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  2. Happens often for me too and not just with carts. I'm afraid of being out hunting these days becuase I get dismounted very often. This has been going on for months now.
  3. Sorry for spamming but I am so in love with the new lighting and skies!! Here is my little meditation garden, with my lovely unicorns in the background. One of my favorite spots on my deed
  4. Getting Orbs in Path of Exile can be dounting, farming takes time, you gotta learn the best spots to get them, other fun ways aren't that viable. So if you have the harcore player approach it's understandable that you can't be content with the state of things. The truth of the matter is that you can either farm the currency or buy it with real money. Of course, buying the currency might not feel appealing at first, but if you are devoted to the game and already willing to spend money on expansions, extra content, then why not spend as well on the currency, which can get you many things and is hard to get. If you will come to this conclusion - that, yeh, buying is actually beneficial, then there's only one thing left - you gotta be smart where you buy. Buying won't get you banned if you will buy from a genuine source, which focuses on the safe in-game trading. You might be surprised to hear that but there are websites which list out all the legit sellers for you to choose from. MMOAuctions does just that and more with its Scam Killer. It will help you to weed out the weak and propose with the best deals out there. So feel free to buy your PoE Orbs there.
  5. I think trying to fully automate this from beginning to end is just overcomplicating things and making them needlessly inflexible. Unless your players have the kind of instantaneous and strictly player bound inventory system that other MMOs have, Auction houses don't really work out so easily because of the logistics attached to transferring items. The advantage that this system, and an auction house for that matter, would bring is simply an asynchronous communication pattern - I think that would be needed because not everyone wants to run off to the forums for every little thing for several reasons. Like Kelody said, a simple "order board" would serve this game just fine, it would hit the sweet spot between the trade chat that is constantly flooded with unfiltered messages about selling drake armor where you need to be actually online to see the demand and supply, and the forum, which is an extra account to set up and poses a rather permanent platform that lends itself more to bigger sales being done, being rather uninviting towards anything but the dominating "market meta". For what it's worth, a work/order board that you can search for specific items on using filters would be relatively easy to design and implement as opposed to what OP proposes, but can still act as a foundation for an automated system later an should it ever become worthwhile to make that effort.
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  7. I have been lurking on this one, mostly because I have not ever hunted uniques or had much of an interest yet in unique mats - they would be wasted on my character. That said, I have read with interest waning and waxing the various arguments put forward and would like to suggest a few "outsider" observations (otherwise known as "sticking my oar in"). 1. Do hunting groups charge membership, or have onerous membership requirements that prevents anyone from joining? If not, then they are what I would call "public groups" so actions that they perform would not be what I would call "private". If the bar to hunting group entry is low to none, then it is difficult to complain of "no chance" to be in on a kill. 2. Is there really a rule that once a unique is penned, everyone NOT in the group that penned it has to leave the area? I got that impression from one of the above posts. If so, the rule is just obnoxious nonsense. The sooner the community is rid of that the better. 3. Permanent or long term penning seems to be a part of the problem. Why not give uniques that are not under attack some kind of teleport ability with a long cooking time, and only used when their chosen movement is blocked? Uniques "in the wild" wouldn't use it because they aren't blocked, so hunting groups wouldn't have to worry about an unfound unique suddenly popping into an area they just finishing searching. Uniques being actively attacked wouldn't use it, so there is no problem for a kill party of having their prey magically escape. Essentially, it would just be a case of a unique that is penned and left with no apparent intent of a kill could escape back "into the wild". Limit range, perhaps, if that helps. It boots nothing to claim that those who penned are entitled to keep it indefinitely. The "no entitlement" card has two faces. Maybe captivity should increase mortality, once penned the unique begins to age, reducing the value of the kill over time until the poor brute expires of old age. 4. Spawn rate per server should reflect server size. It makes no sense that uniques would appear as often on an 8x8 landscape as on a 32x32 landscape. I don't know what else. This is the stuff I have garnered from the debate. Shoot it full of holes, endorse it wholesale, whatever. I have no dragon in this fight.
