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  2. bump Web armour 80+ on all pieces
  3. Congratulations to @Yldraniawho won the auction with 3s! [Please close - auction ended]
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  5. low amount of activities overrall and city life/night life is quite dead.... lack of stores. Public transportations could be better... Those at least.
  6. yea but what annoys you in your town? Is it the leaders the stores? Do you have gangs is there a war or snow. What do you not like about your town?
  7. This is actualy hilarious. Like a thief complaining something got stolen from him that not even was his.
  8. Enable PvP on freedom simple solution
  9. Here its every month the first monday at 12pm when they test the alarms, but its never full alarm, only partial and it last the exact 7 seconds. Couldn't care less
  10. ship delivered details in PM.
  11. next time it will be real alarm but no one expect a thing, stupid reasons to test every week
  12. Nothing GM will do it's on Wurm Land it's free for all...not saying it was nice of the person to do that but the person was faster than you loading it so rude or not it's not against code club...
  13. Home Annoyance

    Those things could safe your life.
  14. I live in Wichita Kansas. No one decides to live in Kansas USA. Its the state of the wizard of Oz. What annoys me here is the alarms. We have these alarms for tornados that sound like bombing sirens. That's not so bad but they test them, every week. Not just in my neighborhood but in the neighborhoods around me. So 2 or three times a week they test them. 6 years I've not have a real alarm yet. These things are loud. They just interrupted my game. I was about to hide in the bathtub or under the table. They start low wooooo then they grow slowly louder weeeee. !#$%!@#$% What annoys you where you live? Maybe my life is not so bad.
  15. get one. Can be closed.
  16. Diggy diggy hole has a 10 hour loop.
  17. just let streaming webpage or something like vlc/foobar2000 on background!
  18. Wisps - check out light tokens Colorful animals - check out animal conditions (like greenish) lovely thread :') New and excited people suggest things like these often, the problem is that mostly what you want is graphic design, which is a lot of work that doesn't really add new features. Best bet is to look through mods for WU, this will never happen in Wurm Online due to huge costs. We also need to maintain the unique feeling the game has, which is not exactly Final Fantasy.
  19. Horse market restocked: 3 or 4-speed males (no negative traits) * 15 horses, 1c each 1 chestnut *(2-speed with "feeble and unhealthy") 2 black silver (10c for the single-named foal "Master") 2 skewbald pinto 2 appaloosa 2 piebald pinto 6 grey
  20. That is my feeling as well, but kindly accept that this is your personal feeling, as it widely is mine too. There are many good reasons to fancy WU, either on the own box, or on a server run by others. A personal WU may even serve as a testing ground for own works on WO (as Malena does, having cloned Misty Rock Mountain to her WU server). So I would refrain from confrontation between valid choices.
  21. Thanks for all the recent orders! 10k marble bricks 200 support beams 300 large crates 5k mortar 300 sprouts 500 concrete sale of 200 silver over past couple weeks 30 or so misc 1s items! Happy Wurming!
  22. Full Steam Ahead

    All fully or widely agreed Ok, I am a "purist" to a wide extent, and I hope that CC/GC will handle that wisely without ruining the game. There will never be a "QoL" satisfying mainstream gamers used to "play through" in 2-5 weeks without destroying WO. But ok, trying new stuff which already worked to some extent on WU won't be totally wrong. Also I hope that the plans to scrap WU support are reconsidered. Btw. I like Stew, I am inclined to propose Wok (Wurm Online Klassik) . Something about the Ele3 drama: I estimate that about 60-80 were Chaos (which was empty at those times) and Epic regulars, alts, and casuals, 40-60 from Freedom servers, and at most 50-60 returnees if at all, and practically all of them at best subbed for 1-2 months. About the "MR civil war" I do not know. Still it demonstrates the immaturity of those crowds. I don't mean internal brawls, that is ok in a PvP environments, and could even be fun to fight it out among mature players, but completely ignoring that Ele3 was sort of an open Beta for the final changes on Epic, and possibly all WO PvP. They had their chance and spoiled it, shame on them. And of course I do not mean those who still hold out on Epic and Chaos.
  23. Items for sell

    Hey great Look forward to the fantastic new boat! I might be going out soon, so if you come along to drop off the boat and I am not around then I have given you permission to access my Large Cart. (If your char name is the same as your forum name) It has the 4 silver coins inside it. It is called rare Zexos's Firestorm. The Large Cart is located on the Shoreline next to an unfinished Guard Tower and a Timber building called "Harvestmoon Cakes and Clothes" There are two small marble bridges near by as well and a rowing boat on the water called "don't steal me maybe" Many thanks.
  24. Bullet points? BULLET POINTS! People like the wilderness feel. Unless you go into deep Xanadu, ain't no such thing. Old terraforms, fences, roads all over. People like coastal. Good luck on an old server, specially if you wanted a blank slate. Clean rock layer. If the surface is a wasteland of old deeds, it's no better underground and newbies don't know the first thing about mining warnings. Don't wanna lose them on day 2. New players can be DESTRUCTIVE in their innocence, which would lead to: Old players hating their guts and making no small secret of it as new players start digging up their perimeters not knowing what a perimeter is. Let them create their own market. At least with a fresh server, the ones who catch on to mechanics faster will have a shred of a chance at a market spot before the veterans take over. It'll give CC time to figure out how to keep the RMT out of the Steam version and not risk running afoul of Steam policies. QoL which would make loud purists shriek to the heavens can be applied without "ruining" OGWO. Gives time to figure out how to handle that for when the merge finally happens. If SteW (what I just decided to call Steam Wurm), with the extra QoL and new maps became popular enough, there'd be the option of keeping it separate and calling OGWO "Wurm Classic", a place where the Doctrines of Wurm are followed to the letter while SteW'ers have all the fun.
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