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  2. It was really fun at the beginning. The feeling of this hostile, desolate world, the amount of people (i think we had over 40 in the village alone? Most of whom i have never met before). Skill gain was annoying but nothing really terrible. Slower than on Freedom for most part but hey, between the 100+ players, we should be able to beat the scenario any way so good fun. Then the first attempt at skill transfers came around. Complete flop. Reward for the time spent and work done over there felt like a punishment. I didn't cross to Freedom because i fully expected stuff to go pear-shaped. Then the 2nd attempt at skill transfers happened - same thing. Again, didn't attempt crossing over, expecting funky things to happen. They did happen. My main is stuck on Jackal since he crossed over on day one and i'm just depressed with this. I'm not crossing to Freedom because going by past experience, something will go wrong. I stopped paying premium on all toons. I'm only maintaining my main deed using a freemium alt. Rest of the deeds fell or will fall. I miss Wurm and my friends but i'm not taking a chance. Depending on how will the skill transfers work in the end, i would love to go back to Jackal for the next round but as far as i read on forums and Discord - i would rather grind my botanising and foraging on Freedom, at least i'll have something to show for the countless hours spent on doing something i don't enjoy at all. This is just my personal view. I think the idea is great and the look&feel of Jackal is spot-on. I just don't care for weapon skins and alike, i never did rifts, i don't like the combat in Wurm at all. I was simply hoping to have a reason to grind those 2 skills, for example to feed the village of 40+. It worked very well and i didn't mind doing the things i dread in Wurm because they had a purpose. On one hand to feed the villagers on the other hand, to carry some skill back to Freedom. Some people play for the social interactions, others like fighting, someone else likes the new weapon skins. I don't enjoy any of those but i was hoping to get "something" out of it. So far all i got was a non-premmed main and a break from Wurm for over a month now. As long as the skill transfers aren't worth the time, it's just something that's there as an option i'll never use, much like Chaos or Epic.
  3. As I already mentioned in other post I I'd like to see some changes in Jackal Shop. After talking to many different players on Jackal I realized that I am not the only one who is very disappointed with such poor rewards system. I want to make some suggestion to Devs speaking from artisan/designer point of view and yes there are few settlers, artisans and designers that playing Jackal and they all like my suggestions. Please add to Shop new skins ! Here are just few ideas that will be very rewarding to artisans if not to all players : 1. Jackal trees textures skins that we can apply to already existing item on freedom to make Desolate wood large cart or Tulip Knarr etc or apply such skin to log and create materials for wood finish or maybe even sprout so we can grow such trees on freedom ! Note: make such skins cost less than 200 points. Not many people managed to get lots of points. 2. Weta skin to apply to Horse or Hell horse. 3. Worg or/and Rabid Hyena helmet to apply to any other helmet or worg rug to apply to any other animal rug. 4. Giant Crab or/and Isopod display to apply to axe or sword display to give us decor variety to proudly display our trophies. 5. Any Jackal animal such as Gorilla, weta, isopod, worg, hyena statue to apply to any freedom statue. 6, Tapestry with Jackal views to apply to any freedom tapestry. If you like these ideas please reply or make your own suggestions.
  4. When was that update coming out again Samool?
  5. Before one start something one shall think of benefits for at least trying it and here are reasons why I started to play Jackal as I seen it at very beginning : 1. Points redeemed for cool items ( skins to make such items ). 2. You end up with very strong or stronger character that will have higher skills. 3. It is new exciting adventure, fun and opportunity to enjoy exotic hunting grounds. 4. You meet new cool people, make new friends and life on Jackal everything but boring LOL After I tried this so called exotic hunting adventure and it is 3-d month already as Jackal launched, lets see if there are any reasons left for me to stay to the end and how to fix some of disappointments ? 1. Jackal Points for cool items . Points not easy to get as you only get those from beacons hunts which you can't do solo and it is not easy to catch up with group as there are no specific plans or times set and all hunts are spontaneous. Not mentioning those time zones differences. Allow us to gain points not only from beacons but maybe from killing native Jackal mobs, from creating certain items , from grinding skills ( which we already did before or for grinding something that we did not on freedom as old players, for new players set specific skill level like every 10 skill points you get 5 Jackal points or something like that ) etc Skins for cool items. Are you kidding, you think those few weapons skins worth of those points ? Very big disappointment in regards of our "rewards" . I will make separate posts just about skins that I think will encourage players to go to Jackal. 2. Higher skills in end. Hmmm I couldn't play that day when skill transfer been active but I heard a lot of complains regarding how unfair it is. OK I just hope this going to be fixed and we all get fair amount of skill points . Do not tell me I need to get higher skill than I have on freedom for this actually work, nope Jackal skill gain is not as fast as I expected and why the heck I need to do same skills over again if they will not be added to those I already have? Show me reason. The only reason I see it is to add some of those points to my existing skills on freedom even on Jackal they are lower ! 3. Exotic hunting grounds. Mobs re spawn totally broken, terrain is horrible as many already mentioned, we can't take any trophies or materials or items to freedom and we need to wait for next server restart just to go hunting again. Fix that on Jackal and as Griper suggested, create new exotic server on freedom for those who likes interesting hunting adventures. Reddragon also gave some decent recommendations regarding beacons, terrain and mob spawn. Listen to us players Devs , we are your clients and without us there will be no Wurm. 4. Meet cool people, make new friends and as Phennexion said " Opportunity to play with new people who you wouldnt normally play with". Sadly it is only positive reason that left from my big expectations. People and hope that something will be fixed and in end I will not be sorry that I wasted 6 month of my game life for something that not really exciting, not fair and actually very boring. I also want to recommend to Devs, please be fair to us- reward all those who will last to the very end with at least some special trophy that we can bring to freedom, just like we get in end of some treasure hunts which lasts few hours only but not 6 month as Jackal and it is better to be really cool item/s !
