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change email and password interface

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ok, I have a couple +/- a bunch of accounts.  Account maintenance is a pain, but could easily get better.  Right now, you have 2 different help commands for changing email and pass.  This should be combined into one.  Also, when you type /help, the description for /changeemail is outdated.  It absolutely doesn't matter if you type your password in the /changeemail command, since a popup for pass is required regardless.


Also, if you take over an account, or want to change one of your own accounts, there is a very specific order you MUST follow, to be able to use the same email for multiple accounts.  If not, you feel forced to make new email accounts.  so, for the current system, follow these steps:


1. Type /changeemail  (nothing else after, as this pops up the change window).

2. Use your current password where prompted.

3. Enter in your new desired email, CURRENT password and NEW question/answer.

4. Only AFTER successfully changing email, do /changepassword <current pass> <new desired pass>.


Now you are complete.  This will allow you to do 5 accts per email.  If you change pass first, you then have to use a completely new email address when you change email.  I have tried many times and confirm this is an issue.


I suggest you just have one help command that brings up a single window, where you can change email, pass and security question/answer all at one time.


I would also like to see the limit of 5 accounts per email lifted.  It makes life a little easier for multiple account holders.  Not a huge issue, but I would like to only have to worry about 2 emails. One for my active accounts and one that I use when selling an account.


Thank you for all your improvements!


Also, due to visibility of security question/answer, anyone that has sold an account needs to make sure they do an email change, which allows you to change those security questions.  You can't change it without the email changing at same time.  You can always change your email back.

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Ran into this same issue recently, CA didn't seem to know what i was talking about.


I didn't spend the time needed to figure all the aspects of it out though since I realized the first steps you mentioned :D

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I think the issue is a slow database update for account info.  I found that changing back and forth between the same emails started "using up" more of my 5 email slots, because the database still thinks accounts are tied to the email, if your account was using that email recently.  Not sure of the database update lag, but I think it is around 30 to 90 min. I just did a ton of changes and will test again later today to see if the DB is fully updated, allowing me to consolidate down to 5 per email.

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