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  2. Maybe it would be good if, for a start, there was a console command that could blacklist specific sounds by their internal ID or whatever. The sound engine would then just not play any sounds on the blacklist. This would let people customize away the sounds they hate the most without needing everything in the GUI. Then later, the sounds or sound combinations that get blacklisted the most could get their own GUI toggle for easy access. But anyone who has very specific wishes could still get what they want with a startup script. Also if new sounds are added that someone hates, they can filter it out immediately without having to wait for a toggle to be made.
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  4. Will that official announcement also include a reason for me to play "Wurm Online Steam version" which will probably cost me 8-12 euros every single month over "Wurm Unlimited" which I have bought for myself and 3 other friends for under 4 Euros all keys included?
  5. What Amadee said. Ty, saved me a lot of typing :3
  6. Xanadu map problems

    While there is a fine community map for Xanadu at any maintenance for that site appears to have stopped since July 23. There have been lots of update requests in the community map since, none of those having been served. I have pointed out that fact twice in the thread, without reaction. Is there anybody able to access the site and to perform the updates? Or will a new community map be necessary instead?
  7. yeah i played for years without sound on because of the apalling horsehoof effects and small bells It isn't always the same person that rings it but there's always one. strangely never more than one, it's like only one person gets to be THAT annoying at any given gathering. Unfortunately, having sound generally off meant i didn't hear the more immersive sounds of environment. Never got to full screen, remove the gui and `smell the roses`. sound is important. To keep this thread on track im going to paste a picture that might serve it. I assume bells and eating are action sounds i haven't experimented for some time.
  8. I stopped using the feature cuz it was too much of a hassle to fix it if it did do it again. I can try this weekend to test it on a test server
  9. WO Steam Discussion

