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  2. Did a rift with 1 priest+3 fighter accounts/2 actual people yesterday, waves 3 and 4 took us about 2 hours or so (probably could have cut half an hour off if we didn't want to clap warmaster cheeks and go out clearing all the stray mobs), gonna be commenting on smaller rifts instead of the bigger ones with people running around like headless chickens. Rift AI is super bad. we had a certain spot where the mobs would walk over, find a mob in a collapsed cave, and try and target it every single time, pretty much forcing us to fight them all at once on that certain place. They would also aggro things outside the rift range and stare at the mob until it died. Teleporting rift mobs are annoying at best, and most of the time they'll just run straight back into melee. Rift dogs taunting breaks combat, interrupts cast timers, and resets focus. I feel like if it's that powerful, it should have a message saying that you were taunted pop up, much like how player spells do. Rift caster/warmasters don't have messages for their spells like players casting ice/fire pillar do, they probably should. The AOE cast damage as far as i can tell is being reduced by both body strength and soul strength, or maybe soul strength and armor? Oblivionnreaver was tanking the warmaster and was at 80% health when my 45 and 55 strength alts (all three in scale, but obliv has rare/supreme parts) were at dying. They'd get absolutely slaughtered by the aoes whereas obliv could just ignore them completely and i was dispelling tiles solely for the other accounts at the rift. We managed to kill the riftmaster in about 15-20 minutes from starting combat, we just facetanked the rest of the spawned mobs during the 50-25% part and didnt back out until turrets spawned, and he was at about 70% health when we re-engaged after healing up. Alts got demolished in like a minute of aoe's so it was just 2 people for about half of the rest of the fight and we still managed to kill him, i'm not sure what kinda weapons (probably LT lol) other people are running but we didn't have *too* much of a problem with it using BT+venom weapons, considering i was told it's impossible unless you have like 8 people. Only had a problem with people taking 5% health a second from double aoe cast. DR from his gold glow should probably scale with amount of people instead of being a flat amount. When a riftmaster gets onto a bridge, he spams his AOE non-stop without interruption aswell. i guess that's more of a bug than anything. Overall, it was a hell of a lot more fun than pub rifts, and i'd probably go to more rifts if nobody else showed up. My horseless alt running away from the riftmaster at 0% stamina while we beat up turrets was a hoot For rift points, as far as i can see, it's about 50 Base points, +2 for every point up to 100, and +1 for every point after that (approximation, i've only been to like 3 or 4 rifts). Someone that shows up for only the first wave can get almost as much participation as someone thats been there for the entire fourth wave, even though its probably 5-10 minutes in total. I feel like rift dogs should count for 1 point, jackals 3, ogres 5-8 and riftmaster like 40-100 or something like that, and balance the rift points reward appropriately. They also should only give points if you had the mob targeted when it dies, tagging is dumb. Expanding rift loot purchases for things like buying seryll+addy+glimmer and maybe random non-rift things like super expensive random affinity tokens, random unique bloods, weapon skins, sleep bonus, and other cool things would probably encourage rifting more. As far as i can tell, Metallic liquid is the ONLY practical thing you can get from a rift.
  3. ok revisited archery. The machine gun firing bow was a bit to OP. Only changed the auto firing, now it has an adjustment in the properties file firingspeedadjustment=2.5f basically adjusting how fast the action goes. if normal shoot action is 5 seconds then 2.5f would make it 2 seconds. everything else is as per the video previous page.!AjnBltNOSFjCgnC3h37iXg6Hknkj?e=3Juzaq
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  5. Trick or Treat Ominous gravestones have appeared across the land. Treats (and tricks!) await brave adventurers that can defeat the monstrosities guarding them! Also a new spooky craftable helmet has been added Craftable from carved pumpkin + greathelm Provides same protection as a greathelm Keeps the material of the greathelm used to craft Improves using platesmithing Note: Client modlauncher + serverpacks mod is required to see the special halloween mobs.
