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  2. Ok I have an idea but not really sure if it would be wanted/needed or if it can be better or not before I even start coding. Firstly I only do server mods, so this is of course a server mod. Wurm mod where you have NPC villagers as such, 1 designated blacksmith, 1 weaponsmith, 1 cloth tailor, 1 armor smith and so on. Could be really complex I would prefer more simple. Only uses iron as a metal for example. Ok so you give the NPC 100kg iron lumps, tell it to skill up. So it uses that iron to then spend it's time skilling up weapon smith. calculate using server settings and some stuff in properties file for tweaking. Anyway so after the time it needed to use up that iron it's "skill" has increased. Give it 100kg 50ql iron and tell it to craft, after X amount of time it then has available some 50ql tools, depending on how much iron you gave and it's skill. more and more lately i see servers tend to have a couple of people work on say weaponsmith, they stop playing and bamm no weaponsmith available anymore. someone else might try their hand and a couple weeks later they can do 50-60 ql weapons. I have 2 ways of using it in mind, 1 is for an admin/gm to put in a gm deed so anyone can use it. The other is for more personal usage on a players deed. If personal on deed then permissions and such make it easier, can just have an inventory as such and the items created are in it for collection. GM deed usage that won't work so well as anyone could take it or the GM may not even give pickup/drop perms on deed. Other way would be delivered by mail to the person who put in the creation request. On Gm deed someone could give 100kg and tell it to skill up, making it so no one else can use it for crafting, could lead to greifing I guess. with max ql settings in place by Admin then it may or may not take away from trades players may do in game. People will still need to gather items but the idea is that people won't be forced to skill up every craft in order to actually play the game. So yeah what do you all think, has it got usage or will it just collect dust and no one ever uses it.
  3. Unless something comes up irl I should be able to attend and would like to have a room. I can do: Blacksmithing (99), Carpentry (98), Chain Smithing (82), Cloth Tailoring (95*), Fine Carpentry (95), Leatherworking (96), Masonry (96), Pottery (91), Shield Smithing (95), Ship Building (95), Stone Cutting (91), Weapon Smithing (99). * Cloth tailoring is one of the skills I'm currently grinding (86 at time of posting) so it'll be 95 by the time the impalong comes around.
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  5. And now this different error screen message: "Can't Launch Application" upon trying to run the client
  6. Java updated right after I posted the last crash. This past log in attempt got me past the client screen to the "play" button, but upon game loading, the client crashed again- the first time it has done that at that stage. Posting the client crash report from that event in case something new is occurring after Java update. Help!
  7. wts intermediate char

    Well yes but we all know you're bad so is understandable.
  8. I have begun to see the client crash quite frequently lately at least once before successfully loading the game. Sharing the crash report here as instructed... would hate to lose access to my game...
  9. wts intermediate char

    wish this dude made this thread 2 months ago and i would sell you wildboar for 35e, 70 blacksmithing 70 shieldsmithing 80 digging and a ton of other skills and was at 6 strength due to deaths, not even joking
  10. How to get started modding?

    Thanks for the tips guys. Definitely adding gradle to the list of things to explore.
  11. wts intermediate char

    I dont know how you achieve 50+ blacksmithing with 13 bstr. I'll make a 35e offer. If you manage to produce such a char.
  12. Chaos Freedom Portal

    It did not precisely come off as particularly friendly, and could be taken as implying I have brain disease I suppose. It's a pretty minor detail which is why I did not reply to it in the first place.
  13. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I don't disagree with this, I don't have a good enough feel for the community outside of my kingdom to know how they would react to this. I mean are deeds not pretty much way too safe as it is? Can't say I feel very threatened grinding in our capital. The hunting is a good point, perhaps people would just use it as a way to avoid PvP rather than more actively engage in it, that would pretty much do the exact opposite of what the suggestion is intended to do. Do you see any ways of modifying it, or perhaps other ways to get more freedomers to try out chaos?
  14. Chaos Freedom Portal

    the whole point of that was that I used an entire run-on book instead of using punctuation and paragraphs conducive to a real conversation, what does that have to do with insulting you?
  15. Chaos Freedom Portal