    (Samool or Retro pls correct me if I am wrong) You seem to misunderstand. There are no servers on steam, just clients and players' access to games. And for the time being, CC/GC has decided that the newly set up server is exclusively accessible to players using a steam WO client (still to come). If any time in the future the borders between this server and Freedom will be opened, it would be possible for steam users to log on in Freedom, and for classic WO users to sail over to the "steam WO server" and log off and on there. There are games which have only one server with players who sub on the company site and those subbing over steam, so that is not against Valve's policies. RMT though remains a problem, at least under the prospect that Freedom and Epic servers, with their RMT culture, will be accessible from steam. For me, being forced onto steam would be a nono. I hate their lousy interface, forcing to hold worthless 32bit libraries on Linux likely compromising OS stability and resource voracious in addition. I hate their padded cell policy inviting "bringing all your games onto steam" which means that you never get them out and handover all your consumer rights to Valve for free. Nevertheless, hundreds of million people have fallen for steam, so it is reasonable to offer WO over steam. But if ever possible, not me.
  10. necroing posts isn't shunned here. don't feel bad about it. it's especially important when it comes to suggestion threads. You're getting to know the game and the community, it's all good. This is growth. Tho it's super that you're mindful enough to bridle your extroversions and impulses. Don't bridle it too much, i did that and ended up only being sociable when drunk.. which is a mistake because very few people can understand stevespeak in its raw form and it was way too energetic. (nervous energy probably) rarely happens now. My underlying non-concious logic was always, if they like me when im `too much` they're potentially friends for life. People are just getting to know you, if i might be so bold... wipeout wasn't shunning necro posts it was just a friendly inquiry :). sometimes i hate being a natural communicator, oh the anxiety.. I've learnt how much stoic presence there is in this game, widely varied players that don't particularly care to voice their presence or opinions or dreams or ideas on a public forum. you seem to represent many of these natures but you're a communicator. I think it's great, just great. but that's an entirely subjective opinion. obviously. Sorry bout all the details, figured u deserve it Idea's i'd like to happen in wurm that won't? 1 - Actual Rivers 2 - being able to loot ships that are almost rotted, aquatic salvage 3 - 3d mines 4 - being able to play with water as you can do in minecraft 5 - Jetpacks or Flying Carpets (or balloons) 6 - Upkeep discount for deeds that have been up for a long time 7 - VR : this one is doable but takes alot of development.
  11. @Warlander Evening likes German rock, over the time, they gave some great bands (and sometimes solo singers), spanning most if not all sub-genres, and if they couldn't fit in any existing category, they "created" new ones (see Rammstein, for example!), and all this time they were both pioneers and masters of rock.
  12. If you do any actual deed presentations or could make use of footage from other presentations this thread might serve. please feel free to post your individual deed videos on that thread it needs the content I think whatever you film, the musical score is of paramount importance to draw attention in. The videos i've done i didn't add one to, didn't want to distract the viewer or do the work to make it perfect but for the project outcome that you desire, it deserves as much thought as the scenes especially if audio pace change synchronises with the scene. Potentially a hell of alot of work getting it right, good luck with that. Yours is an exciting prospect.
  13. For my digital tech class at school, among other things, I have decided that a thing I can do would be make a trailer for one of my favourite games, specifically Wurm Online (Surprise surprise!). I am not sure if I have the skills or determination to do it, or if it's even possible, BUT as with most things I do for no particular reason, I am going to try and do it anyway. I have zero experience with editing, so I'll be learning as I go, but I do have some ideas. Then I thought it would be a good idea to get some more ideas form some of you, since I don't have an incredible imagination like some people I have seen around here, and make this a somewhat community-sourced project. That might impress my teacher! Then I could add them to a list and start recording them once I have enough ideas. The background music will be the old "Wurm is Waiting" song by 21st Century Blues; I think it sounds really cool and has a nice beat that I can do transitions with or something. Just figured that would help get a feel of what I'm going for. I don't mean to be lazy or scabby; I just think it would be really cool to involve a bunch of people in this. Anyway, If anyone has any ideas or tips, post them below, I guess? I'll leave a list of current ideas and probably add some from the comments every now and then, and give updates on my progress, too. Cheers! List of Ideas: - An EPIC 32 second clip of the player approaching an EPIC building of EPIC proportions for that start bit. Was thinking Stronghold of New Hope on Elevation since I am already there and It will probably be one of the first and easiest things to film. - I think that the parts where it comes up with the text "Wurm is waiting" in this ancient trailer I came across is noice. Will probably do that. But not too much mid-video text, though. it's a bit intrusive. - Digging/Construction at 1:39? A PvP battle scene at 1:47? If you listen to these parts of the song, you'll get why these parts of the video. I'm thinking of doing a lot of stuff like this, where the graphics match up with the song, It's pretty convenient that the music was made by players back then (probably, I think? It sure sounds like it.). Just gotta think of some more. - More to come, stay tuned!
  14. Just port all the existing servers to Steam, do not split playerbase more and more.
  15. I will not necro any more posts. They were things people were looking at. I saw that in the list of people online. I will watch the dates. Epic is fun. I just do both at once. I will try to not post much. Its getting old. just going to play the game.
  16. Not too many, I've heard. Haven't gotten back into it just yet, myself. Would be good to get some new guy/s in. 7 silver in my account, methinks, from when I got prem the first time. Been saving it for upkeep or something.
  17. Join PANDAMONIEUM anytime! We have players in all time zones!
  18. The issue still persists. I am able to launch on a computer that I have previously installed Wurm on, though.
  19. A beautiful colossus of Vynora has been built to watch over the market and guide the way! Thank you to my wonderful friend Toecutter for building this monument!
  20. Server first. Nov 11, 2019 11:27:54 PM Coldie founded Retirement Home
  21. Lunalong 2019

    This event is going on, bump for a good host!
  22. there are three of us. All I can do when we are attacked is repair the walls while they are being catapulted from the outside. If you were to come to this village the game will not let you bring anything with you. nothing. You have to come without armor and without tools. There are not many old places to scavenge and those places are empty. PM me if you want directions.
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