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  2. [19:30:06] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten mi nutes.
  3. PC Character

    Would be nice to know Meditation path and title. Also, what gear (if any) would be included.
  4. WTS Silverbean

    Meditation path and title? Gear?
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  6. Hello, New trader, 9 days old, on a deed in a locked house away from walls has no personal merchant or trader contracts to sell, only wagoner contracts and other standard trader items. No contracts have been bought from this trader at all yet, no one else outside our household has access. I *think* those contracts were available when I first bought and sold items on day 1, but I can't be sure. Possibly also relevant, trader ratio was set to 0.2 on day 1, get info check on day 9 says nothing bought or sold this period, ratio 0.0. We did have a server reset two days ago, but I thought ratio resets only happened every 28 days, bumped by maybe an hour or so by server resets, so not sure if that's me misunderstanding the timing or part of the same bug. Trader is a citizen of Brambleheim, located L23 on the in-game Release map. Already had some assistance from GM Silvirwolfe who advised it needed posting here. Another player nearby checked their trader who had a personal merchant contract in their inventory, so it doesn't seem to be all traders. Character name in game matches my forum name. Thanks!
  7. Hit that button Admiral Q
  8. Astaria

    Was wondering if anyone was thinking of playing Asteria early access. No PvP, but what intrigues me is the idea of PvD: player vs. developer. It sounds like an MMO designed around unleashing Enki. :) From the site:
  9. The deed is going strong. We have three members. An iron mine. Two guards. No blacklighters but its like a mouse trap, build it they will come. I do hope for peace but...history. come join us the time is now.
  10. Thanks. We'll have you on the map for this weekend's update mrmorlanius Skyefox Co-Administrator - The Albia Roads Map of Indy
  11. I'll my best to spend some time in attendance with GoldDust to do Vyn casts.
  12. Thank you for the event today Forest Giant Pics
  13. great event! shame about my derp of a pc
  14. Thanks for the pleasant event.
  15. I want the rare lantern.. how about 1.5 silver?? That strike your fancy.. they used to go for 2 but times are different.. let me know.. in game psisimian...
  16. wtb 1k planks by waggoner xanadu!
  17. Virus Doc has made a great page here, easy to use. He has everything with good prices and good service. Thanks Virus.
  18. With WU you can also load up the launcher and sort the server list by player count. Reason I say this are some server listings here are no longer online. I tend to look at the player count in the launcher list and then try to find that server's listing here for more details.
  19. [19:22:12] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Ty
  20. Y not? disable care-for wetas keep branding, renaming, permissions, and the ability to reduce age with runes.
  21. björk : mutual core Words fail me, mind blowing video
  22. lol. You have no idea how much this fits in with my mood lately. Great song and catchy melody as well. I'll be looking up some more of their stuff. I like them.
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