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  3. I breed mostly conditioned animals. Since only females can pass on conditions, I only keep the females conditioned ones I breed and not the males. This means that the vast majority of animals on my deed are female, and I have several hundred of them. I've noticed that over the months, far more male animals are being born than female. Females are still sometimes born, but it's getting less and less. Perhaps this is just the RNG and I've just been unlucky, but I was wondering if the fact I have so many females on my deed could be causing more males to be born? Would I have better luck getting females if I had a more even proportion of females to males on my deed? I've also been getting more miscarriages than usual, despite the fact that my deed ratio is 31, and miscarriages are only supposed to become more common at 15 or less. Has the programming for that changed?
  4. I would suggest that Trash Heaps be able to destroy Keys and Locks when they are dropped inside them. There are some players that follow no Wurm gods so they do not have the sacrifice option to destroy Keys and Locks, so this would be a good alternative for them. Also since *anyone* could then use this additional method to destroy Keys and Locks it would be another useful option for them as well. =Ayes=
  5. we can use something like the almanac to share songs and if get a new skill adjust the performance with the skill
  6. Yeah I'd accept that offer. Did you want me to combine them or cod them seperately? Also to which toon should I send too? Np Firestarter!
  7. Ah, not interested in those, sorry! Already got a couple of them.
  8. hmm 1.5s for all glimmer on this screen?
  9. Warlander , Something I have never been able to figure out is how to start a new building plan in the center of the map. Is there no way to *drag* the map to the position you want to start at? Then I could use the scroll to enlarge the squares to better see the wall layout I am using. The way I am using Deedplanner now I am always starting near the left bottom side area, which makes it hard to move farther away from the building to view it better in Wurm mode. A great and fun Tool to use but this one thing has me stumped. =Ayes=
  10. @lolmaster: Thanks, I will have to rethink this, rolled back to previous version. Please reload the website.
  11. I assumed the music involved would be a selection Wurm provided, so that with X QL on Y instrument you would have Z options. (I don't know how that would fit with the musical notation on papyrus idea, though, which I like.)
  12. Can you post the result of cd /home/steam/wu ls
  13. Spray Paints? I still sometimes wonder about my dirtwall......someday i could just wake up and decide i won't want it marble anymore.
  14. Sorry mate that I have to contradict, but no it is not. public enum GuiCommandLineArgument { START("start"), .... It looks like the map is still missing, which is normal on first start. On first start with GUI it is normally copied from the dist folder, not sure if this is done when you directly go for a start with the map flag.
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  16. Using the new method I get the error: There is already an object named 'tblChecksum2' in the database.
  17. I am suggesting this so that we can get to work on creating things such as this:
  18. Almost a year old, but +1. With all the new underground options that have been added since, being able to have an easier time with the mine layout seems an obvious change. Is there some reason this wasn't added in the end?
  19. Sounds all good until Wurm get a lawsuit for players stealing copyrighted music.
  20. One of their members, Tpikoll, is played by Zilbar, the shady player on Freedom that looks to take advantage of and cheat people out of their belongings. He admits to stealing:
  21. let's start it - 2s
  22. Would like to place an order for 15k wemp please. Delivery would be to T-15 Pristine. Deed is Halls of Hell. in-game contacts would be Crystallee and Pityocamptes.
  23. Hmm. I may bring some graffiti dye cans to aid a community facelift of that dirtwall.... (edit: how the heck you call those thingies in English at all?)
  24. welp, i've been asking for something like that for years for WO... glad to see a working concept on WU at least. nice job!
  25. They are the new JK ones (with the dragon) not the base template Jk ones ;( Can you contact me in-game on Hexd or forum pm me with your in-game name so we can do the trade? Are you able to give me an offer please? Remember anyone who messages me - send offers for things that do not have a listed price and we can go from there.
  26. I love this idea and papyrus sheets could be used with those very well! An interface to compose music onto sheets would be very nice. The skill of the instrument could then be used to play the tune and depending on the skill level, you will be able to play better(less mistakes, like wrong notes or better timing) and more difficult tunes. Sheets should then be able to be multiplied so music can be shared, too.
  27. Everyone will be hostile by default, as soon as you add them to your team, they will become allied. In the example of Scorn of Libila, team members will be healed, and anyone not in your team will be damaged.
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