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  2. Praying gives RNG favor. Is there any reason to do anything? Would miners mine if they could just sit in a mine and gather the same amount of ores? Waiting online for favor to recover is slow.... and there are ways to get favor... by performing actions to get to the fun part of having more 'mana'...
  3. Pm me with your offer, the best offer will be bought.
  4. maybe the mine collapsed.
  5. Try avoid using salt. Salt is pretty buggy and screws with affinities.
  6. Nope thanks though.
  7. I suspect the reason favor only recovers while online has to do with PvP? If so, can we readdress it and possibly enable favor recovery while sleeping or logged out? I am cheap and don't sacrifice veggies for favor. I just leave my priests online to recover over time. This seems like a poor use of our personal computers as well as the servers they run on. Is there any reason a priest should NOT recover favor while logged out or asleep in bed? If it is just never going to happen in WO, please move this to the WU "mod request" page
  9. close
  10. nah
  11. someone killed you when you logged out from before.
  12. 1. [22:58:22] You think the chopped corn might give you more of an insight about toy making! 2. Normal 3. Animal Taming 4. 8h 5. wrapping Yes please 6. confirm fixed affinities. Yep 7/8. Samvimes
  13. I logged out sometime last week in a cave and only have just logged back in, as soon as i logged in i heard the Dying noise and all of a sudden i was dead, I has a resurrection stone activated (Boy am i glad it worked as i was wearing drake etc...) This Popped up in my combat log [11:52:24] You are dead. and my skills also got decreased [11:52:24] Fighting decreased by 0.2500 to 83.7175 [11:52:24] Body strength decreased by 0.0100 to 50.9670 [11:52:24] Body decreased by 0.0100 to 55.1515 [11:52:24] Woodcutting decreased by 0.1250 to 69.9996 [11:52:24] Armour smithing decreased by 0.1250 to 31.5255 [11:52:24] Cooking decreased by 0.1250 to 19.7905 [11:52:24] Shovel decreased by 0.1250 to 75.5413 [11:52:24] Shield smithing decreased by 0.1250 to 33.9803
  14. want to sell 40 silver 40 us dollars paypal pm jimo in game
  15. Pinewood and Cedarwood racks both affected, I haven't seen any others to check.
  16. In most cases the person who owns that building is still playing. The extra decay in perimeter only kicks in if that player does not log into the server for a extended time.
  17. Today
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  19. "im okay with this being broken for others because it works fine for me therefore it is not a problem"
  20. Hi folks. A bit overdue but color update is ready and update will arrive within 24 hours. What's new: Granger picks the color from logs during smilexamines. Unknown colors are also picked and added to Granger (eg. I've just noticed hellhorses to have 'Ash' color). New colors can be added and edited. Old colors still can't be edited, but I can change this, let me know if anyone needs that. PS. For color editing, Wurm log text is the key by which it is matched from logs. Eg: ash for [11:43:35] Its colour is ash.
  21. Maybe the update is simple not ready. I believe its another work for WO as for WU (other code? other functionality?), i dont know. Just wait, i am sure if the update is working fine, it will come.
  22. you looking for these kind
  23. Has it been changed? I haven't been at rifts for a while, but I have had couple of close calls, when rift mobs were chewing on my horse which I was riding. One time I got it barely out of the rift area at around 10% health.
  24. Please add Almenly with mailbox and merchant on x33 y13, approximately NW part of that tile. also, Harmony Fortress at x33y12 doesn't exist anymore. Thanks!
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