  8. So they have added a lot of cosmetic and building modifications for everything like stairs. But I noticed when trying to do my build design for my stables that I couldn't build stairs on the outside of the structure to have an entrance to 2nd floor via outside stairway, so I built a side section and put the stairs on that way. I then tried to remove the walls that I completed and the plan so that the stairs would remain but the game mechanics don't allow you to remove wall planning on the first floor. I guess what I'm suggesting is that the building modification either to allow stairs to be built on a tile connected to a structure or allow us to remove an outside planned wall so that we can design the structure in a way that is cosmetically pleasing with the stairs.
  9. Since I added a +1 for more books then I certainly will add a +1 for a place to put them.
  10. The launcher needs a New settings option, with default settings. We can already duplicate settings, with Save as, but that duplicates existing settings. The settings window needs a restore to default button, too.
  11. If this system is automated, if falls into the same category as auction houses. I like them in other games, but wouldn't work for the small population of Wurm. A small group of players would saturate the system. If this was just a message board, like a offline trade chat, I would like that. If I have something to sell, I look on there and see who to contact. No contracts, no auto-shipping or payment. Just information.
  12. This is the view from the mountain above Spider Gardens in Northern Indy
  13. I reckon it should work based on someone putting in a WTB order, and you "take" the order by filling it. That way if you have it to sell you can sell it, but if you don't you're not monopolizing the WTB order and preventing someone else from filing it. I agree it should be a "here and now" kind of thing, and be a material order rather than a "work" order as such. It is someone saying "I need this stuff" rather than "I need someone to start making this stuff for me". In a lot of ways the trade chat functions well, but it would be useful to be able to manage part-supply of large WTBs ingame. If someone wants, say 25K slate slabs then via trade chat or forum they have to keep track or who is supplying what volume, whereas a "board" system where they post their need of 25K at a particular price and other individuals can provide some portion of that and the system tracks how much is still wanted would be handy. Not critical, but handy. Maybe the buyer could specify minimum volumes. As this would have to function not only as a noticeboard but also as delivery management, it should be some specific object/system, like e.g. a wagoner's camp . The "wagoner" type takes the orders, taking payment up front for the goods and listing them throughout the network. Others deliver their stuff to the local "wagoner" type, who pays them their coin and onsends the goods. Goods released to the buyer on payment of the commission (per load). Make the NPC a "factor" maybe, or something fitting. WU has buyer merchants, which is a little bit akin, I think. I feel I always go into too deep detail with these things, but I can't help trying to think through how it might work.
  14. A few things first Can we get something to stop the glowy models from being a thing due to the new lighting? as i know quite a few games suffer from that(look at my once beautiful pure black horsie) 2nd The view is really nice But i hope this fog does not stay forever as i dont want wurm to remain in the UK weather forever Plus i cant see my friends house anymore Edit Have a look at how pretty cele looks from the bottom right corner of n15
  15. Hi everyone Over the years we've had the premium player count graph publicly visible via the server MRTG. During this time, it has been viewed as evidence regarding the health of the game. The fact is the premium subscription count has always been a poor reflection of the health of the game as it does not take the entire community into account. The system does not reflect new players joining the game, nor premium players who have left. This system means that players do not get an accurate view of the game and become focused on premium accounts as opposed to active accounts. With the Steam launch incoming, to properly view the active population more accurately, we have decided to remove the premium player count graph and replace it with weekly active users. The new weekly active users information can be found here:
  16. I did post a video years ago about how to start making a mod for WU but it's not around anymore I don't think, so here is a new 1. This is pretty much the basics.
  17. If you also make the wound worse, it’ll show the correct icon.
  18. A new day rises on a much more beautiful Wurm thanks devs!!
  19. -1 I frown upon this, the same way I frown upon bulk sellers "taking orders" for common items like bricks and mortar. If you don't have anything to sell, you shouldn't be advertising. On a more serious note, what happens when the work order gets "Accepted" by a given merchant? Is this merchant able to take on additional work orders and horde all the work for himself? Are the work orders considered open until the order is filled by someone, or does it remain open for other merchants to "compete" for the business?
  20. Was watching a uniques wounds in a fight today, an infection wound was opened at the start of a fight, in the next minute the wound grew to 6.something damage from all the other players attacks stacking into this wound as it was the first wound and had a 50% chance to have attacks stack into it instead of forming their own wound, then magically healed due to it being an infection, it was really cool and fun and a really enjoyable game mechanic for the whole family to enjoy is this going to be fixed anytime soon? if not can you make dispelling bt not really hard so i can fix my weapons due to the brokenness of it ty
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