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Trader Deed For Sale! 1000 Tile Farm!

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Gnome Depot Relocation Sale!


The Gnome Depot is relocating to a new and better location to best serve our loyal customers. This means that we are looking to sell off our current base of operations. We are seeking offers in the form of In game silver / Euro / USD (paypal only plz). If you are interested plz contact me to discuss any offers or to arrange a time to come visit and see the place for your self!


This is a relocation sale only, the Gnome Depot is NOT for sale, you are not purchasing any form or rights to the Gnome Depot, our business, customers or any form to use the name Gnome Depot. Pictures are for display of the deed only. Items in pictures may or may not be included. Please see the full listing below of what is included.


If you wish to see our new location, plz reference the release map, cords are x31/32 y43. Please stop by anytime if you wish to visit and see our new location!



Name: Shenandoah

Location: Release x24 y40

Size: 25x21 with 15 Perimeter (connected and part of a much larger enclosure, see below for more details)

Upkeep: 2s 91c (with Templar) (53 days left as of this posting)

Trader: Yes




The deed is connected and part of a larger tall walled enclosure. Total size of property behind tall wall including deed/perimeter is 115x33 (give or take a square). All 115 running North / South is Prime Costal land and the deed can be expanded / relocated to cover this area to allow for multiable traders if desiered.


Included with the deed!
1 Private Secure Trader
1000+ tile farm within tall wall enclosure
Iron / Tin / Marble veins in deeded / offdeed private mine
1 Deed / 1 off Deed Guard Tower 50ql+
Private(deeded) and Public clay pits
Private Tar pit
Mailbox with 96 courier casted














































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