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New skill & Cooking improvements!

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Me and a bunch of my alliance mates thought this would be an epic idea...First thing added would be a totally new skill to grind, which may not be liked, but it would be nice to see the items from it..


Skill - Glassblowing


Tools -  Blowpipe, clay molds,Jacks,Paddles (Real life glassblowing tools)


Kiln - almost like a forge or oven, but for glassblowing and creating. (Also could be used to fire clay bricks?)


Recipe - sand + ash heated up in a Kiln to make raw glass.

(We have sand, and ash in the game) These are the real life major compounds of glass.


Recipe - colored glass (raw glass + dye)


Recipe - mosaic glass ( 2 types of colored glass) (blue glass + green glass) or any other color to make basic mosaic glass.

Would have to allow the building of windows in walls to use glass of course.




Recipe - Glass bowl - raw glass + bowl clay mold


Recipe - Vase - raw glass + vase clay mold


Recipe - Glass Jar - raw glass + jar clay mold


Recipe - Glass Wine bottle - raw glass + bottle clay mold


Improvement on items -


Using the Jack tool, Paddle tool, Pelt


Very rough outline of something we all could use and enjoy, and most of all expand upon. 



Cooking -


Wheat for pie dough


Pumpkin Pie,Cherry Pie,Strawberry Pie,Lemon Pie, and so on..


Most of these can use the already fruits in our game, and just allow the making of pie dough with the wheat.


Grind the wheat on a grindstone, then use a table to make the dough.


Since all the fruits are seasonal, we could have each pie give a small boost to some stat or allow something special..

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+1, Anything around this i'd be happy with..... First glass windows though? :P



Also, it would be nice to see beverages do something similar.... IE: buffs depending on the type, and ql. supposedly rolf once said they did, but only to stats that "we can't see".....well, we may not be able to see them, but we sure as heck can't "feel" them either. which makes them really worthless anyway.

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