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Hello Wurmians and today harvestmoon is recruiting. We have good stuff that inclides:

1. Farms you are free to take from [u get farmer rank if you choose the job farmer and u have to farm.]

2. Animals

3. Jobs

4. Water

5. Closest town on island is Valiheim

6. Boathouse with boats to build on.

7. Friendly staff [Farmboybello and Ultradude]

8. Free cart shuttle service

9. Farms ship supply store. Your number one Place to buy boat materials for the boats!

10. Free houses. you can choose from one of your vacant houses or build your own! If for some reason the town isn't big enough for your house, we will gladly expand our town for you.

11. Farm is strict BEWARE!

12. We have a mancave that has free materials for you to take [Farm will soon be looting it for any boat materials]

13. Fun 24/7



Thanks for reading this me and ultra hope to see you soon in harvestmoon lagoon .       

Harvestmoon Lagoon is a copywritten by Band Organ Town CO. Band Organ CO. the company with many companys.


Band Organ co is a trademark company of Band Organ INC. all rights reserved use with permission.

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Hey I'm thinking of returning to wurm after taking a long break. All my buildings are gone and I'm looking to start off fresh. If I remember correctly I am living close to fort huntsman on release

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HI there if someone could look here we movie: (watch with subtitles) and enjoy

And the new topic is here : 


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You have been recruiting since what 2014? Crazy! Oh.. and here I sit on your boat.. on the way to your deed.. from Xanadu... I am grateful :)

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