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  2. I'm fine with lakes freezing over, it may even be fun if we could skate on them, but I'm happy with winter not having other nasty side effects on other things like crops, cold exposure, etc.
  3. I could, but the animal ratio would still be the same no matter which deed or server I played on. Even if I split up like that, I'd still have to own 15 tiles for every 1 animal, and that's what I'm hoping we can improve upon in a way that doesn't mess with lag and animal spawns.
  4. I recall seeing huge water cubes on test at one point
  5. Is this still actively being developed? I think Sklo's right about needing pictures of the maps this generates, but I'm interested in the GPU-based map generation you're doing here.
  6. I would love to see waterfalls, not sure how that would work with this game wngine, but i can dream lol
  7. Looking to buy bsbs of shafts, 50ql required 60+ql preferred. Give me offers.
  8. last day
  9. If you think it's overpriced, don't buy it. The fact that people still seem to be buying scale at 50s / kg indicates that that's the market price. I guess there's additional value in making your own set, and folks are prepared to pay extra for that. FWIW, the best place to buy scale scraps is at a slaying - there are generally folks who will be looking to sell, and if you're there with silver, they may even give a slight discount for the convenience. But expect to pay 50s / kg.
  10. I am pretty sure it has at least been on the roadmap, that map noone talked about the last two years that is!
  11. Today
  12. Thanks but i prefer to stay away from 'spells and potions' i only use the gm, to flatten ground thanks but no thanks...
  13. Î would replace useless skills with some new interesting like glassmaking or something. But to keep it to topic milking does apsolutly nothing as a skill you always get 100ql milk, not sure if timers change with higher skill, never understood why they dont use animal husbandary for milking instead of having own skill just for that, it would be like having skill just for shearing
  14. Bump!
  15. If you out here doing what it does and doing what it did, you already out here knowing what it is. Scrilling
  16. is it the rainbow deed? Forgot the name.
  18. Volume. Is what im referring to.. Ive never used 'bag of holding' how does it work?
  19. I think he/she should try to sell it if thats what he/she got an exsess of. Bricks (or bulk in general) doesnt have to be over 50ql to be useful.
  20. I tested it at close to 100 tiles on the WU server. Took my horse over to the peat pit, selected the tile corner then went back to town. I had another player test it as well, they were able to dig the tile corner from the same distance.
  21. COD the 60ql, 68ql, 71ql and 78ql WS potions to Neville for 4s total.
  22. bump 4 left
  23. Yaayyyyy! Will test it out tonight! Thank you bdew
  24. Something fun I just figured out we can do. New players at Starter Village get used to the static NPCs. In GM mode, I went invisible and stood right in front of a new player, then clicked one of my Custom NPCs to come to where I was. Player thought the NPC was following him around. heehee :-) I forsee a lot of fun to be had on April 1st.
  25. Please add the latest map dumps - they are significantly different from the August maps with the activity to add cats-eyes with some new roads and changes to alignment.
  26. Alright, ingame account?
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