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  2. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    thanks for the fight and all the summoning you did
  3. new pvp server when?

    if the hash is created based on the files being used by the client, any changes made to it will change the hash. My theory is... I create a hash of the client with all the acceptable mods then I add a validation on the server side using that hash. I would just have to figure out how to implement it.
  4. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Anyone that we pm for a summon?
  5. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    I've just sent pm /tell to williamweird and awaiting response, summon. I'm sure they have a system to sacc and summon repeat.
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  7. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Who is the one summoning?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Rare Archaeology Miner Statuette fragment Plus +12 plain pieces (High Quality) - ready to assemble! A rare table top figure to play with! Rare Miner toy / model figure in armour and helmet Nicely detailed and beautiful In action pose! Have your own mini scenarios! Miner - 2nd from left (Picture from Wiki / Mordoskull) Will be in a random metal when completed This rare statuette will glow when finished - I will provide instructions! Make it your own! Fragments can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance. Please keep auction comments for bids only - Feel free to pm me with any questions!  Buyout: 10s No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 3s <-----------------L@@K! Increment: Whatever! No reserve.
  10. WU - Random Map Generator

    for someone who is better at this than I am. Please make a server with this JK Home map.
  11. [Bug] Movement while meditating

    There will be an actual Wurm update like they do usually weekly a patch update and it will be mentioned in the login screen Bug Fix about the movie issue...there has not been any new updates yet (and by that I do not mean a server update) that's why it has not been fixed yet. Whenever they do the next Valrei International News will be when it's fixed
  12. 500 Under 10ql Gems.

  13. In right click drop down menu as well as in target window the "disembark" action button is located directly under respectively beside the "attack" action button when driving or mounted. This can easily lead to fail clicks, disembarking/dismounting instead of attacking the chosen target in case e.g. of lags, with possibly fatal consequences. This positioning is against all and any principles of ergonomics. There should be at least one other action button, or blank space, between these two action choices.
  14. 500 Under 10ql Gems.

  15. Deliverance Community Map

    The canal between roughly (1400, 778) and (1666, 778) also has a walkway next to it, so should be red-blue stripes. Maybe we also want to clean up the entire tunnel connected to it? It shows a whole bunch of branches that just dead-end. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing to show all of them. It also looks like this tunnel connects to the red tunnel, but it doesn't, which has confused me a number of times in the past.
  16. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    Yeah I already mentioned it in an earlier thread made, it's all been pointed out already, but nothing will be done without something happening.
  17. Sklotopolis - New Pristine Server - Fresh Start

    Happy Easter! This weekend the easter bunny will spawn on all our servers and drop some nice and shiny easter eggs. Good luck in the hunt for the easter eggs and happy easter
  18. Slaying of Goblin Leader(aka jim)

    Is this the OG Tamat? if so GREAT to see you back you been missed!!
  19. Wurm on ARM Linux SoftFP

    You cannot run the Wurm Online client without Java Web Start, jnlps are the only supported way to start the game.
  20. [Bug] Movement while meditating

    I don't know how this works. Should I continue to troubleshoot (try different things and then report what causes the issue and what does not)? Will there be a posting after it is believed to be fixed (signalling a point at which it should be re-reported if it still occurs)? "...should be fixed next server update" only works if I know whether the "next server update" has occurred.
  21. 500 Under 10ql Gems.

  22. [Bug] Movement while meditating

    It is still not fixed. Has there been no server update in the past fortnight?
  23. 500 Under 10ql Gems.

  24. Saphira ~ 1x / 1x Modded PVE ~ Brand New

    Server is now open! Come join us as we make our mallets and first tool sets. Just search for Saphira in the search tab on the launcher if you need to find us
  25. Proposed Rite / Journal Changes

    I'm pretty sure someone else somewhere has already covered this, but just in case. Getting this goal done gives advantage to players who have managed to get it done over ones that haven't. Since they have a chance for better casts than others -> financial benefit from cornering the market. * So instead of encouraging co-operation, this gives incentive for people who have already done it to keep spamming global cast before anyone else can, to corner the market. This brings out rivalry, toxicity and distrust among playerbase. Sure, nice people try to play fair and help others, but it doesn't take many rotten tomatoes to spoil it all. Especially when people trying to organize casts for those who have not yet done it, will simply give more alert and time for cornering people to get their cast out. This is bad game design. Also when you bring out new features (which I by the way love you devs for, so many good things you've done) you MUST look not only for the good things but also the negatives and try to anticipate exploits. Here it seems none of that thinking happened. * Benefit over others because you got something done, say for example WS 90+ so you can sell better weapons than someone else IS ok. That other player has a chance to get there too. You can't block them from it. BUT when you can reach a goal AND block (or at least try to) block others from getting same goal done, thus securing your advantage -> That is the problem.
  26. 500 Under 10ql Gems.

    No problem. Can add 2hr sniper protection
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