  6. Surely I'm not saying it hasn't developed in ten years, and that nothing has happened in terms of added content, but still WO is the same world with the same kingdoms, the same system of religion, a few deities have been added. You can't take one sentence out of context and expect it to have the same meaning. I'm also not saying that WU hasn't had contributions from WO, from where do you make such an assumption? Using WU as a testing ground is also not very professional, is it? Apparently, WU players are not seen as people with feelings and hearts in their game as well, clearly it's only the hearts of WO players that matters. While WU players aren't enough good business to count, even though we also have characters, deeds, alliances and friends. When someone claim to have a heart, then my point is that a heart has empathy for more than just himself and his own, otherwise it's only business, so it's not off topic. No, sorry, but WU won't die unless it's completely removed from Steam, in which case most WU players will move to other games instead. There are many other sandbox games with a greater momentum in development, for example, you can build far more advanced buildings in Conan Exiles, a game which is a one time price, and where you can run private servers and mod as you like. I've already invested a lot of time and heart into Wurm, but it's not the only game there is.
  7. Thanks for letting us know! This would definitely be a good balance to the potential skillgain loss; I hope this goes through.
  8. Been on the server for a couple months now. Great map, great mods and very bright and friendly bunch of players. - Piper
  9. Very balanced server, with a nice set of mods, and one of the best communities I've seen so far.
  10. u took my grapes
  11. I have simmilar issue but with different floors of building, i park it at upper floor, disembark it and few minutes after its on ground floor visually although its actually still on top floor( i have to come down to select it and then climb up again to embark it using selected item ui), after embarking it it shows on top floor again. Also i noticed that reloging fix it and after relog it shows properly where you left it... Seems like same bug.
  12. I am aware about all that "skill 90 in a week" (or whatever) bragging. Not only that I would not have known about all that as a beginner (and preferred and enjoyed to learn gradually about over time), I would never have wanted to buy tons of SP or lots of CoC tools (best rare/supreme) to squeeze the latest bit of skill grind out of my time. If that pleases somebody, go ahead and have fun. But all that misses the point. As Jackal beginners do not have that access to advanced skill grind tricks, a fair comparison is to grind without on Freedom. And yes, I agree that 14 skill gain (if it is 1-14 not e.g. 20-34 or so) is bit few for hard to gain skill such as WS, pottery, and a few more. It might be appropriate or at least not plain injust for carp or masonry though. Certainly that aspect deserves adjustment by the devs. But there were warnings from the beginning that no 1:1 skill transfer should be expected. Maybe the reward system is to be extended too, in future Jackal development, so is the lived experience of frontline combat, the beacon conquest, and several other things making Jackal attractive.
  13. This WU campaigning is over the top, especially the "it's been the same system for 10+ years" is utter nonsense, so is claiming all changes since were due to merits of "the goodwill of WU modders". The dichotomy you are making up is unreasonable. There have been significant contributions of WO developers to WU, and WU has often been used as testing ground for WO, by devs as well as by players. That is what I mean with synergies, and that is why I criticize a decision (if it is final) to cut off WU from WO development. But you are wrong here too: "As you said, it's only a business, heart doesn't come into it, because if it did, WU would be included." Starting WU as a spinoff was a business decision too. And it certainly contributed a lot to CC revenue in the past. Yet WU is a one time sale per copy, as far as I know, and profit from new sales nowadays is certainly far below revenues from (shrinking) subs on WO. If WO would die, some WU servers may survive some time, maybe even long time, but not on a significant much less growing scale. If WO flourishes some players will be interested in WU. And as to the heart, Neville is speaking of himself, as one of many WO players whose heart is staying with WO, with their characters, their deeds, alliances, and friends. So your objection was off topic. Noone denies that your heart is with WU, and noone criticizes that.
  14. There is this bug that is supposedly well-known and has been around for years where you can teleport into mines through the surface. I can do consistently, over and over again where I teleport from one mine 4-5 tiles over to another mine that is "secured." Also earlier this week, I got kicked off my horse when I got stuck near a mine door, and it teleported me below the surface into some mine I had no clue was even there. I can reproduce this quite easy as well I'm sure.
