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  2. Will see you there! Thanks for the public kill
  3. "platform" Currently, no platform.. once WO goes to steam market.. new kids could just jump the wagon and try the game. "bundles" Hopefully.. marketing area of CC or w/e "new overlords" never thinks like you.. throw the game in the bundles and *pray* somebody likes it. (no marketing, "hope and pray, it will be alright", this is not solving anything, terrible "advertising" or rather.. lack of any) Don't think you can buy a full set of tools for 1-2s, maybe 1-2 sets like carpentry/blacksmithing.. with at best ~80coc/botd casts from somebody hoarding them for a while.. and wanting to clear the webbed closet from them. Which in the long term is a real blessing for you, compared to starting with ql10-30 tools and doing it on your own without spending anything for such(that is if new players knew better). 'years to get to 70-90 skill' HA!.. No.. you can get to 70 in a week, without doing anything special, 90.. in 2 to 4 weeks is a sure thing.. with no more than 2-4hours a day, just some time after work/school, get in.. spend your time wisely and you'll have it in no time. That is ONE skill though.. if you want to catch up to the kids with 2-3-5-10-20 90x skills, spend the time, just like they did. Oh, right they did spend more time when they worked on their skills by the way.. high spellpowers and QL were harder to get before.. game never had this many options to boost your performance and to optimize the gains and time spent. #LearnToPlay #newPlayersLackInformationHowToGrindEfficiently "2-3hours a day" lets see, somebody had a 100 skill with the words.. that he used just the 1-4hours a day, every day for 2 years if I remember right.. just sleep bonus that comes from the offline time in bed and spending some time every day... reaching 100... Do you know how many people have 100 skills? Not that many.. that's "for the nut cases", nobody expects that number to grow, if you feel like it, join the ranks.
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  5. Everyone is invited to a public slaying on Release this coming Saturday, 10-19-19, starting at 3 p.m. Central US time (GMT -5). Slaying the Forest Giant will give the title "Giantslayer". When slain, every premium player in local will receive blood. Mixing Forest Giant blood with source salt will create a potion of Woodcutting. Loot will be rolled among all participating slayers that are listed on the Niarja Slayer's list. (To be fair to all, please limit one roll per real person, not per avatar. Attempting to use more than one avatar per person to roll more than once may result in disqualification.) LOCATION: J12 ingame map / Y21 X15 community map - West of Spawn Lake in the desert. Map: Hosted by: Togiodi, Alikin, Agentqwarty, Willow, Ultradude, and Earltetton
  6. Well I assume any official response to this thread has already been made So I'm gonna go ahead and give some feedback from the players involved in this. "Broken", "Bugged", "More ######", and "Cheezy" [sic] being among the more printable responses. My own response would tend towards the more unprintable. If such mechanisms are intended to amuse/occupy players, then they're having the opposite effect. They're wasting players' time and are a source of frustration. Just saying. Edit: Ok, appently not all of the responses were printable after all, heh.
  7. I met a player of an antique game Who said: Twelve vast and empty servers Sit on the network. Near them, much the same, Defunct, a forgotten forum lies, whose murmurs Of dissent and derisive sneers Tell that its members truly read the signs Of coming doom and voiced their fears In mocking protests and futile whines. And on the splash screen appear these words: 'My name is Wurmonlinias, god of games: Log on to my network, ye Many, and have fun!' Nothing else remains. The endless roads, The houses and gardens, boats with amusing names - Have decayed and crumbled every one.
  8. [10:12:52] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. [10:14:51] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Enjoy!
  9. It would suck to see another of our few remaining good grinders leave Wurm, especially with all that’s going on at the moment. right now you won’t get what your looking for, But if Wurm was more stable, I would see this fetching 1200+ euro. if I’m being honest, this would perfectly replace Redhawk+Redeemed for me, And I’d love to have it. But I don’t have the spare funds atm. And 1200e is minimum of what I’d expect to get it at, so just keep that in mind. don’t let it go for to low if you decide to sell out. It’s a very good account just skill wise, more less affinity/tomes. If you do, don’t rush it and take something too low. anyway, hope to see you stay. Don’t talk much in-game, but have respected your skills/grinding for a good few years. Good luck mate with what you decide.
