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  2. WTS 6k mortar - 10s

    Deliver and send woodchip you know where to!
  3. Currently active: actiondemo announcer AshProduce betterdig betterfarm bindmod chestclaim CopyItems cropmod customRMImod deedmod ebonywandmod FireBurnTime fixguards gmcommands harvesthelper httpserver hwportals inbreedwarning JPWM_ModGuiManager movetocenter NoHolyGround sacrificemod scriptrunner serverfixes servermap serverpacks serverplayercounter ServerTweaks setheight SinduskLibrary timerfix TreasureHunting waxed Come to think of it I don't think Ulviirala's "NoHolyGround" ever worked. That can go. (Sindusk provides this now.) I have no custom scripts, so "scriptrunner" can go. Hmm... "serverfixes", that's not Sindusk's one, and I can't remember where that came from. (Class "org.gotti.wurmunlimited.mods.serverfixes.ServerFixesMod") Better remove that.
  4. 16,53ql grooming brush, oakenwood - 80coc // 50c 44,09ql mallet, oakenwood - 94coc // 1s 89,35ql knife, iron - 87botd // 75c Three happy customers recieved their items after buying via ingame pm. Thank you, and happy wurming.
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  6. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    I have 24 new affinities. Not one has gone to level 2.
  7. I need many marble or slate bricks and slabs. If you tired to have it in your warehouse, you may exchange it for tool on your choice. Bricks equivalent is 2s per k, slabs is 50c per 100. I can sell tools with -20% discount, if you pay silver. 'Common' column mean regular value, base price for calculations. Tool Common Bricks Slabs Coins Blank rare iron/oak tool 2.5s 1.25k 500 2s Blank rare steel tool 2.8s 1.4k 560 2.2s Blank rare iron weapon 2.8s 1.4k 560 2.2s Blank rare steel weapon 3s 1.5k 600 2.4s rare pickaxe 90ql 3s 1.5k 600 2.4s rare oak spatula 1.8s 0.9k 360 1.4s rare oak clay shaper 1.8s 0.9k 360 1.4s rare steel scissors 90ql 90coc 4.2s 2.1k 840 3.3s rare oak mallet 90ql 93coc 4.2s 2.1k 840 3.3s rare oak mallet 2.5s 1.25k 500 2s rare steel trowel 91ql 90woa 91coc 5.5s 2.75k 1100 4.4s rare steel trowel 90ql 96coc 95woa 6.5s 3.25k 1300 5.2s rare rake 90ql 92coc 86woa 4.5s 2.25k 900 3.6s rare carving knife 2.5s 1.25k 500 2s Contact me ingame for any questions and offers. I can pickup things, if it bigger, than 3s equivalent or delivery it to me on cel. Only marble and slate I need. I can grind something, by your request, with -20% discount also, if you pay coins. By your request, it can be improved and enchanted. Ench/imp is cheaper, than common price, but not big discount as for base tool, because am buying this service from my friends.
  8. The Screenshots Thread

    Write your local WO dev for waxing foods as decoration.
  9. Deliverance Community Map

    Better? (I cheated a bit )
  10. What mods are you actually running now? none of the 2 mods you mentioned use any persistent effect that could stay after you removed them. It's probably some other out of date mod interfering with bulk container mechanics.
  11. WTA supreme stone chisel [CLOSED by timeout]

    Has been sold on low 12s, without any interest on it.
  12. Thanks, Somehow I missed that.
  13. WTS White Drake Set

  14. new pvp server when?

    I'm just curious, I don't have a pony in this race... Why do you believe the WO devs have solved this issue? I'm pretty sure they have not.
  15. WTS Rare Bone 15s

  16. [Released] Coldies Compilations

    Wow thank you so much for putting these out! I can't tell you how excited I am to try the dungeon mod. It will open up so many possibilities for us that we've really wanted!!! That said I have been trying to get the bounty mod to work and it doesn't. There are no errors in the log. I put in both frya's lootables and the the bounty mod with default configurations and it doesn't give any bounty. The log doesn't show any errors. Do I need different settings than default on lootables to get it to work? Thank you. EmmaGrace Vrystoria
  17. WTS bunch of fishing nets

    Moving to Merchant Threads.
  18. WTS drake and steel great helm

    Prices Edited
  19. Hello, I've run into a problem in game of which only appears to impact me on one world. I'm unable to take any item from the ground as I'm "carrying too much" unless I set my GM power to 2 or higher. (I usually play at level 1.) I'm unable to move anything from bulk storage using the "as many as possible" option. -- Exact quantities must be typed. I'm unable to take anything from bulk storage at all unless I set my GM power to 2 or higher. Dropping items works fine, though then I can't pick them up again. Tested dropping literally everything (of which is allowed to be dropped), bringing equipment weight down to just 3 kG, still can't get anything. My body strength is currently 59.31 offering a max carrying weight of 415 kG, which seems very hard to believe but this shouldn't be a weight issue. There are also way less than 100 items in my inventory (including back back) so I don't know why this would be a count issue either. Also when carrying next to nothing stamina seems to drop very quickly, only able to walk approximately 14 paved tiles before it's completely drained. (Stamina skill level is 47.14, food/water both full.) Finally riding a horse has no forward/backward movement at all, unless hitched to a large cart or similar (that works normally). Sailing works fine. This server used to run bdew's Movement Tweaks mod and Webba's Bulk Storage Transfer Limits mod but no longer does. (Odd properties left over?) At this point I'm thinking that there must be some odd property on my player record causing this. It's as if the server thinks I'm holding onto something very heavy but invisible to my inventory list. -- The only oddity I've noticed so far is that all players have property `MOVEDINV` set to 1 whereas it's 0 for me, though I did shut down the server, set it to 1, then joined again but it just resets to 0. Any suggestions where I can look to diagnose this issue further?
  20. Forest Giant Slaying

    I'll be there! Thanks once again, Will, Katie, Niki! You guys are awesome. Can I bring chopped veggies for you all?
  21. WTS 6k mortar - 10s

    larger or smaller amounts avaible also, PM ingame
  22. Deliverance Community Map

    Oh, they are exits? I'll take another look later. It looked like they dead-end when I was there yesterday, but I wouldn't put it past me to completely miss the exits. I'll also see if I can find a way to connect those tunnels. If not, maybe we should just move that one segment of the unnamed tunnel a tile or so to the left? I personally think clarity is more important than accuracy, especially if it's only a couple tiles.
  23. Great job again Malena Can't wait to breed a jet black arab :))) I don't know if it's within the possibilities, but one of the most distinct characteristics of the arab horse is that the tail is carried much higher than other horses (they have a shorter back). So, it would be awesome if that could be implemented as well. For the warmblood (especially if it's going to be a warhorse), a very nice example is the Lipizzaner, originally bred and trained as warhorse. Their special (trained) moves could mean the difference between live and dead on the battlefield. My favorite cold blooded would be the Shire (also the biggest horse breed in the world).
  24. Server Update – 19/04/2019 Added water rune – can be applied to anything that can hold water and will make it magically refill with water Uses jewel smithing to craft, check recipe screen for full recipe Does not apply to wells and fountains – those still use a piping kit Feeding hand spell will now fill chicken coop feed boxes in range Chicken coops can now be dyed Hens laying eggs in coops will now produce 99ql eggs like they do on the ground Removed many modded items from appearing in missions
  25. reliant on the modders knowing about it, never heard of it *shrug*
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