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  2. Lol, he tells how he watched one of Malenas first clips, can totally recognise it (Still watching this guys clip)
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  4. I just noticed this video on Youtube, uploaded just 2 days ago. Wow, it was fun to watch someone new to Wurm try out the game.
  5. fo and mag are friends and will never fight i havent watched the board in months but iirc they have common friends in dirtmaw and jackal due to past scenarios so they're double friends and probably won't ever be enemies again
  6. Simplest method is starting another instance of the client, should suffice even without logging in an alt.
  7. I agree that such a code split is a wrong idea. So far there have been not few synergies between WU and WO, While it may be ok or at least defensible to withhold some changes to WO, this cutting off is stupid.
  8. Trudat, would be sad but not unexpected if modders started to find ways to mask their code so that CC can't use it. That aside, new mods would be for the old code, making them gradually harder and harder to include into WO's code.
  9. nice beverages dude. despite the troubles i don't think people are compromising much on their 60 body strength tome accounts. the weird passion skills are neat.
  10. How do you externally force the JVM to do garbage collection? I wasn't aware that was possible. I'd certainly try that if you let me know how you do it. I can relog, but I shouldn't have to (and didn't have to before two patches ago). I have to say that while the increased memory use is relatively slow, it's consistent enough that I suspect it's more likely some sort of memory leak somewhere.
  11. This was added to the dev list when it first happened, so they are aware of the issue. Thanks for the report.
  12. ^^ worst time to do a pc honestly if you really want to get a fair pc or a fair buyer to be interested wait until after wurm on steam has launched and stuff has hopefully gone for the better
  13. rare snowball (ql99) came back, resending or stopped buying?
  14. I can see your point, but as I've been pointing out as well, the problem isn't necessarily lowered income from WU, because WU is no expense, all servers are run and paid for by other people, and for CC it's just added income. Also, WU provides a lot of modders who learn the code and they can just cherry pick the modders they want for the dev team, as such WU is an indispensable resource for Wurm, no schooling-in time, the modders will be just ready to start development. That's how it's been for a lot of years. By creating a split with WU, that constructive relationship between WO and WU will end, at the cost of WO.
  15. Honestly, I think you have no way of getting what you would deserve to get for this account at the moment. That said, it would still be a couple hundred euros IF you find a buyer.
  16. I think it would help if you added what kind of price range you're looking for. From what I gather you're looking for a medium crafter, and want to pay in coins, but that still leaves a wide window of possibilities.
  17. I need a char with body strength,body control,carpentry skills, mining, digging, etc ... with medium abilities, please make your offers!
  18. As said in the title. Please pm offers!
  19. Looking for Price checks, possible sale of my main coming up. Tomes: Smoke of sol, slime of uttacha, white cherry, red tome, green cherry, giant walnut, green tome, black tome, blue tome, libram of the night, tome of incineration, scroll of binding. Only missing white tome, blood of angels, red cherry. You have 262627 karma, how would you like to spend it? Miscellaneous Affinities: 118 Skills > 90: 32 Skills at 70-90: 22 Skills at 50-70: 21 100 Faith Vynora Priest 15 on path of Knowledge. Priest goals completed Free transfer to any religion available
  20. We guided Magranon to The Fence (where Fo was), because Fo has the stuff we need. And we were expecting them to fight when Fo left The Fence. Except they didn't... Disappointed
  21. Oh im all with you on that trust me im one to speak up for that constantly the only thing is rewarding buffs for mid game and late game wont really help players out early on when wurm needs to catch its players and suck them in now a buff to creation quality in the first 7 days worth of playtime or a higher percentage buff for 1 week that slowly grows less as the players skill goes up more till its cancelled out would make the early "god i hate making bricks i fail so often" less painful
  22. Thank you Pandalet and apologies just a tad frustrated.
  23. I never said Wurm is not lovable in it's current state. But the reality of it is that Wurm has to change in acomodate casuals a bit more in order to survive. So is a matter of accept that your perfect game must change or one day not be able to log in anymore because the shop is perma closed. The way i see it the first is the lesser evil. Steam launch will not be a miracle player base bump for more than few weeks from launch if the steam reviews are mostly negative.
  24. From comments elsewhere that the some of the rules around notarization have been relaxed, but will be needed in 4 months (Jan. 2020). As a side question, has there been any progress in getting some of the latest graphics changes into the Mac client?
  25. You asked who was here from 7 years ago? Well i was here from even before that i still have 18 of my friends from back then playing my friends list has always been small of the 68 total on my list 43 are still playing of everyone i have now most have been playing 4+ years Something you might not realize and a lot of other newer players dont is that a lot of us came to wurm and wurm was hell but it caught our hearts we grew to love it we had spiders that would kill entire groups of players dont even get started on a troll(even jackal trolls arent anywhere near as bad) Most of us play wurm as its a unique game that gives us the freedom we want from a game like this and gives us the ability to do what we want, wurm doesnt need incentives to grind it needs incentives to stick around so rewarding players with great gameplay over buffs Things like fixing user annoyances issues with aspects of the game that with a small tweak can be fixed not adding buffs upon buffs that make higher skilled characters that much more useful to have as all that that will do is make people push for buying accounts Id much rather see newbies enjoying the game then being concerned about having to reach a high number in order to feel like they can fully enjoy the game Imagine you join a game and the first thing you see is that at 50 repair you get a buff that makes you take less damage on items(you already do this on higher item skill for example pickaxe and mining) to me that would come across as a "oh they want my money before i can fully enjoy this game i see money first game later" The game doesnt need more skill restricted bonuses like sotg but more gameplay intensives after all most of us play to build our own little place and leave a mark on the land of wurm for years to come from a small well developed deed to a giant village spanning dozens of people and their extra deeds not many people play this game for reaching 95 or 99 or 100 in a skill Granted we all do want to reach that 100 skill in something its not the main reason why we wanna play this amazing game full of flaws and adventure :3
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