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  2. + new server = new players = new pvp = new fun
  3. Valrei International. 084

    @Retrograde if you could make(cough kidnap) Rolf into one of the future streams that would be the most awesome thing
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    2016 called they want their merge discussion threads back. We are so far beyond "muh skills on freedom cluster" we already wiped MR which was the main reason what more do you want?
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    So you don't want to uproot the very very VERY few PVP players, but you also want to uproot them by forcing them onto PVE? PVP is dead mate, there is no if and/or buts about it. Chaos is a good zombie, good enough it's not totally urgent, but Epic really needs to something, and fast.
  6. pls can we get a yes or no as to whether or not the suggestion is possible
  7. Today
  8. It's armour and you know it, bad australian
  9. Why was PvP abandoned?

    If the Epic players wanted to move to Freedom they would have done it when the merge happened and the skills were crossed over. The fact they stayed goes to show you they don't want to move. They are happy where they are, leave them alone.
  10. BOTD Tools and Custom Libila/Fo Enchants

    Greetings Asheram, I am sending you a rare 90QL Small Anvil that I would like enchanted with BoTD 85-89 for 80 coppers. I will label the Anvil with the same. Thank you. =Ayes=
  11. How I wish it was

    or something more official, like steam workshop
  12. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Maybe we go back and look at some of your posts from 3-4 years ago?
  13. Close

    Mclovin's suggestion is better.
  14. I mentioned it because it added so much must haves into the meta that it makes it way less vanilla, also I hate the priest meta, its much more fun when there is hardly any priests
  15. i think sindusks ARMOR rework works pretty good, with one exception....salves however, ofc i wouldnt be opposed to all the above
  16. vanilla icecream is the best
  17. did someone say as vanilla as possible? i like that
  18. Top 10 games (other than Wurm)

    1. Civilization 5 2. Age of Empires 2 3. Roller Coaster Tycoon 4. Grim Dawn 5. Distant Worlds: Universe 6. Transport Tycoon 7. Warcraft (RTS or early MMO) 8. Anno 1602 9. Sid Meier's Alpha Centari 10. BattleForge
  19. missing keybinds

    Unfortunately it's not as easy as that, it's all hard coded, adding bindable actions for that might be much much longer
  20. For me I would want: 1. No SOTG or meditation 2. champs yes, no artifacts, no demigods, no tomes or valrei items 3 Sailing yes I would also want SIndusks armor / spell / priest change reversed while they work on balancing it, also for that vanilla feel As vanilla as they will allow is what I feel would be the most fun -
  21. Yesterday
  22. How I wish it was

    May poke him...
  23. How I wish it was

    LOL real life just got a bit real and I moved and now I am back. I just think there should be a better way to do mods. It is a pita. I can load them but just want something easier and less downloading then putting them in the correct file folder.. I drop down menu and you can check which mods you want or uncheck them if you change your mind. it would be a lot easier.
  24. Supreme Longsword , Silver

  25. Even though Epic is pretty dead, I've still enjoyed it for the past year. It's nothing like the good ol' days and I don't think this will be a lot like. But hell, PvP Wurm is usually fun whatever its form. Give us a good, fully PvP cluster - even if it's just one server. I'm not sure how I feel about resets, but it's something we used to have in Wurm's earliest days. It might be looking into why the challenge servers were abandoned though. I missed taking part of those, but surely there must've been a reason for them to not exist anymore. I don't think a resetting server is something I really want, but perhaps it is the way to get as close to how Wurm was intended to be played? I want it to have no connection whatsoever to any of the other clusters though, no transferring of skills, items; anything, back and fourth.
  26. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Sure there is. It's small, but there are people who still play on PVP servers. Why add to one of the problems? I am fine with a new PVP server, but Epic and Chaos need to be shut down. The Epic players need to be able to keep their skills with a move to Freedom.
  27. Although I don't want to make a new character really this would likely be a lot of fun regardless. +1 A system like the challenge servers that after they resets rolled a bit of the skill into the freedom side of the character would be cool, could play pvp but still be working on your main focus at least a little.
  28. Why was PvP abandoned?

    But there's no population to spread?
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