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  2. [13:42:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. thank you
  3. One of the things I've been kind of wanting to request or look into is a mod to add more methods of making fire, with different benefits and drawbacks. Even just adding one more fire-making tool would bridge the gap nicely and allow 'caveman challenges' to be more feasible. Something like, say, a bow-drill - shaft plus handle plus plank plus string of cloth. Heavy and cumbersome, but doesn't require anything more complicated than a spindle. Or heck, add a secondary function to spindles that can light a fire but does significant damage to it - maybe make it have a high failure rate, since hand-drills were notoriously finicky and hard to use for fire-making. Alternately, make torches a bit more useful by letting you light them off any fire source, and use them to light any fire source. So you could make a campfire with kindling + wood scrap like you can now, light a torch off it, then use the torch to light a forge or a charcoal pile. My ideal would make steel and flint something of a higher-end tool, something most people probably won't bother with, because there are easier/cheaper to get methods that aren't quite as convenient, easy to carry, or easy to use, but do the job just fine. But I'd settle for anything that'd let you bridge the gap between 'starting with nothing' and 'convenient easy access to fire'.
  4. how much would a 3xhuge axe, 3xmed maul and 3xLS 85+ LT would cost all at 90 ql?
  5. As it is now, yes. But if a change was made to make Epic skill gain equal to Freedom, the curve could be tweaked to ensure new players aren't affected by the change in skill gain.
  6. Let me clarify. This morning I logged in and made a small cherrywood barrel, and filled it a little more than half full of passata for the pizzas I had to make today. I then made 2 pizzas, just like I always do. One for me, and one for my husband. I made his first. 74ql. I made mine second. 69ql. I used for the recipes. This is why I still have the recipe I used for the second pizza listed in my browser. I haven't closed it all day. I tasted the pizza. It was the correct affinity. I ate some pizza. I was expecting 10+ hours. I only checked the timer as a formality after eating some, and guessed I should have at least 12 hours worth. I was wrong, it only showed 3.5 hours. I then had my husband test his. Again, correct affinity, but the timer was nowhere near what it should have been. He got an hour. I tested pizzas made previously, the timers still worked as expected -- I got a full 12 hours from one bite of one (older) pizza. I left it alone all day. I came back more than 10 hours later, and checked my affinities. I had none, so I tried todays pizza again. It gave me 2 hours 35 minutes with first bite.
  7. +1 When long time ago you introduced friend categories I thought these are real groups and I could set the groups permissions then I only need to just add my friends to proper group, and they get the group permissions and when I take out friends from a group they lose the group permission. But the friends groups don't work that way. The change would be desirable.
  8. About initiial skilling speed on Epic: to grind a skill to actual 30 (which translates 50 effective) is about one hour with sleep bonus on but without coc tools (we did that yesterday on a few toons; JS and digging). It is really lightning fast, I don't see the need to tweak further. At higher skills: I've raised a creation only skill (metallurgy) by 0.13 using sleep bonus in about 600 actions (1.7 sec per action timer) at 72 actual skill level which is also really nice - and I used good ql mats as the goal were the products and not skilling (as I understand this is a major benefit of the new, success based skilling system). Success based skill ticks are much more intuitive and means you get real skill when actually work with that skill. I would suggest to keep that on Epic, don't revert! BTW: Contrary to beliefs, there is no 100% skill tick rate for successes, as the skill got higher I started to see successful actions without a skilltick, but the ratio is still very good. .
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    To come back at this: Yesterday I had the luck to talk to one of the persons who build the highway between Greymead and Whitefay and about the plans I have with it. I asked and got permission from him to add the catseyes to upgrade the highway, as well as permission to start "messing up the tunnel". Meaning we can safely enlarge both entrances of the tunnel to 2-tile wide entrances, flatten the floor and reinforce all without the previous builder being griefed by it. All that's needed now are the tons of goods to do this work. Donations are welcome. Thorin
  11. I've seen this mouse lagging thing when loading both WO and WU on 2 separate computers, both with Windows 10x64. From what I have observed, it occurs when showing that small splash screen when Wurm normally loads. It is not Wurm's graphical settings as the problem is present even when WO isn't installed. What I mean is, I run the jnlp file from the main website and the mouse lagging thing occurs. Once it has loaded, so to speak, it prompts me where to install the game so I believe it has to do with the splash screen. Another observation is that just switching from DP to HDMI cable, the mouse lagging thing is less severe but it's still a good 3~4 seconds rather than 30 seconds with DP. This is with only Java 8 64 bit installed and Java 8 32 bit uninstalled.
  12. Just some food for thought, I hit 90 archaeology 5 days ago, since then I have 3146 investigates in my log counter and 1301 failures. That is a failure rate of 30%~ as I make it out using a 99ql rare trowel. A good run of 100 fragments yields 6 mask/statue pieces, the rest is junk and is thrown away. I don't even get the 90 level information every 100 investigates. I like the archaeology system, I think it needs a lot of work to be playable. Right now it's brutal because it reminds me of how epic was when it first launched years and years ago, bug ridden and sort of playable. I don't want to see loads of promises of it being "better" "good" or "playable" at some later date. We all see how that worked out for epic.
