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  2. Turning 21 in two months, so yes. Crazy how a good few of y'all knew me when I was like 12.
  3. Yesirn aren't you like 20 now
  4. Lol he's playing WoW Currently
  5. Time to pull shankiest off from Maple Story
  6. +1 but like it's been stated, High chances this will just be completely ignored. Whether or not I'd comeback is a different story. I may or I may not, depends on life at the time. Would definitely be cool to get the old groups back, Since I quit I haven't talked to all but maybe 3-5 people from epic/chaos combined.
  7. Except i could be if they fixed their game. The suggestion above is one which would bring me back. I cant believe people are still in denial about the fact that this game is on its death bed.
  8. and yet he isnt wrong >: before retro answered a few days ago in a different thread, everything related to epic was straight out ignored for months
  9. because you are not playing since 2015 only pestering the forums
  10. Today
  11. why do i feel like this thread is just gonna be entirely ignored by the devs
  12. WTT rare forge for rare oven
  13. Reset Epic

    You literally "owned" yourself. You admit that subscribers have dropped from WoW, from 12M to 5.5M and the response of players was that they wanted a Classic Version of WoW which is why they were leaving (huh I wonder if Wurm compares in anyway?). So the developers are making a classic version of WoW much to the delight of a huge amount of the player base that has dropped its subscription. We don't know how many people will actually go play WoW classic, but if prior numbers of illegal private servers say anything, it should be substantial with the actual live retail game. You also failed to bring up anything on my other example Old School Runescape which was revitalized by the addition of a time capsuled 2007 version of Runescape which to this day is the backbone of the game and continues to grow in popularity. Game decisions are voted on by the players, with a goal of keeping the game in its original style. Instead of making mistakes of the past that led to the decline of Runescape (Runescape 3) they had the opportunity to make changes players agreed with.
  14. already underway however, with this being an official server it would be a really good marketing campaign + all the above, hate to repeat myself
  15. Reset Epic

    Imagine trying to grow a business or game with this mentality. Yikes.
  16. How would a professional WU server which is set up sounds? PVP in WU has a lot problems so there would be a few test rounds needed. Still if the interest is high enough I have some scripts and mods around which could make some things possible.
  17. Valrei International. 084

    @Retrograde look at this pls
  18. I havent played this game since 2015 and i would repremium 100% for that. Retro if you make this i'll send you a box of cookies.
  19. This with proper advertisement +1, that a PvP land rush begins in "2 weeks" with a counter.... come and make your claim on the untouched lands yada yada, so the players will be actually interested in it. Also make sure that people know it will be reset after 1 year or so.
  20. Reset Epic

    wouldnt you like to know
  21. WTS main toon

    Bump, added expected price range into the post.
  22. Reset Epic

    Yo whos Lxtended
  23. Public White Dragon Hatchling

    Don't think I can make it but gratz for the catch and hosting
  24. missing keybinds

    keybinds for all emotes also.. somebody.. anybody.. add some /dance command... /dance1 /dance2 /dance3 #NoDLC
  25. Reset Epic

    so, what you are saying is, your opinion matters more just cause you keep to pay money for nothing in return? who are you anyway, hard to believe you are active 90% of those below would come back btw, and thats just my friendslist on steam
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