  10. oil of the armour smith to brattygirlsback please!
  11. I was inspired to try Wurm after watching one of Malena's videos as well. The old tutorial was daunting, however, and I gave up midway through. I decided to give it another try a year later, and am so glad I did as it has become my all time favorite game.
  12. Bugfix: Rift resources will now decay slower. Resources for Jackal beacons and Rift Scouts will have their damage removed. If resources are missing the beacon will respawn them. Bugfix: To avoid confusion the Rift and Jackal points purchase option will no longer be available on Jackal. Note: The Jackal skill transfer is still disabled until further tweaks and testing.
  13. I had a half-baked idea watching these videos, it might have scratched that itch Bob has. The "Shipwrecked" optional new player tutorial: You are the survivor of a shipwreck. You wash up on a tiny little untouched island. Using the much improved tutorial system we have already our new player is guided through the usual wurm stuff, but also, opening a tunnel, building a forge, building a small 2x2 wooden shack, building an oven, making a well, learning to cook something vaguely nutritious etc. Finally you guide them through building a rowboat, after which the tutorial ends when they sail from the island back to "civilisation" - the freedom servers.
  14. Yeah, I never felt it was optimal to move tutorial to a server as developed as Inde, but at least Bob here found his way to the portal and changed server.:)
  15. I feel a bit vindicated in my criticism of the new player experience, that overeager dumping of new players in heavily built areas, compared to the (imperfect) experience of server-wide poverty and desperation on the old Golden Valley server. Opening virgin servers all the time, while an obvious solution, brings problems down the line with the mid-late game population being separated from each other a degree too far. We should try and think of an alternative. In the intro to one of his subsequent videos he says "I expected to head out into the wilderness ... what I found was the medieval version of London...". What's sad is he is prime Wurm material, a builder at heart. I hope he overcomes his disillusion and sticks it out.
  16. Is it automatic or do I have to do something ?
  17. Looking forward to add your deed to the community map
  18. Not too sure if this is a client bug, or something else is happening, but here goes... Client: 4.1.79 OS: macOS 10.14.6 Was going to post this elsewhere, but I get a feeling it is more likely there bug - even if it is only that I'm only seeing the option to 'redeem rift points' when on Jackal and that option does nothing... OK, I give up, so time for a stupid question time. Where the heck do you access the Jackal Shop... I've seen both and but all I see in the right click on the a Jackal Lodestone, on Jackal, is 'Redeem Rift Points' but that does nothing... I'm fairly certain I have seen a message about getting some Jackal Points, but that aside should I be seeing an option to redeem rift points that does nothing.... Console Log:
  19. Welcome to Wurm May the Gods be with you!
  20. What is it? The Camara Hub is a brand new deed, part of the Uncanny Legion Alliance, located West of Celebration. It was founded 15/10/2019. Population: 1. Who am I looking for? I am looking for a few people that would like to join so that we can be reasonably self-sustaining. We have close to nothing yet except some help from a deed of the Alliance located nearby so you have to want to start from scratch. I will put an emphasis on teamwork as the goal is to create a small tight-knit community rather than a big village. Interested? Send me a message through the forum or directly in game, ign: Minstaer.
  21. 2 x rare studded sleeve to Rikhist, thanks
  22. So far from what i heard is that the staff is looking into it and pouring over logs to figure out who got what and what was abused and what wasnt and give proper punishment for those who abused it, So as it stands we the wurmians wait patiently with no official word on it at all as to what is going on or anything like that even though a post going "Due to a recent new feature there was a bug that was exploited by a small group of players and thus we took the feature back offline and are now preparing a proper punishment for those who abused it, We have no set time for when we will make our final statement on this but it is coming soon™ so hold on till then" Something like that would have been the perfect response to give after what happened but instead we just got told to not talk about it at all or even mention it happened i just hope that we get some official statement some day soon instead of just hearing it from random gm's here and there ingame or discord
  23. COD 89.94ql rare staff, steel (N90 C97 MS94 BT2400) to Neville. Thanks.
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