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  2. K 10 Tunnel Project - mining out the veins

    Down to that last vein.. iron 93ql 4922 ( on the K10 deed).. so permissions will need to be set... means I get to something else this weekend
  3. Remove player gods from Epic

    please remove them from chaos +1
  4. Normalize weapon characteristic gains

    +1 Please fix
  5. Today
  6. New Festival Cove is Recruiting

    Hi i'm interested in joining you, my in-game name is Jung
  7. Hello fellow Indy players, i started wurm after a very long period. I'm currently freebie but might subscribe later. I'm looking for a village where i can train my skills and provide help if any needed. Thanks! I should be around N16 on Indy but i'm not so sure.
  8. So come to find out you can pack then pave tiles that are fully submerged(I would assume any depth but my tests were 25 dirt deep). However, you cannot cultivate a tile should it be say the wrong one, perhaps just the NW corner is underwater, or even trying to remove reeds/kelp. Sure of course you can drop dirt, then have the need to dredge it out, but that is a long roundabout way to correct the issue. So simply, remove the restriction to depth for cultivation to make easier correction of packed tiles.
  9. [INFO] Magical Chest Bug

    If that is the case then how come I have yet to see anything else in my chest decay? The only items with damage are items I have placed in there with damage (Pelts, whetstones, moonmetal). I mean I have had some items in that chest over a year now.
  10. WTS BSB Full of 50 QL Clay (16k)

    Still for sale
  11. fancy stuff here

    bump mining blood sold
  12. [INFO] Magical Chest Bug

    technically magic chests never stopped decay... just slowed it down by a large amount... but when a tick occurs, damage still happens.
  13. Player Impact on another Player

    My biggest player impact is the group I got in from the start. Yuri is great and so helpful, warlock what can I say . He took a week of his precious time to help terrorform my land. Fairy for have a keen heart and her crazy colors. Eli she was the one who got me into the game. Earl who showed me the wonderful rare statues. These people showed me greatness of wurm. Also tell st abby that his chateredral is turning out very clean and nice looking. All the amazing builds I have seen on wurm!
  14. boats on my property?

    Create a /support ticket and we will move them off your deed!
  15. [INFO] Magical Chest Bug

    Nesting magical chests will remove the decay of the chest inside.
  16. Open Note to Wurmians

    Ah this was such great read, I read it twice. Like cornbread sopped into some left gravy on a plate I had to savor again and catch each bit. You truly captured the essence of a wurm i know, started with, remember through out. Much the same as you noted the climate of late being many have concurred that it must be so. One pm I received intimated it may just be cyclical and they've seen it do such before and passes to resume this quirky great place we love. Likely some purging or flushing happens. There are many ways to play and great people out there and things afoot to do, i'm quite happy to hear you are doing just that in a jovial way. It shows also in your chat and each time i've pm'd you about some archeo item you have up for sale. I can tell you are having a good time and that overflows onto others...ty for the time and thoughts here, for it made my day. Logging into wurm I received some challenging news so the ebb n flow , trials and triumphs continue. May your exploring keep you uncovering a bounty or richness in many dimensions!!
  17. boats on my property?

    Friends, there are two boats that are on my property that take a long time to decay, and their owners no longer appear more than year, is it possible to move or destroy them?
  18. Server to Server connection

    ok thank you for the info
  19. All about books

    Books should decay, albeit slower on display. Papar should only decay when outside of inventory or a book. We cant imp paper, what if someone special wrote a letter... Would be sad to lose it.
  20. Server to Server connection

    Yes there is, BUT, unless you can VPN between them it is unsecure.
  21. add RTX

    -1 the game performs poorly enough as it is
  22. so uh this happened

    Wow dude, congratulations. I can't believe you actually did it...Like ..oh my god....GUYS, u seeing this? The guy actually made it!!!! Can you add a picture so we can at least see its glory?
  23. Open Note to Wurmians

    Well said I love the community and the game play , yes I have become a merchant in the game to do so. Yet I find it fun going to places trying to get lost to stumble onto the next treasure I may find along and adventure along the road. Often I find myself at awe at the crazy parts of Wurm online. Even though I have just started this game there is so much tension in the air. It seems that people think they have to battle over things when stuff can be figured out and if people worked together rather then fight over the little things wurm is great. Were it helps is when you can get into the community and find people that have played this game for a long time. If anyone wishes for fun they should stop trolling over little things look at wurm and get into a big community project. I love the little alliance I am part of so many helpful people playing that brought me up as a new player were I once was digging. Then building the dirt right back up because I was tabbed playing wile they were all laughing and getting a good kick out of watching me do the same event over and over. That is what makes wurm fun the odd things the unique events , not the fact that everyone plays in a different way. We should all treasure our own time and find something unique that passes our way and also if you ever find yourself in release bloodscythe your welcome to come by and I would stop everything to give you fun without really thinking about my little wurm body dying and loosing skill . Pffft to that is half the fun !
  24. The Gobbler Game on Frenetia Server

    2019 08 23 This week the Gobbler wants: (1): Wooden fishing hook (Any) (2): Clay brick (3): Statue of Boy (4): Pasta (Any) (5): Cloth Jacket (6): Wurmfish (7): Pendulum (Iron) (8): Healing cover (Onion), (Any) Cut off time for this week's Gobbler list is Friday 2019 08 30 at 10 am UTC (Friday 2019 08 30 at 8 pm Eastern Australian time). Please contact us by e-mail or on the Wurm PVE forum thread with your player name (solo) or team name (include player names) if you are participating in the Gobbler game and want your products counted. When you have a camp contact us if you want clay and a feasting table placed. There will be a server reset on the first of November. Frenetia is a non-combat server.
  25. All about books

    Making it so books dont decay would be amazing. Imagine if they had been in since the start, all the tales that could have been wrote in them... some deeds decay and the containers with it but leaves the books behind.
  26. All about books

    I want to make books with collections of poems, ballads, and battle accounts but when books and the paper inside take damage even when placed as a decoration.... Having a little library is pointless. Paper inside a placed book should take zero dmg, until this is fixed and the gui/process for writing is improved, it may as well be under the toys skill.
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