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  2. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    Personally I dont know why people care about what effort another person puts on their account. How is it any different for an Epic player to come to Freedom with their skills than for that same player buying one of the 6 billion accounts for sale out there? With all the skill bonuses out there today, you can get ANY crafting skill to 90+ in less than a month from day one, maybe 3 months for WS. You can get 90 med in less than a year (hi Stickher!) and you can have a pretty decent account in 6 months. With that in mind, how does ANYONE having 90+ in any skill devalue your account? You don't loose anything in any way, shape or form. You can still imp the same tools, make the same crafts, hunt the same things... and this is assuming that EVERYONE who would be coming from Epic is this massive grind monster everyone talks about. Newsflash: They are not. I said it before and I'll say it again. Allowing Epic players to come to Freedom is nothing but a good thing. More populated servers, more people with an incentive to stay, more friendly faces, a livelier game. Even the economy is benefited by having more people invested in the market: more buyers, seller, crafters, consumers. Right now the Freedom Market is so anemic that you cant sell 4 90/90 horse shoes for more than a silver. I've paid 1s for rares, for crying out loud! Its time to merge the community, or soon we will not have a game to play.
  3. WTS 1.5k Support Beams (1k currently in stock)

    bump 1k support beams left
  4. EPIC - FREEDOM 2 way affinity transfer

    Treating epic as a risk free playground for freedom further pushes the idea of epic being second class and less important, and well, that's what drove epic to the state of 0-10 players per server pre-current hype, and will continue to happen as long as epic is still not considered equal with the freedom cluster
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  6. Thank you, I hadn't found that command in my troubleshooting.
  7. Hmm now as testing again, I cannot really reproduce either. I get "that would destroy the liquid" or "already full" errors only.
  8. Hide rain

    I'll always support this as I always complained about rain making wurm run worse and kept asking for this for years, but I wouldn't expect it because I was always told that rain shouldn't cause issues Though there's also the fact I want it hidden more because heavy wurm rain feels like lines being scratched into my eyes, which makes wurm painful to play similar to when we get blinding snow
  9. Add basic mirror to traders again

    +1 barber chair in starter towns
  10. Allow us to secure these items!

  11. More random maps 4096x

    Map 115 added
  12. Hello/ i have a busy week so will be there from thursday to the end. I would like to get the bed. Thank you. I may help with: Cloth Tailoring 92 Carpentry 87 Masonry 74
  13. Map 115. 4096x

    This one has some lengthy explanation so made a separate thread. So the general idea on this one was to have region specific resources rather than just randomly spread. I (In my head) split the map into three climate zones with a view to putting in biomes and ore according to the climate you'd expect them on earth. I very quickly realized the limitations of Wurm and so while I did try to keep faithful to logic regarding where you'd expect to find certain things - there was a fair amount of artistic license used. The three zones from north to south are Cold, Temperate, Hot. (I tried to think of polar, equatorial etc but realized being that specific wasn't going to work). In the north I have tried to make a frozen tundra kinda feel. You will also find an abundance of tar at the top - in the wastelands. There is a large marsh/swamp area in the middle of the cold climate zone, complete with moss and peat. The lines are just a rough guide, not a hard border for biomes. Below is how trees are divided; (note, you will find far less trees in general in the hot climate) Cold climate Birch Pine Cedar fir oak hazlenut maple (nearer south) Temperate climate apple tree willow oak walnut maple (nearer north) hazlenut grape cherry (nearer south i think) Hot climate lemon tree orange tree olive tree grape cherry All over Linden raspberry blueberry lingonberry camellia rose lavender ? (might be more south than north) Now, I have created a standard Ore version and a special version. In the special version I have also distributed the ore resources regionally however there is currently an issue where Wurm likes to randomly spawn sandstone and rocksalt in game which kinda puts a wrench in this idea (as you will see below). Until there is a mod to run this spawning off this regional version wont be quite as intended (depends how much sandstone wurm spawns). Special version. Iron is at a standard 2% all across the map. All other ores can be found all over the map BUT they are extremely rare outside of their region. Some material types have more areas than others. Areas are irregular sizes and shapes. In the cold climate slate is very common - 2 % In the hot climate sandstone is very common - 2 % All the other ore materials are more or less non-existent in all areas of the map EXCEPT for patches here and there where they are very common 2%. I have tried to make the patches logical according to where you'd expect to find them IRL but again, a very large amount fo artistic license was required. Cold tin lead silver Temperate marble Hot copper silver zinc Gold doesn't really follow climate zones, more mountains. The exact locations of the ore can be given to anyone who asks, the reason I don't just post a map is that the point of this map is to be exploration and discovery. Standard Ore - Special Ore -
  14. Hide rain