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  7. your welcome oh check out renegade x while your at it get yourself some more hyped up
  8. Aaand now i have to play it again Thanks!
  9. its not from age they just randomly pop off and you can rehitch them after
  10. Are the horses coming unhitched all "Old"? I suspect they borrowed code for the hitching posts from the cart-hitching code, which unhitches HH after they pass the final stage of Aged. I would suspect it is an easy fix, if this is the issue.
  11. As title says, hell horses continue to come unhitched from hitching posts, haven't paid enough attention to see if it happens at any particular interval of time Also I believe the update stated untamed hell horses will be docile as long as they have food in their trough, yet i have been attacked by hell horses on multiple occasions while they are hitched to hitching post, with food inside.
  12. Same with empty BSBs. I can carry them in my inventory but to put them in my boat I have to drop them, embark the boat and then load them. Seems a long way around what should be a simple drag and drop manoeuvre.
  13. I've not been to Jackal. WURM is so huge and complex that as a new player Jackal is just another location and I've not even explored a fraction of what's within a mile of my village. I do want to explore Jackal and I plan to do so but it will be in a year or two.
  14. perhaps have an option to set the animal or train it to guard deed. also would tend to stay closer to people and buildings. 2 different types a large dog bed, or a small cat bed. Also with 50 fine carpentry you can build a dog house or a cat tree. this would also be a perfect expansion to the "Toy making" skill with craftable pet toys, I.E. leather dog ball, rope dog toy, bone chew toy, string and feather cat toy, a catnip stuffed cotton mouse toy, a paper bag/box ok maybe the box is a bit far but thats my thoughts.
  15. Assuming this is a bug since it is so odd. You can load a large barrel into the hold of a vehicle but you cannot drag/drop it from your inventory into it.
  16. Not much of a poster, but i do read posts a lot. I'll keep it brief. terrain needs fixing. Slopes to steep and we get stuck a lot, and some beacons are in some impossible places. skill gains need to be way faster. if you do make them a lot faster you can remove the skill transfer to stop abuse, skill transfer is not worth it when some skill are passed 70 on freedom anyways. make jackal points worth getting. remove dumb skins, and replace with things that you can buy from the Traders (ex. farwalker stones, sleep powders, magical chest, etc. ...just remove trader, merchant, and wagoneer contracts) increase moon metal veins. since we are on a moon after all. allow jackal mobs to attack freedom beacons and deeds. People just make to much freedom beacons, which seem useless unless you want logs, and people just lock themselves up on a deed. Lets give them a reason to get the blood pumping. lower the time that jackal is open, six months seems to long, at that time we go from anyone being specialized to everyone being jack of all trades. i suggest 3 months jackal is up, and 6 months its closed, rinse and repeat, that would give us time to play jackal and then play freedom, I'm sure people can do 3 month after playing Wurm for years. increase mob spawns. jackal seems like a desert and it makes fight skill grinding very hard. Why not centralize starter deed on map and move jackal strongholds to the corners of the map and dot the map with jackal beacons increasing with amount as we get closer to the strong holds, with not as strong beacon guards closer to spawn and stronger beacon guards closer to strongholds. Regarding suggestion 7. At the start jackal strongholds should be open when the jackal server opens, and the jackal beacons should not be needed to be shutdown to allow us to fight and or destroy the strongholds. The jackal beacons are just a source of jackal points. Jackal strongholds could provide more jackal points, than beacons, but could give enemy drops that can be taken to freedom, kind of like the rift system on freedom severs, if you enter a stronghold you are added to a list of players with participation percentage.