    People able to go to freedom and back via portal kills the online count as everyone would prefer to grind in complete safety (can see how well that went for epic), making the server seem dead for anyone who's on outside of hota/raid times, which makes them less likely to stay on the server, which in turn helps kill the server. it pretty much removes any form of non-instanced pvp where you find some poor soul out grinding his weapon skills in the wilderness (why would i do that when i can instantly teleport to a deed in north xanadu and have 5x the mobs?) and instead places more emphasis on hota = only time for pvp, which is a pretty shitty way to play an open world pvp game. wurm should be moving away from the "teleport to your frontline deed for your weekly pvp fight", not actively encouraging it. may as well add the ###### arena from wow at that point -1
  16. Chaos Freedom Portal

    thats the best part about not caring how you look on the forums for a near-dead sandbox, it doesn't matter to me how I look to you or anyone else here
  17. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I think he meant it as being more open, with your mind. I mean he did include himself in that so he would be insulting himself too. But I don't see it like that, more like advice that you interpreted the wrong way, either way mate it'd be useless arguing we both look stupid at the end.
  18. Chaos Freedom Portal

    No I am not insulting you, I read your message as "I have an opinion, I can't be proven wrong cause it's an opinion.", which warranted replying that it's pretty unproductive to engage in conversation if you have already decided you will never change your opinions. It did not occur to me that you thought of my suggestion as an opinion. I have an opinion that lead to a suggestion, but the suggestion is not an opinion, I'm completely open to there being reasons this is a very bad idea, however I feel that those presented have been offered possible solutions. The opinion would be that Chaos needs something to inject a bit more traffic into the server(that is obviously completely opinion-based, some might prefer it to a bit slower). As for starting turd slinging, you started talking about "don't die of brain disease reading this post" etc, so I think we can just leave it there.
  19. Chaos Freedom Portal

    are you insulting me now? keep in mind I never insulted you, I just said I don't care about your opinion, but if you want to start a ###### slinging fest on your own suggestion thread, trust me I am more than down, just let me know
  20. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I'm saying that's a possibility with the system, but you would obviously need to invite them to your kingdom first, so they would have to sail there to be invited, as I wrote in the post they would also need to be in kingdom for a few weeks before the portal can be used(however I did say I don't think this is necessary, just leave it up to the kingdom if they want to trust the mercs.) Basically, you join a kingdom, you build a portal on your freedom deed, then you can use it to travel to your kingdom. Obviously having random people teleport to your deed is not a great idea, that is not what I suggested. It does take me about an hour to sail and travel to chaos to get to our deed, depending on winds obviously, then an hour back, if you got 4 hours after work that's half of it spent on sailing instead of going out roaming with your friends.
  21. Chaos Freedom Portal

    You're talking about allowing freedomers (mercenaries as you call them) the ability to port into my deed (capital, whatever) to fight. Spies, deceit, and deed/door permissions required would leave the Chaos deed susceptible to griefing, intel gathering by the enemy and stealing. I think the question that needs answering is why you think this is necessary. Now that you don't have to sail from the east border of Chaos to get to any side of the map, it's not like it takes hours and hours to sail to and from.
  22. Chaos Freedom Portal

    That is also why opinions are just opinions, they hold little value to anyone but the person that holds them. Evidence, logical reasoning and coherent arguments however can sway opinions for those that actually want to develop their value-base, if I am proven wrong or lose an argument, I basically leveled up irl because I learned something, maybe you should premium your irl account instead of staying capped?
  23. Chaos Freedom Portal

    I play in AO. Again, ad hominem is useless for arguments. Instead explain how trust, dedication and teamwork gets eroded by shortening down a 1 hour timer to a 1 minute one?
  24. Chaos Freedom Portal

    Think preventing people from porting over in relation to defense by having someone having been in local of that kingdom recently that "interferes with the portal" would alleviate the problems with people teleporting in to defend. Good idea.
  25. Chaos Freedom Portal

    All opinions are valid. Clearly the OP has never been in a PMK, so he knows nothing about the trust, dedication and teamwork required to build (or destroy) a kingdom.
  26. Chaos Freedom Portal

    thats the great thing about opinions, you can't debunk them, which is why most people just "-1" suggestions
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