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  2. Long story short, I died to a server bug , link below; Put in a ticket was told, oh well, Rolf made this post some time ago, sorry for your loses.. link below; If we can't fix the bug please remove the fight skill loss, drastically reduce it or scale it down the higher the fight skill, having to now go out and kill 2k - 2.5k mobs to get that back doesn't seem like a fair resolve to me, not to mention the active res stone that I now need to replace out of my own pocket.
  3. please fix this?
  4. Honestly my least favourite thing about wurm, always has been Rolf's love of keeping how everything works secret from the players. I can't stand it and it saddens me to see it carry on under new direction. Why is it necessary to put effort into making the players clueless about how everything functions. When Wurm Unlimited came out some of the revelations of things people had spent years wasting their time on were frankly atrocious and completely unnecessary in my opinion. Obviously that's just how i feel about it but it just seems to me like you've got a skill a lot of people feel isn't currently worth the TELL THEM WHAT THEY CAN GET FROM IT! Surely it would only serve to please people to know more about what they could get and maybe quell some of the grumbling? Surely it's just more effort on your part to put in place "algorithms to stop the code divers". I wish we'd never needed code divers...and i'm one who's benefited massively from being able to look into the WU code to learn about the game, just let everyone know how it all works i say.
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  6. Items sent, Thompson. Thank you!
  7. Spirits of the dead, arises once again to face the doom from the depth and protect the realm of men.
  8. That's an interesting idea and something I will pass on. I've seen a suggestion thread for it and the initial reduction in decay has already gone in, adding anything such as that would require art assets which take a little longer. Not really, you have a Bookcase that well, can't do anything but look nice, just make it a container, hold items, rename it 'Showcase' or something else ( hell i dunno a name for it )
  9. I have the following Items, let me know if intrested. 3 Rare Marble Brazier Pillars 1 Rare Rectangular marble table 3 Rare Iron lamps 1 Rare Silver Hanging Lamp 1 Rare coffin 1 supreme small colorful carpet 1 Rare imperial street lamp 1 Rare marble planter ( no flower planted yet, you can choose ) 1 Rare large crate, cedarwood 1 Supreme large barrel, cedarwood
  10. best enchanted items

    Added to offer: stone chisel, iron 5ql COC83 - 65c stone chisel, iron 9ql COC85 - 75c stone chisel, iron 9ql COC88 - 85c stone chisel, iron 80ql WOA91 - 1s35c stone chisel, iron 80ql WOA94 - 1s65c saw, iron 80ql BOTD70 - 90c saw, iron 80ql BOTD77 - 1s fruit press, oakenwood 49ql COC67 - 20c fruit press, oakenwood 28ql COC70 - 40c fruit press, oakenwood 43ql COC75 - 45c fruit press, oakenwood 32ql COC77 - 50c fruit press, oakenwood 27ql COC79 - 55c fruit press, oakenwood 34ql COC80 - 60c fruit press, oakenwood 40ql COC83 - 65c fruit press, oakenwood 48ql COC87 - 80c fruit press, oakenwood 27ql COC87 - 80c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC65 - 20c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC67 - 20c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC68 - 20c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC70 - 40c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC71 - 40c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC72 - 40c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC72 - 40c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC74 - 45c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC75 - 45c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC75 - 45c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC83 - 65c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC84 - 70c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC86 - 75c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC90 - 1s mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC91 - 1s10c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC91 - 1s10c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC92 - 1s20c mallet, oakenwood 3ql COC94 - 1s50c
  11. Bump, dirt piles are still waiting for a buyer.
  12. As title suggests, let us train our maul skills up to 20 by smacking some rocks to dust. Similar to axes and swords using trees as practice.
  13. Reserved.
  14. Hello Everyone, This week we have have been busy with setting up a PvP server on Wurm Unlimited. We would like to invite you all to come play on this server. Server information - Forums Dutchland PvPMod information - Forums Dutchland PvP Please do not forget to register to the forums when playing on the server. All the information input is welcome. So we can keep up updating the server and make it even better! Map:
  15. My bad then. Was convinced that once when I ried it it says that I need to remove reinforcements on the walls. Must have mistaken something.
  16. cod to Zeernebooch pls QL 80 Saw w73 c68 (79c) QL 80 Hatchet w77 c66 (88c) QL ~2 Hatchet c83 (56c) QL 89 Carving Knife c77 (85c) TY
  17. 80ql axe and shield sent enchant 90+ COC please
  18. bump 2days left
  19. Glimmer to Spyte
  20. Hello Cambriaa, can you Cod 2x Chain Shoulder Pad the 50c each one plz to Vindekator plz thx
  21. Novus 2nd Unique Slaying - Alert Red Dragon Scheduled for Sunday, December 3rd @ 8pm UTC. Hope to see you there!
  22. [00:31:05] You can see multiple markers of abandoned settlements here. Based on your knowledge of the area and small hints you can find, one of the settlements must have been called Serenity Dragon Shores. The deed that was here when I first landed on Deli (E 24)
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