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  2. The "new" Food mechanic is horrible as well

    Is now a bad time to mention that you will come to expect this as a normal part of the game if you stick around long enough?

    Unable to locate server The error was: <> it sounds like your ISP was unable to connect to the server. That type of network a\error is sometimes transitory, are you able to connect now? If you are using a wireless connection, is theree any way to test using a cable connection instead, at least as a test?
  4. Coffee... should be a thing.

    And make it give you Stam when you drink it.. or faster action timer because you are all hyped up but with maybe more fail rate change since you are moving to fast... Has to have a side effect. and the hypeness or coffee time runs down there has to be a tiredness or slowness affect. Lol I'm think to much In it. But +1
  5. Coffee... should be a thing.

    +1 Oh, all the recipes it would bring! Some cocoa and coffee.. mmh.
  6. Varlen: From Nothing

    This server has no rules of the sort that you have to obey, so feel free to ignore this and jump right in. What it does have is five unyielding principles. 1. Nothing is for sale. Neither access to nor any aspect of this server will ever be for sale. No one other than me will be contributing to it. 2. Nothing changes. No settings will ever be changed other than updating the game and the mods. No gameplay-affecting mods will ever be added except in the extraordinary circumstance of one of the two gameplay-affecting mods needing to be replaced. 3. There will be no GM manipulation of this server. 4. No one will be banned for anything that's done or said in-game. 5. This server will never end. This server is permanent. It will survive the heat death of the universe. The Mods Announcer (see when players log in) Bounty Mod (get coins from animals, including bred ones) Starter Gear (you start with only the tent) The Settings You Should Be Aware Of Mode: Creative (Freedom Isles home server) Minimum mining hits: 1,000 (might want to reinforce your cave walls) Death will teleport you to a random place if you don't have a spawn point so place your tent when you find somewhere you like There is a lot of exposed rock even at sea level due to how I generated the map, which allows you to get your crude tools easily All skills start at 1, including characteristics and Fighting (just avoid creatures until you have trained to 20 and, again, make sure you have placed your tent) All modifiers are 1x Fields grow a stage once a day I haven't done anything with the altars - they are probably where they usually are with the default Ocrea map, which is likely underwater This start is absurdly difficult but feasible - leave a comment if you don't see how to progress.
  7. Wrong section

    You're right I will clear this and post it in the Mixed section.
  8. I like the idea, but only for a GM to set up, not for players to own their own smith. If there were a way that the results could automatically go to a merchant and be up for sale, that would be even better (rather than just be free to take). The more options that the server owner can config/decline the better, in my opinion. On my LAN, I'd likely turn on everything except my favourite skills, but on my populated server I think it would discourage skilling up, since the NPC would likely be tireless and dominate the market very quickly.
  9. [RELEASED] Client mod loader

    @Ayluin - Thanks for the link to the video. Is there one of installing the "Server Mod Loader" ? There are a few server mods I was thinking of trying.
  10. I've had this happen if the player didn't log off for long enough. They remain invisible to non-GMs, too. Usually staying out for a full 60 seconds after the toon is fully logged off the server works. When it doesn't work, we do a server update/patch and that fixes it. I hope one of these works for you. EDIT: It's also not necessary to remove Level 5 GM from your toon, just to be able to fight. All you need to do is type #invuln (to toggle invulnerability on & off) and #invis (to toggle invisibility on & off).
  11. Wrong section

    You have it listed in the PvE section, but you say there are no rules at all? Will the GM step in if there are griefers, or is it meant to be a sort of PvP style PvE? There are some seriously game-wrecking things that players can still do on PvE, if they know that the GM doesn't mind.
  12. Whips

    I currently see this thread going in a vastly different direction than it pretends to be, but I reserve judgement until black leather armor is being suggested. +1 to spurring horses though, would be tremendously useful to escape some faster mobs on slower horses. Maybe not only through a whip (putting your heels in its sides also works, at least when riding it directly), but the whip being more "efficient" (speed boost is greater and lasts longer, depending on QL?) and usable from a vehicle. The horse(s) should get a bit slower after the boost though until it recuperated its stamina. Overdoing the spurring could even result in a classical western style horse collapse.
  13. When taking corners into shallow water (can ride horse as well as drive sailboat/rowboat through) it'll occasionally kick me off and throw me 5+ tiles back, despite there being nothing that should do that, i can instantly reembark and ride hellhorse through just fine.
  14. It'd also be nice to see success odds for continuing and improving aswell. At least keep the RNG transparent if it's not consistent...which i'm not 100% sure it's not to be honest, there are some wonky phases but I haven't observed such a massive discrepancy over such a long time personally. Do you have logs of a particular action to showcase the exact success to failure ratio? Would be interesting to see just how off the listed success rate is in whatever scenario has presumably prompted this. If OPs observation is correct even in a very rough way, this isn't just bad luck by any stretch. They said they fail over 10% with a 97% success rate over thousands of samples. Let's put that in here. Let's just use 1K sample size, set probability to 97%, choose Left-Tailed and set X<=900 (reflecting the 10% failure rate that is being observed by using 0.9N as threshold). Result: Pr(X≤900)≈0 It's literally (almost) impossible for a 97% success rate to roll less than 900 times over a sample size of 1000. I'd have to brush up on statistics to calculate what other underlying distribution(s) this experiment suggests, but I think that assuming OP isn't lying, and I don't think they are, it's safe to say something is off.
  15. Coffee... should be a thing.

