, and got two-tile bridge ramp on the fourth side (leading from the ground to the second story of the house). Very often, horses from this pen "teleport" to the bridge, from where can go freely outside. Only solution is building additional fence alligned to the side of the bridge. It's not a big problem, but if player cannot cross from the pen through the bridge then mobs shouldn't too.
  15. Thank you so very much. It will do very nicely
  16. I have a avatar tyvm. Also, I demand map dumps so I can see my message in the sand.
  17. Sometimes, while entering a bridge, dragged cart goes under and is not visible, following terrain under a bridge. In that time cargo is not accessible and you cannot stop dragging a cart. In both cases getting info: "You are too far away to do that". Was testing different combinations of entering and leaving bridges both from the ground and from the building and results are not always the same. In some cases, going back to the ground or another bridge resets cart, in other cases not.
  18. Can't promise anything but I'll ask a developer to have a look here.
  19. Why does no one use avatars anymore, that's my feedback. They're coming, they've been taken, just aging a little
  20. February Event Schedule Multiple Day Events Increased Bounties by 25%: January 31st - February 2nd The battle for Exodus: February 8th - February 9th Genesis 1 Year Anniversary Event - February 19 Increased XP by 10%: February 19th - February 26th Single Day Events Unique Slayings: February 1st - 1:00 PM EST Auction Event: February 8th - 1:00 PM EST Map Event 1-50 QL: February 15th - 1:00 PM EST Map Event 51-99 QL: February 22nd - 1:00 PM EST Titan Slaying: February 29th - 1:00 PM EST
  21. don't know about this. I have always been for a new fresh server but a total wipe of all character on that server I dont know about that. Tbh as an existing WO player I feel kinda left out since i'd have to start all over again if I wanted to play on this new server. I put far to much time and effort in this char to start over again but I still want to play on the new server. I hope they get merged in a couple of weeks so we can also check it out with our existing chars.
  22. Deliverance. I can record the bug when I get home , give you an idea of the situation.
  23. Have the champ male deer. PM if still need it.
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