  13. Sold subject to collection.
  14. Version 0.31.2 httpserver handle downloads in separate threads added numThreads property (defaults to 50)
  15. I confirmed creatureagemod is working. There are two effects that must be taken into account though: The servers map is separated into zones which are updated in a non-linear way. If the server is large enough it's possible that it takes more time than increaseGrowthTimer to visit the same zone twice. The creatures age will increase nonetheless. The server does not update the model if the age changes. Examining or opening the inventory of the creature will show the correct age. The server will however send a new model if a calf matures to a cow for example. Relogging will also show the correct age By now you've probably noticed an aging after logging on another day.
  16. Have you tried it with any other character? And what's the ql? Ingredients list sounds good for a long timer
  17. also Onion!
  18. I actually do, for one of them. (mine). The other ingredient list for the other pizza (which also gave a lowww timer for the character) was replaced when I made this one. Kurson: I do this all the time, and they normally give me 10+ hours. canine sausage, feta cheese, basil, belladonna, corn, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, lovage, mint, nettles, oregano, parsley, pea, pea pod, potato, rosemary, sage sassafras, thyme, tomato, barley dough, fried beef, ground cumin, minced game, passata, pinenut, raw bacon, roach. all veg and herbs were chopped, of course( or it wouldn't have worked to create a pizza, afaik.)
  19. update

    Awesome work all, a nice network is building up in the north. I'm still plugging away on the link which I think only interests me and @Vannin. I'm linking O20 to P22, The Three Legged Troll to Cashtal Cabbyl Market (West of Nexus Landing). Part of this is a new SE diagonal road section then a new North South section to join with the road going east, that eastern road is what I'm currently widening. It will cross over the north/south road and then head our new market deed. In an ideal world it would go around (or through) the tunnel north in O20 and onto join the nothern network, but I lack the time to get that done anytime soon. If anyone wants to connect that, let me know. We are considering linking p22 down to Esteron as well. It's all in the far future and is likely a project for me and @Vanninas there are not many people living along that route. I'm sort of hoping that if we manage it, it will help people to find deed spots along the route and maybe even allow people to sail to the market deed and use the (upcoming) Wagoneer to send goods along the highway. I'm also planning a wagoneer at The three legged troll. I know myself and Vannin are probably the only ones interested in this, but we are doing out bit not just to benefit our deeds, but provide links for those along the route and maybe future connection points for other highways. Any material donations or assistance welcomed to connect it to the other routes.
  20. It is a mix of quality and complexity of the ingredients, have you tried adding sausages? they add a lot to the timer. However if you are using 30 ingredients then you should be getting a longer timer, unless u use a lot of meat because only the first meat counts for complexity. And make sure it's 30 different ingredients not like 20x chopped lovage, it won't add much.
  21. Do you have the list of ingredients you used? does it happen every time you make one? I'm still getting 7 hours which is usual for me
  22. I am a chef by necessity. I don't like cooking. With that understood, I do take the time and effort to make affinity pizzas for myself and my villagers. Thus, when I put 30 specific ingredients into a baking pan to create a pizza with a decent timer, it is painful when the timer turns out to be 2 hours, instead of the 10-12 I am used to. Please help! I finally chained myself in front of the oven today to make 2 pizzas to replace my old pizzas with the lesser ingredients and the lower timers (only 3 hours!). An hour or two later, I surface, happy that the chore I had been dreading for a week is finally complete. The meals are cooked. Then I took a bite and my heart sank. So I waited all day (it's been more than 10 hours later), and made sure there was no affinity timer up there again, and took another bite of todays pizza, to no avail. It gives me 2 hours and 35 minutes.
  23. More attention needs to be given to Xallo's suggestion regarding having the same skill gain on Epic as on Freedom to allow 1:1 transfers. Plus, as I said in his thread, modify the curve to increase effective skill gain even more at lower levels, but leave it relatively unchanged for 70+, this will compliment the slower overall skill gain, allowing newer players to still get up to speed quickly. This way you can grind wherever you want, but your skills are more effective on Epic, ESPECIALLY if you're new. Simple and effective, and very easy to adjust without causing any massive long lasting issues that fiddling with the skill gain can bring.
  24. If there are enough players living on the homeservers to justify the cost to keep them running then leave them alone. Elevation people can't just assume the homeserver players would want to merge with the rest of the pvpers on a single server. If you delete their homeservers and they choose not to join you, all you accomplish is destroying their homes for nothing.
  25. +1 to these in particular. I've always found that the curve is the primary beneficial feature for new players. If a change was made for Epic to have the same skill gain as freedom the following could be changed: The curve could be modified slightly to allow people to get to effective 50-70 skill even faster. Changing the curve in this way would work with the slower freedom skill gain, ensuring that it's not any harder for newer players to get started, whilst still keeping compatibility with Freedom. This is a change that can be implemented without causing any issues with the 1:1 transfer of skills, whilst keeping the Epic mindset of getting newer player involved quicker! Effective skill gain to actual skill gain ratio after 70 can remain relatively unchanged, so there's still worth in building your account to the extremes. It's a simple, elegant solution, especially compared to over-engineered one we currently have. But these simple solutions are often the best. Edit: What I'm suggesting is something like this to replace the current curve (in green), with the line in blue (apologies for the mspaint line), along with introducing freedom skill gain to Epic:
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