    Look at it! Creamy, warm, delicious! Why have the devs deprived us from its godly flavor! Make it happen!
  16. Today
  17. Have started playing again after a long time away. Went to play one of 3 characters I have on this private server (Adventure mode ). Apparently had the character in GM5 mode, but decided to take them back to "Player Game Management Power" = 0, so the character could again deal with the "aggressive" creatures normally .(currently "aggressive" creatures are blue non-aggressive outlined). After changing it back to "0", and then hitting the "Save" button, proceeded to log on. Once in game, found that the character was still in GM5 mode. Logged out and checked the selection area, and found it had reverted back to "5" ! I tied several times , but each time , the selection reverted back. The game was recently updated. I have no idea why it keeps reverting back, even though I "Save" the choice. Could it be something to do with the latest update ?
  18. Wrong section

  19. New Player...Stuck, Lost and Confused

    I haven't tested and though I started in WO, I am on WU these past few years so I was taking Aye's word here on that as Ayes usually has good info plus it matches a few other game mechanics of the type. Sounded like they were maybe trying to bust up the classic WO 'bulk HFC mass skillup" (100 frypans each in 100 forges, and hiring someone else to fill pans to gain 50 or more points of skill in mere minutes). No idea myself how it works on WO any more so I'll let the WO veterans argue that one out Much of WO/WU are very similar but they can often have striking differences on relatively minor things. One reason it is helpful to get input from different players is they can often have different insights (sometimes conflicting). Never yet met a Wurm player who was 100 percent right, 100 percent of the time. In WU, I tend to use 5-8 clay bowls at a time, get them started then do a few other tasks and come back and repeat. This seems to work fine for me, but I am not sure if doing one at a time consecutively will have different results. New Player Tip: You can hit F2 key to monitor and check if you are getting skill gains or not, or you can set in Settings for all skill gains to show on your interface and not just whole number integers. Someplace under TEXT settings I think. I don't like to focus too much on numbers myself but it is helpful if you want to reassure yourself you are not wasting time with some inefficient mechanics.
  20. Ok I have an idea but not really sure if it would be wanted/needed or if it can be better or not before I even start coding. Firstly I only do server mods, so this is of course a server mod. Wurm mod where you have NPC villagers as such, 1 designated blacksmith, 1 weaponsmith, 1 cloth tailor, 1 armor smith and so on. Could be really complex I would prefer more simple. Only uses iron as a metal for example. Ok so you give the NPC 100kg iron lumps, tell it to skill up. So it uses that iron to then spend it's time skilling up weapon smith. calculate using server settings and some stuff in properties file for tweaking. Anyway so after the time it needed to use up that iron it's "skill" has increased. Give it 100kg 50ql iron and tell it to craft, after X amount of time it then has available some 50ql tools, depending on how much iron you gave and it's skill. more and more lately i see servers tend to have a couple of people work on say weaponsmith, they stop playing and bamm no weaponsmith available anymore. someone else might try their hand and a couple weeks later they can do 50-60 ql weapons. I have 2 ways of using it in mind, 1 is for an admin/gm to put in a gm deed so anyone can use it. The other is for more personal usage on a players deed. If personal on deed then permissions and such make it easier, can just have an inventory as such and the items created are in it for collection. GM deed usage that won't work so well as anyone could take it or the GM may not even give pickup/drop perms on deed. Other way would be delivered by mail to the person who put in the creation request. On Gm deed someone could give 100kg and tell it to skill up, making it so no one else can use it for crafting, could lead to greifing I guess. with max ql settings in place by Admin then it may or may not take away from trades players may do in game. People will still need to gather items but the idea is that people won't be forced to skill up every craft in order to actually play the game. So yeah what do you all think, has it got usage or will it just collect dust and no one ever uses it.
  21. Unless something comes up irl I should be able to attend and would like to have a room. I can do: Blacksmithing (99), Carpentry (98), Chain Smithing (82), Cloth Tailoring (95*), Fine Carpentry (95), Leatherworking (96), Masonry (96), Pottery (91), Shield Smithing (95), Ship Building (95), Stone Cutting (91), Weapon Smithing (99). * Cloth tailoring is one of the skills I'm currently grinding (86 at time of posting) so it'll be 95 by the time the impalong comes around.
  22. And now this different error screen message: "Can't Launch Application" upon trying to run the client
  23. Java updated right after I posted the last crash. This past log in attempt got me past the client screen to the "play" button, but upon game loading, the client crashed again- the first time it has done that at that stage. Posting the client crash report from that event in case something new is occurring after Java update. Help!
  24. wts intermediate char

    Well yes but we all know you're bad so is understandable.
  25. I have begun to see the client crash quite frequently lately at least once before successfully loading the game. Sharing the crash report here as instructed... would hate to lose access to my game...
  26. wts intermediate char

    wish this dude made this thread 2 months ago and i would sell you wildboar for 35e, 70 blacksmithing 70 shieldsmithing 80 digging and a ton of other skills and was at 6 strength due to deaths, not even joking
  27. How to get started modding?

    Thanks for the tips guys. Definitely adding gradle to the list of things to explore.
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