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  2. Bloodtooth
  3. My guess is the new skill is the ability to put items on tables or in bookshelves etc
  4. Congrats!! You guys did an awesome job!
  5. You have no idea how many things would need a change
  6. i have some, who do i cod?
  7. Nice little rant. As every good rant a little bit over the top but I agree with your main message. At this time in Wurm general game play (esp. for new-ish players) needs more attention than QoL improvements for veterans.
  8. yeah coded, they should change the code Eject
  9. Initial Titan patch! Titans The first titan, Lilith, is now ready to be attempted on the Wyvern Arena map. Titans were designed to cripple groups of players attempting them. If you are interested in looting easy-to-kill players, look for the messages in GL-Freedom and interrupt their attempt. There will be lightning in the sky from where the Titan is being fought. A single player should be capable of killing multiple who are attempting a Titan. Titans have unique abilies and "raid mechanics" that players need to be aware of. They are not telegraphed (I'm not quite there yet, sorry), but they do need to be reacted to. Mindlessly hitting the the titan until they're dead like a normal unique is not a viable strategy. Titans will drop a single "Titan Weapon" upon defeat - these weapons generally break the rules of the game and in general have higher stats than normal weaponry. They do, however, come with a downside. Titans do not regenerate. Keep this in mind when attempting one, as it may be wise to back off, regroup, and re-enter combat in some situations. The titans specifically move extremely slow, so outrunning them, even on foot, should be possible. New Features My old mod, Tax Config, which increases upkeep over time for mayors who have logged out for extended periods of time, has been re-enabled on Wyvern Reborn Legacy. Expect to see many legacy deeds disbanding over the next week. The replant when harvest mod, Careful Harvest, has been updated. Now, when you hold a satchel in your main hand containing seeds, it will automatically replant the contained seeds when you harvest. This will allow players to re-sow the same, or different type of seed without having to dismount from their vehicle. If you do not have a satchel in your main hand, harvesting will function as it used to. You can ignore this mod altogether. The bugs involving crops not growing when using this mod should be fixed. Weapons & Armour Sickle damage has been decreased from 6.5 to 6.0. Spectral armour has been reworked slightly: Spectral Jacket & Spectral Leggings have had their movement penalties halved. They are now much faster than dragonscale. Spectral armour damage reduction has been increased from 66% to 69% damage reduction at 100QL, making it the 2nd highest DR armour right now. These changes were because of the scarcity of Spectral Hide, and the difficulty improving it. The intent is to make Spectral armour an "end-game" armour to strive for. Minor Changes & Fixes Gates should no longer unlock for players not in the permissions on Wyvern Arena. Horned Pony should now have the correct corpse model.
  10. Ofcourse have a good day
  11. bump still looking
  12. And the c79 rake, now I think about it.
  13. Congratulation! Awesome job!
  14. That was a factor too when deeds have been coded of course.
  15. sent thanks
  16. they got more money if you have alts
  17. I'm hoping the new skill is glass making with all the cool new objects such as glasses to drink from that may entail Now glass blown animals, that would be cool............................
  18. Whatever 20c meditation rugs you have left to Ajala, please.
  19. That's not a permission issue, this just not possible with the current code layout. So no this will not be happening anytime soon I guess.
  20. Today
  21. Thanks for the bridge, its majestic and awesome! Me or dirtcasting Ruth were standing quite some time at bridge camps imagininig the day it will be finished. Our island will greatly benefit from the connection.
  22. I understand your point - but no please. I would hate to set permissions again on 100+ horses on my 14 deeds.
  23. I'd suggest that with the way some things decay at different rates according to how they are carried/stored already, and the way real-world books can be easily ruined or last for centuries according to how they are stored and cared for that this be worked into it. For example storing them on bookshelves or in another new item(an oilskin/waxed waterproof bag) keeping them from decaying, but leaving them on the ground quickly causes them to decay, and dropping them in water or carrying them without the waterproof bag and getting in the water yourself ruins them or at least causes heavy damage to them.
  24. [11:09:57] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Gwyn got some discount for doing a big order. Thank you.
  25. ....get the permission for gm´s to make more than one settlement with one char? Would be nice if we get this in the future Eject
  26. You posted this in wurm unlimited section - Did you mean to? Or in Wurm Online ? If you get lag on a wurm unlimited server it may be because of where the server is based. Otherwise if for Wurm Online we have a tech problem section on the wurm online main forum page, might get a better response there Anyway good luck,.
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