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  2. Reset Epic

  3. Why was PvP abandoned?

    "If we build it, they will come" Except, in the past, this hasn't happened, because Chaos still has a major advantage over epic; access to the freedom market. Without counteracting that, or offering a greater advantage, Epic is never going to revive. You'd need to either remove chaos from freedom (maybe the new elevation server?), or you'd need to offer epic a SOLID advantage over Chaos that has real world value.
  4. WU Single Player - Question about coins

    sleep powders n stuff
  5. Reset Epic

    it leaves the fact that just like in WoW, and before OSRS became a thing, community projects of earlier content states in both games gathered more players than their current counterpart which is the same in wurm pvp currently there is a project underway in WU which its only bottleneck is the anti cheat system, to lay that off to more income or staff of both blizzard and jagex is not realistic either though if a community server with volunteer modders and GM's can do it, which was also the case for desolation 3 (the most popular WU pvp server to date), then i would expect a 10 year old company to do it in a heart beat, who was responsible for the port to steam and a standalone version for private servers, dont be silly
  6. Reset Epic

    It seems you have not much of a clue even here. There was a reason why Blizzard stubbornly refused to go that way for quite a time, and WoW Classic having been under development since at least 2017 (prolly earlier), and that taking in account the deep pockets and staff numbers of Blizzard. It is pathetic even to try to compare that to Wurm. When citing the tragic decline of Wurm Online from 6,300 at peak to 2,200 now, WoW with 12M at peak in 2010 and last published 5.5M in 2015 (when Blizzard stopped publishing) is hardly in better shape (estimates say 3 to 4M recently), only that the figures are orders of magnitude higher. Maturing games lose participants. Yet with appropriate advertising Wurm has better chances to turn or at least stem that tide.
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  8. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I've been reviewing the old DesV3 anti-cheat code, the Sindusk version (which implemented it in a more calculation intensive way), the WU code and playing with a few different ways to try negating the ESP highlight capability. Along the way I've created a few new options that knock off some of the other things that people do to "exploit" things. I think there is a way, just have to run down a few different approaches that I have spec'ed out. No promises nor a particular rush for me on a personal level.
  9. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I Honestly wouldn't care about Epic being killed if it meant a truly rotating Challenge server came alive out of it. I'm going to echo this, and also removing moonmetals and SoTG
  10. Reset Epic

    I will be sure to inform Old School Runescape and Classic WoW. Must not be worth the time to develop either or offer that alternative.
  11. If I am playing WUSP and I have deed cost and upkeep turned off, are there any other reasons to keep/earn coins? Do merchants have anything worthwhile to buy? Don't they always have the same default stock plus whatever is sold to them by players? And since there are no other players, there wouldn't be anything new showing up.
  12. Reset Epic

    I fully agree that none of both are populated anywhere near to sufficently, that is out of the question, also that something should be done or at least tried about. And about a reset of the Elevation map consensus seems to exist. Honestly, I am not sure whether the "it is all dead" faction does not have some point. PvP environments age fast and tend to be hard to revive if at all, and Wurm was atypical from the beginning it seems as PvP too requires a lot of PvE style work and services such as building, crafting etc. My point is that all "reset all, and bring back the glorious days of 2011" etc. is pointless and illusionary nostalgia, much more the idea that crowds of former players would flock in and make a crowded place again. A sensible reset of the Elevation map would be a step in the right direction, and possibly help to bring more Freedom players to Epic. The skill transfer stuff may require some change as well, allowing limited (adjusted by the Epic curve effect) retransfer of skills to Freedom. And no matter what the devs are planning for next year, or intend to start planning then, a map reset on Elevation should be done now, not then. And as to the "temporary map", it should be clear on the one hand that a map created now must not be an obstacle for further overhaul of Epic PvP, but also, that it should not be scrapped lightly once it proves a success. So Retrograde might rethink the "temporary map" statements at least a bit.
  13. Why was PvP abandoned?

    why are we even working so hard as to pull teeth or feel in an argument..I want those problems of please help us play longer so we can give you our money..who says NO to that.
  14. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I hope it does. I really hope someone figures out a way to complete the anti-cheat. That will kill Wurm Online once and for all. That will kill all this arguing with people who clearly do not want to / have no idea how to support us. I've had it with them.
  15. Why was PvP abandoned?

    oh dont get me wrong, if this anti-cheat works out pvp is done in retail, there is no doubt about that the problem is that it will never work out 100% right after all, whats the big deal with us presenting obvious solutions to a problem thats been creeping up for years? sad part is that there are still people in denial
  16. Important Note: We are still actively recruiting!
  17. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Only an elevation map might do even worse than a full reset in terms of player retention.. I'm not sure what the idea or the plan is here, but i feel like we might as well just all go to a WU server and start from scratch, and wait for 2020 to come with pvp updates for epic.. because all other options are just temporary patches as long as we have the same mechanics in place. Might as well help @Sindusk to make his anti-cheat mod and work on an epic 180 server.
  18. Reset Epic

    Calling me out on a lie, when I actually didn't lie is a new one. It is not a casino mentality, and you know it. If you do not want to change anything fine, no skin off my teeth, I have no problem returning back to my life instead of offering solutions for the game I have been playing for 10 years on and off.
  19. Why was PvP abandoned?

    you actually made my day thorin for president
  20. Reset Epic

    there's between 10 and 30 people on at random times during the day. take away 6 because there's a jk sermon circle, take away however many alts there are, take away the 3 rotab log bots, divide that by 4 because there's 4 servers yeah it's not populated by any means. neither is chaos but that's also dead from what i hear. i spent plenty of time roaming for kills and the only people i ever found were either at the starter towns, at a deed, or they were doing a mission where i knew where they had to go for it.
  21. Why was PvP abandoned?

    That is a possibility. That's why I personally think the most realistic idea is a new Elevation map. This will give people a reason to come back and see for themselves, plus is something to do while we wait forever until the devs decide to do something again.
  22. Reset Epic

    You lied again, not only at that Galatyn you obviously and admittedly betrayed. Good demonstration what your babble is worth. You know quite well that there are clearly more than 10 players on Epic, indeed statistics consistently shows more players than Chaos. And the ones logged on some time of the day are only a subset of those holding accounts and deeds. But of course you are aware of. And CCAB as well as the devs do not share your irresponsible casino mentality. That is why Wurm exists and isn't long broke.
  23. missing keybinds

    The command for turning wemp plants into wemp fibrr. Cant remember what its called...maybe it’s “crush”
  24. Reset Epic

    blablablablabla..................this is all so boring. You guys really dont get it. DEVS DONT CARE ABOUT EPIC. There will nothing happen.
  25. Indoor bridges

    Or just a stair that allows a cart?
  26. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I don't mind a map reset and even an item reset.. but there are people that only played on epic that we will probably lose with a skill reset. But I can't not be curious about how it is to start from scratch on an alive pvp server if it would get 100+ people. My only concern is that only 20-30 people will be around longer than 1-2 months so nothing will be accomplished.

    There is one at CLUB, but it seems to be blocked off for the moment. I dont know why, i just know that its not visible anymore.
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