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Dark & Xtra's Wares! LW/BS/Mining/Woodcutting/Carp/Shield Smithing ECT!

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DarkRavager's and Xtraspecialk's Wares!

Main Skills

Blacksmithing - Up to 92ql   50ql = 10c  70ql = 20c  80ql = 50c  90ql = 1s  91ql = 1.5s  92ql = 2s

Leatherworking - Up to 90ql   PM Xtraspecialk ingame or Xtra on the forums, for prices

Cloth Tailoring - Up to 50ql   Feel free to PM me with questions on items and prices

Shieldsmithing - Up to 90ql  50ql = 10c  70ql = 25c  80ql = 50c  90ql = 1s   WOOD & IRON

Carpentry - Up to 90ql  50ql = 10c  70ql = 20c  80ql = 50c  90ql = 1s

Fine Carp - Up to 70ql  50ql = 10c  60ql = 20c  70ql = 30c

Fletching - Up to 70ql   quiver of 41 - 50ql = 1s  60ql = 1.5s  70ql = 2s

Bowery - Up to 70ql   All sizes + a bowstring 50ql = 15c  60ql = 20c  70ql = 25c  NOT MAILABLE

Stone-cutting - Up to 90ql  70ql = 40c  80ql = 75c  90ql = 1s  Imping Prices

Masonry - Up to 90ql  70ql = 40c  80ql = 70c  90ql = 1s  Imping Prices

Compass's possible also up to 70ql 


All tools in metal are Iron Only, Sorry


Gathering Skills 

Mining - 95ql  Cost depends on bulk

Digging - 90ql  Cost depends on bulk

Woodcutting - 95ql  Cost depends on bulk  (cheaper if cut on location)

Charcoal - 60ql or less (i dont keep stocks so please order in advance and prices negotiable)


5 Speed Horses For Sale Also! PM Xtraspecialk ingame or Xtra on the forums (We can equip the horses with saddles, shoes etc, but please ask for pricing for your setup, Saddle's, Shoes, Bridles and Barding possible)


All Prices Negotiable, please message me on the forums or in-game. You can also leave a message below.


Trades for Sleep powders possible 1s = 1 Powder



​23/Q on the In-game map @ Pristine


Y11 X34 On Community Map

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I would totally recommend dark, prices are reasonable and his services are fast , efficient and always friendly.

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I recently had Dark do some mining for me and was thoroughly impressed with the results, not only was my ore QL greater than what i ordered but turnaround time was very fast indeed!

Highly recommended \o/

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looking at buying some stuff and some minning of tin etc pm to maniken ty

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Bump, Sorry for any delay everyone, ive not been playing much as of late but i will try to keep as active as possible on here, hope everyones having a good day :)

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