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  2. For the first iteration (if we are getting it) i would go with the exact same mechanics we have now (unless some of them are really easy to change from server configurations) because we are already asking (pressuring) enough of the devs for something we want. Will be a while before people get to 70 meditation or get tomes and such.. so i don't see that being an issue for at least a year.. After that maybe we get a reset with a few little tweaks..
  3. WTT rare forge for rare oven

    Bummmmp! Trading rare forge + 1x sleepy powder for any ql rare oven.
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  5. WTS character

    Hate to see you go man.
  6. Titles added: Captain of the sea Sailor,Sailor ScallyWaggg Explorer of the Sea First-Born Dragon King,Dragon Queen Dragon Rider SlaveMaster Grand Designer The Crazy Drunken Sailor Smartass The One True Shipwright The Great Seafarer Drunk Bastard Quartermaster Powder Monkey Pirate Captain Davy Jones Executioner Cap'n Crunch Admiral de Ruyter The Pirate King,The Pirate Queen Iron Sides Bilge Rat Whisky Tango Foxtrot Skipper Flipper The One-Eyed Shark Loose Cannon Event Manager Traderoute changes: row boat=3 sailing=10 corbita=15 cog=25 knarr=30 caravel=35 Testing mini-pets again after crashes @ client side Currently we have a stable and fun player base! Alot of fun together feel free to hop in taste the hard skilling pace but enjoy the community!
  7. Animal attack through wall

    Bump. Just got killed by spider from behind a wall.
  8. I would be willing to pay prem for an extra character on this server because I would not stop playing on freedom meanwhile. When it comes to meditation, tomes, etc etc I say whatever is easiest to get it up and running.
  9. Well, that is the same technique how code parts belonging to different hardware etc. are addressed in Unix/Linux OS and device driver code with which I am more familiar than with Java or Wurm code (most is #IFDEF stuff in headers or other source code, makefiles etc.). Of course one does not open a brand new set of source code files for every new hardware. It does not change the need to create the appropriate variant. And "scattered throughout", yes, that may be the problem, needing to go through the whole code to create new "if(is challenge_orwhatever)" code pieces risking severe trouble when forgetting one. I do not say it is not possible, but give the devs a chance to think about.
  10. yep at least something to do until the game is ready to move forward would be nice
  11. +1 here love the First challenge! Was great time, so pity i missed second one... >.< after that was expecting for round 3 and even prepared irl friends to join the game (common wurm with x1 to hard for them) but well round 3 wasnt come Waiting fo it very much!
  12. Slowly, but forward - essence of Wurm
  13. Duno, may I just don't understand why, everybody so much against. Good extra income for wurm staff command, and not bad option, as we already had it it's possible to notice that nothing crime in it. Ofc before that was need to spend more time to change faith, but in the end. Before we didnt have affinity pizzas aswell, that economy our time with 10% skill gain, so many things changed, to make players game more easy and funny. I believe that game should go forward, with so sorries to old-time spends. Good idea +1 from me. P.S. probably really make blocked for Chaos / Epic. But for freedom - fine one.
  14. We have an update straight from the PVP Room! Our newly hired PVP dev is now getting in shape for the next PVP Release!
  15. Priest overhaul testing

    BL's zombie milk was supposed to make up for their lack of heals, but it got removed
  16. After pressing "Play" client crashes with <Function is not supported> OS: macOS 10.14.5 (late 2013 27" iMac) Java 8 update 211 Console log:
  17. WTB Meat/Fish/Veggies

    Buying bulk: Meat/Fish Any_QL and type Veggies: Corn/Onion/Potato/Garlic/Pumpkin/Carrot/Cabage/Tomato Any_QL PM me with your stock and prices...
  18. Priest overhaul testing

    bl is at a huge disadvantage as a kingdom with no light of fo priests scorn just isn't on par and requires not only your friendlies to be in the right position, but also your enemies on top of that, scorn doens't heal a good amount of wounds, and when it does it doesn't prioritize the most wounded target, often ending up with a fight where you have a guy at 10% hp and the scorn heals a dude at ###### 97% hp with 3 1dmg wounds instead lol tldr, scorn sucks compared to lof and the most obvious solution in my mind is not to try and balance scorn to be super healing effective because it also does damage, but to instead add LoF to a player god allowing BL to have it as well
  19. There isn't two versions of the codebase. Most of the mechanics that apply to one server and not the other have checks like if(is epic) {...} scattered throughout.
  20. Panfilling

    Panfilling includes filled pans and forges to burn them. Cleaning ater you done and repeat cycle if neede. Kitchen located at Exodus H_8
  21. Valrei International. 084

    Yes @Retrogradeplease see if you can make this happen please
  22. Panfilling

    I had very unpleasant experience sharing forum and game acounts with some of my friends before, wich led me to be punished for violations made by members of our comunity. Lost not only assets but some reputation aswell So now I had to start all from the begining. I'm working on my own new kitchen using my own forum account. Atleast I still have my filling experience
  23. I agree that the staff may have to relearn communication with a reasonable audience. When I read through this and other similar threads it is hard for me to find much of it. And I can well understand a reluctant and defensive stance from the side of the staff. There is a proverb in my country: "give the devil the little finger, and he'll grab your whole arm". Anyway this does not help a lot and alienates the better part of the readership and community. I see indeed problems with the proposal. If I understood Niki's post in another thread right, there already exist two versions of the code base for Epic and Freedom which may be causing problems already. Implementing the proposal right off hand may result in creating an additional one. I would not want to do that if I were one of the devs. But some kind of reaction would indeed be helpful.
  24. hmmm i have a vacation on that time.. drinks you said?
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