  15. I drove a wagon into a mine, and when I disembarked it teleported me to the surface. And the model of the wagon is showing on the surface along with my horses, but it's technically still stuck underground because I get the message: [20:51:32] You must be on the same level to embark. [20:51:32] You need to get closer to the wagon. Tried going to the mine where the wagon was with the wagon in my select window, and it still wouldn't let me embark-- it gave me the option, but still did not follow through with the action. So now I have an unusable wagon with horses I cannot remove or contents I cannot remove.
  16. I need a haha reaction so I can haha these dumb posts
  17. You're very welcome to point those mentioned contradictions out, because I don't mind being wrong, in fact I find it's what makes me grow and develop as an individual, but I also like to know when I'm wrong so I can learn from it. However, you point one thing out, then take it back in the next sentence, I find that quite a bit contradictory in itself. You're making a lot of assumptions here, and those are based on what? Do you have any real hard fact numbers? What is real, hard fact numbers though, is that one year subscription of WO equals 3.5 copies sold of WU (using the numbers that one month WO subscription cost 8€ and WU cost 28€). It also means that WO requires you to sell the game every month over and over to the same customer and keep the same customer stay active to promote that continuous sale, with WU you only have to sell the game once, and if the customer plays for two months or four years it doesn't matter, because a WU player doesn't cost CC anything no matter how much that one plays, in fact the more people play the more they will create a living game making it promote itself. Also, there's not a limited number of possible customers, not really. For WO there is of course, there's only a limited number of people who accept that kind of deal: buy the game over and over every month. With WU, it's more a matter of reaching to the larger number of players and making them buy the game. But of course, having released an incomplete game it's a bit more difficult sell. The same people that have been playing Minecraft will recognise a similar game in WU, but not in WO. What has made Minecraft so popular is that you can mod it, you buy it and do whatever you like with it, it's a tool for creativity. WO has nothing of that, you're just locked into the WO thing, you're a consumer in WO. In WU however, you can be co-creator of the game, it's a completely different thing. Well, those available resources are in many ways the goodwill of WU modders. Mods aren't really that valuable actually, code is pretty useless without the coder. What is a valuable resource is competence. With WU, the competence of the modders has been a ready resource, the dev team itself consist mostly of a handpicked number of competent modders, and most of those actually work for free as I understand it. When the goodwill of the WU modders has gone sour, where do you think they will find new devs willing to work for free? As you said, it's only a business, heart doesn't come into it, because if it did, WU would be included.
  18. -1 make rain heavier, more realistic. I get enough drizzle in Yorkshire i miss proper showers
  19. hi, i am part of a village you can join and we are building another one to deed. you are welcome to join, it is at q21 on map. i can pick you up.
  20. Aye they fight mobs in caves if you call them from outside the cave but you might as well be screaming in a vacuum once you enter a cave. Fixing this must be near-impossible because this has always been a problem. It might be easier to make it, so right clicking on the guard tower and chosing a renew option, respawns the buggers outside (maybe 20 tiles away from the tower to avoid hard to imagine exploitations) I don't think disallowing them to enter is a solution because they do have limited functionality within a mine. some people might want to stand outside their entrance and send the guards inside to make it safe.
  21. i made a post years ago asking for solid stone walls to be convertable to windowed walls with a mallet and some wood. I like your idea, it's less complicated. +1
  22. You can get to 70 ws on freedom in 1 week: make 2 polearm racks fill each of them with 85 wooden long spears then coc the log too and grind to +5 of the skill then burn them to -10 skill and re-imp. No need to have forge lit lump heated and such. No need to refill your coc water or combine your coc lump, just have 2-3 logs coc they will last you whole day. If you do it right you dont even have to burn by the time you +5 of your skill imp the 2nd rack the 1st one will be 5-10ql under your skill and just rotate. That is 70ws skill with sb in 1 week. If you dont have sb all the time expect a month or so. With medium luck you will end-up with 1 supreme and 2-3 rare long spears too that can sell to recover some of the funds you dumped into sleep powders. Sure cant get 14ws in 2h? how about 4? 6hours? is that not doable? even if it took 6 days to get 14ws it would still be a rotten deal to convert 55ws into 14 don't you think? because if 14ws takes 6 days how many days does 55 take?
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