  17. It really, really wasn't though. If you want this to go anywhere except down the drain, stop sucking up to the devs and be real. The base concept is one with loads and loads of potential, Path of Exile is a supreme example of how it creates player retention. But what CC AB did had people burned out, as you said, and some quit the game, with Jackal being the last straw. And I don't mean only myself. It's the opposite of a good start. It's dismal. They need to rethink the whole thing. Break some Wurm doctrines. Use this as an opportunity to actually innovate the game. Many suggestions were made that I don't care to reiterate, and if they can't figure out what went wrong in face of all these contentions and ideas while Jackal's population shrunk to 10% of what it was at release, that just further proves my point. If this is to be considered to be a good start among the community or the devs, I think we ought to give James Cameron a call so he can go dive for the bar again.
  18. Done, bought out in one go. Close please.
  19. i to love this idea but lets add something in the mix. like the idea to have them go hunting we work with like training. the higher your taming skill the better the training they get. like enchanting you can work with them to get better training. the training can be for many things this way. dog training= like help you hunting so they have better tracking maybe be like a pointer. cat training= can catch fish too and other small critters also lets make this not a one animal can only be tamed at a time. lets make this that we have to breed wild animals to get the more domesticated animals that wont be aggressive and get different colors and add new traits. Like we can add new colors and if possible sizes for the cats and dogs i would love to see my favorite dog german shepherds but the time the game is staying at there was great danes and bullmastiffs not sure all the others but something we could add but you cant find them in the wild they have to be breed over time like black sheep though i have found them in the wild. cats can bring in orange tabby and black cats too, maybe even calico. traits ideas be like bad = destructive - cats they well move things off stuff dogs well chew on things so there be small amounts of dmg un-trusting - where they might go aggressive with you like the strong well trait well make them self unleaded. good = quite - cats and dogs can sneak up on prey with out being heard good listener - where they keep there attention to you when giving orders or training also dont forget cows too and other animal traits like can produce more milk or better ql milk this way like eggs be base on skill and animal heavier they have more meat when well feed but would be slower shinny coat they produce more hide or better hide or wool these are a few ideas i have wish i had a program to do the models so you guys can see what i was thinking lol
  20. Another monthly bump for one of the most excellent small servers in the WU family. I consider Henry to be one of the better server administrators I have dealt with, definitely on a par with "The best Of WU". Currenty rated #6 on the Wurm Unliited voting site, for those who give those rankings any credence. If you do not require 60 other people online to enjoy yourself, this is a smaller server well worth checking out, with many custom written mods, such as the ability to "neuter" animals, as well as regular rift-style events, hunting weekends, many "Unique" roaming animals and a custom map that tracks and gives vague directions for the many dragons and uniques wandering free on the server (whether you want to find em or to avoid em). Also lots of open wilderness yet!
  21. love you too retro and aye all long term players are weird like us
  22. Ive personally loved jackal. I started with a group I played with when Deliverance first was opened. I ended up over here with them and Lisabet's friends. We were so excited about finally getting moon metals in bountiful amount. It was fun playing around with moon metal for once instead of hoarding it. We ended up allying with Warlander's group, great decision Every one in that group has been AMAZING! I eventually priested up as a Libila priest and we moved to a spot a few locals away. Around that time we start have less and less people playing. Most of their reasoning was that the server wasnt permanent, or that they just didnt like having to start over. I can go into more detail but it would all just be kinda mundane. The biggest thing I have loved about jackal, was meeting and talking to people I NEVER would of met. I tend to stay at my deed on Deliverance and don't really interact with many people. Jackal changed that by making us all work together to progress quickly. Every one had their strengths and it helped make the alliances here flourish. It was amazing to see what Wurmians can do, when they work together with out trying to profit off each other. Yes I know there were those who tried, and might have succeeded in profit, but they arent here no mores.
  23. it's 38.2mb when you change the extension to gif (if using firefox, right click > image info or download it)
  24. Yeah but you're an edge case nut. Though I feel most wurmians are
  25. NIGHTWISH - Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean - Live In Buenos Aires (OFFICIAL LIVE VIDEO) 'Decades: Live In Buenos Aires' is out on December 6th 2019, as a BluRay Digibook, 2CD Digipak, BluRay+2CD Earbook, 3LP
  26. 832 tiles of an 8x8x13 at 97+ farming? think you can loose the tending bonus The few farmers i know dont tend anymore anyway they just plant and use bee's and harvest when ripe and get such huge insane quantities its crazy even without tending
  27. If you release 100 the harvest goddess visits you Oh wait, wrong game
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