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  2. Hello, after chatting with Yaga I'd like to create a new poll, recently a `special places` layer was added to our community map, these sites are comprised of Epic mission structures that are results of the missions. I would like to propose an idea, heritage landmarks, there are many interesting sights across deli to visit.. how do we feel about adding them to the map? (landmark name not deed name) Yaga is keen if it receives enough support and encouragement from the community. The question is, how would such a thing qualify to be added to the map, deeds fall, landmarks disappear. speaking for myself, My deliverance settlement is home to The Deliverance Wishbone. has been for years and will be for years more. Maybe the amount of upkeep in the coffers should be a variable for qualification. (mine has 3 years in it but perhaps requirement should be 1 year) Landmarks that don't rely on a deed to exist need not worry about that. Most of all we need an inspector or a community voting system that can discern whether or not a landmark is deserving of said status. (a visit isn't required, a few pics would do) The term `heritage` is merely an option, to qualify the landmark would have to be over a certain age. I figured that if we simply added `landmarks` there might be far too many. Those are my ideas, feel free to present your own.
  3. Make RT better

    Could you provide some details about what is lacking with it and how it could be made better?
  4. Make RT better

    !!!!Make RT better!!!!
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  6. Purchased maul, quick delivery, great price and friendly!
  7. Does the skill highlighter work for you?

    I tried using that myself a few months ago, but I was not getting any output either (although it worked for me it the past). As far as Niarja goes, I'm thinking that you could manually edit your skill-dump text file before you upload it (with the 'highest' skill values already in place when you delete the 20 values).
  8. [Bug] Aggressive Creature % malfunction?

    how many are bred though? in your wurm creatures DB execute SELECT * FROM CREATURES WHERE MOTHER != -10; Also I am not sure if the % ignores any on deeds, so could be wild horses put on a deed and then not counted so more spawn, I haven't looked at the code for that. --=== Edit ===-- I mean that count even includes templars. [23:25:10] Spirit templar´╗┐´╗┐: 697 (2.0)
  9. [Bug] Aggressive Creature % malfunction?

    4k PVE Max Creatures: 70k Aggressive: 80% NPCS false ENDGAMEITEMS true SPYPREVENTION false NEWBIEFRIENDLY false [23:25:10] Passive: 34501 (46.8) Aggro: 39268 (53.2) Total: 73769 I'm not sure with non-newbie friendly ticked where this is cropping up still with the horse/brown cow/bull spawns being so insane. It's been about 2 months since I purged them all manually, but there's gotta be a better way or something I am missing.
  10. Gotcha, will send as soon as im back from work.
  11. I'm trying to sell a priest, Niarja doesn't seem to work as a tool, because it displays all skills above 20 as 20 cause the char is non-premium. The skill dump thing here doesn't give me any output though... am I doing something wrong?
  12. epic --> freedom skill gain transfer.

    Thats an absolutely way off underestimation. Like I said, not coming in this rendition of epic, future renditions maybe
  13. EPIC - FREEDOM 2 way affinity transfer

    This isn't something likely to come soon but can be investigated as a potential inclusion in the epic rework plans
  14. MapViewer v1.3.3 (Updated Nov 20 2016)

    Load the map folder up and on the right you will see tabs for Terrain(1), Topo(2), Cave(3). If you hit 1, 2, or 3 it will take you to those views. There is also a 4... check the View menu up top and it should say at the bottom of the list Isometric 3D(4), I think this is what you are looking for.
  15. Could someone make a map for me?

    Both the SERVER and the CLIENT need to be modded
  16. Server lock up with no error

    Had this on Genesis a long time ago, our issue was setting movemod creature speeds too high when not mounted and they would get stuck as Cuddles mentioned. Mine was a unicorn.
  17. Great guy, bought a set of horse shoes and he was friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. Even gave me a discount! 10/10 will come back again :)
  18. If you jump between clusters (Epic portal) your items will start to heat up in your inventory.
  19. Bump... Bought a special item.. will post a pic soon!
  20. Goblin leader slaying

    *looks around* Smells like new cleaning job!
  21. Yesterday
  22. WTB Rare&Supreme Saccables/Materials

    I will be able to again collect mail items starting tomorrow.
  23. EPIC - FREEDOM 2 way affinity transfer

    +1 i want my 160 affinities from epic on freedom
  24. the error def points to bdew timer fix, usually better idea to post issues with a mod on the topic for that mod release. colorItem´╗┐(..) is not found in com.wurmonline.server.behaviours.MethodsItems that method does exist but the arguments may have changed, is this an older version of the mod, has it been updated? but yeah post in bdews mod topic
  25. Server lock up with no error

    well its all connected, when i mentioned about just deleting a creature from db and you may not get all the locations that is part of it. Every creature is listed in wurmcreatures of course but they also have inventories which are located in wurmitems and the list goes on. So yeah deleting in db will end up causing issues. Using GM in game to destroy a mob instead of wizzkill won't normally cause issues with default wurm but there are some mods which it will cause issues with, ones that monitor when things die. Now back to the issue at hand, did you find the Deer and deal with it? That print is an issue with the creature AI and movement, there are scenarios where it can basically get stuck in an infinite loop trying to move back and forth and those loops can cause a server to basically hang.
  26. Suggestion - Battle Depot

    Moved to suggestions threads.
  27. Moved to suggestions threads.
  28. Mouse grab issue

    Can you make a video of it? I'm trying to do exactly that and it doesn't happen. I've got no way of reproducing this.
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