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  2. [13:51:57] Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [93] be there in 6 minutes for 60c! Thank you
  3. Pristine Community Map

    Added, sorry for the delay been a busy week.
  4. Animated shows it better... (link below) Passengers on cart glitch with no textures: // also.. that's not an actual character, it's the clone model(NOT actual character on the screen) My guess... is that this happened at some point when entering/exiting caves. --edit Still haven't restarted client and when I go inside a structure and look at the cart, char(clone) gets normal textures back, when I leave the structure's borders - char(clone) loses textures again.
  5. crafting window tweak

    how about changing the default items to something else? For example the saw -> log defaults to annoying yoke, change it to plank, change carve knife -> log to shaft instead of fish hook... Either change the annoying ones to something useful or allow us to pick.
  6. WTA Archeology Statue: Rare Statue of Fo

    Thanks for your concern but this item was pieced together by someone with 80+ Archeology. Also please be weary of the fact that I asked for no comments to be made other then bidding. Thanks
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  8. Use Bees Wax for Taxidermy

  9. I'm looking for 2 full small barrels of maple sap or syrup, PM me here or ingame please on Jaz or Zaj...
  10. Hi, Would you sell the red and white drake hide for 7s? if so, CoD to Snowtech.
  11. wts drake hide

    Hi, please COD to Snowtech.
  12. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    Like Wurm itself, the economy is continually evolving, it shifts and changes as new features and content are brought in. The most useful rule of thumb is 'never throw anything away', and the same goes for all the new friendships you are now making. Welcome back to Wurm.
  13. Mailed small iron anvil, 80ql for a WoA 80-84 enchant. :)
  14. Wtb Scroll of Binding / Red Tome

  15. Valrei International. 062

    in my experience Win10 will work smooth on most brand computers - it is not because the parts used in them are better just the testing cycle is more robust maybe. I have older DELL/HP desktops and several DELL laptops, Win10 runs very nicely on all. Also it is smooth on a machine I've built - older Core2 and ASUS board with low cost RAM and nvidia card.
  16. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    At the same time I know a fresh Wurm player who spent several days to find a spot which is quite untouched, handy for a starter toon and not owned. He found it on Xanadu finally, the other servers were too built up. So it is not necessarily bad to have vast open lands - but player density should be somehow visible so if someone want frequent interaction could choose a location accordingly. I think about a possible solution like light pollution maps of Earth shot from space...
  17. 4 year prem gift

    oh. initially i was thinking, you and me both, dude, there's 10yrs plus in this game. then u mentioned capes. +1 (add it as a tag)
  18. Valrei International. 062

    it's worth at this point, mentioning the preview client and Java 10
  19. Yes what I do is I start 12 of them, take all in my inventory and drop only one that I finish, pick up, drop next etc... also as I want all made of oak, I need to be sure the last plan added is oak...
  20. How is the Current State of Wurm?

    There are (and always have been) too many servers. But because of the vested time and effort people have placed in their deeds on all the servers, I am certain it is close to impossible that they will close any servers to consolidate. The irony is that the large number of servers coupled with the small player-base makes Wurm feel almost adandoned to me. One obvious consolidation would be to close Epic. Why the devs refuse to bury that corpse is really beyond comprehension.

    [20:05:26] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thx
  22. So true. Even with very high fighting and weapon skills in WO all the glances and misses on the standard mobs are absurd. This new fighting system that Sindusk is working on looks promising and hopefully he will get over the fact that killing all regular mobs should be trivially easy with higher skills in these areas. This would be more inline with other MMO's where only dungeon mobs are then the "challenging" ones to fight, which in this instance are the Uniques and Dragons in WU. =Ayes=
  23. wts scale .22kg for 10s

    scale for sale
  24. wts drake hide

    wts .43kg for 15s, which is about 35c/.01kg. parts are red, black, and white
  25. WTS Giant Walnut

    Sold, please close this cursed thread
  26. just to add as its annoying as hell and there should be no reason to not build this stuff in your inventory, but for mass production for a big project or a mission its a pain in the ass current work around is to either just spam out 12 at a time, they stay individual, or crank out all you are making and just drop a few on the floor to work on at a time, it really cramps my mass production methods though
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