    +1 rain plus player numbers are two of the biggest producers of lag as far as I can tell
  15. That means your GPU (integrated) doesn't support GLSL features we use, you can do /skiptutorial in chat for now, we'll add an option to skip that stage of the tutorial.
  16. Hide rain

    In some instances where i travelled or fought on Epic i had massive lag because of the combination of player numbers+rain. I play the game on all low, and have a decent PC, yet the rain breaks my FPS down. Why not allow an option to hide it completely? At least for PVP servers.
  17. We had an awesome time on the dragon hunt! 25 players teamed up to fight the green dragon hatchling and the green dragon on sunday 21/07 and took them down in a long but coordinated battle! Everyone on the isles received a share of the hide/scale, the hunters themselves receiving the bigger share. Media from the event Thanks everyone for joining in! Coming soon The high mages of Riviera detect faint traces of strange matter from another dimension. They predict this signature to possibly end in an opal-level rift. This signature will be stronger than anything we have seen before, and will materialize on Riviera this weekend! New features and changes Arrow packs Our take on arrow packs, you can now create hunting/war arrow packs using a quiver and 20 arrows of a type to create an arrow pack of it. They are difficult to craft and require a high fletching skill. Using these packs you can improve all containing arrows at once and enchant them so all containing arrows receive the enchant. Random Spawn Rework The random spawning as we had it until today is gone now, since many new players are confused by it and leave quickly again. This means it was time for a rework and here it is! From now on new spawns will spawn in the capital city Rivia on the plaza. There is now a Random Spawn Portal which anyone can use to get to a random spawn location on the isles. If you don't like the location you end up on, simply you the teleport back to Rivia and try again. Fixes Fixed being unable to neuter branded horses
  18. Lol Aion guess I logged out in time to miss that sermon last night Hope everyone managed to pull together to clear the arena of your 'goodies', that first round yesterday was a tough one, the forum trolls were particularly nasty critters (don't wear any non repairable items like shoulder pads into the ring with those guys!) Come on out and join us all for some fun and imping and casting and sermons (and random GM monkeying around)!
  19. I was able to reproduce this only when the measure jug was already full and you tried to use fill. If the jug had not been full, the water would have filled the jug but would have been salty (even though filling it with fresh). I can add that as an issue and maybe get a better wording for the a container already being full.
  20. Added to the list. Thanks for the details.
  21. Rift 23 july 2019

    Indeed easy to find from the east with a good paved highway. Arrived at the camp and looking forward for a good fight with you guys!
  22. [No Bug] Silver Horseshoes

    Wurm Wiki states under notes on the horseshoe page that blacksmithing is used to create gold, silver or electrum horseshoes, but jewelry smithing is used for improving them. The crafting recipe list shows creation skill only, there is not a method of explaining the oddities of some recipes - we have a few things that don't follow the norm (like dredges are blacksmithing, but don't put them in a forge to improve)
  23. Bumpty! Loads of new people seen last couple of days. Its been alot of fun to see them find there spot!
  24. I just downloaded this and am trying to get past the tutorial portion. It wants me to "place"(not drop) an item on the ground. Every time I try, words pop up in the top center of the screen that GLSL shaders need to be enabled for me complete this task. I have tried changing "GLSL Support"(Compatability tab) to Extension and core but when I log in and try to place an item, I get the same message. Then when I go back into the settings, it has reset to disabled. Is GLSL Shaders a separate program?(I see it is a mine-craft mod). Windows 7 64 bit system 8gb of ram (7.8gb ram usable) Processor Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU@3.1GHz 3.1GHz No separate video card.
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