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Hello I am Damine old owner of south shore,


    Now I am Owner Of north shore 35x35


    Deed has 2 guard towers and 2 other extremely close one of wich is rare.  A Coastal Mountains wooded area in a Desert Oasis


     I am recruiting new and veteran players Pm me in game or check my out on Facebook wurm northshore. We have 8 active villagers atm we also and encourage using team-speak 3 we own our own chat server plenty of hunting, fishing farming, mining can be done in this area. in game map 23D or  43x Y8 on online map


Mine have been know to have Iron, Rock, Marble, Lead so far discovered 


  Village design is relatively  simple 3x3 wood home 1 and 2 stories not trying a fancy Castle theme to many out there all ready just a country farming theme based high and far in the mountain side, We also building a sea port since were close to sever zone line



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i am Melvinus, citizen of North Shore.


We are still recruiting - also german speaking people are welcome.


Visit us at our website : Wurmonline-North Shore


or send us a PM ingame/forum at


Damine (English (native))


Melvinus (English, German (native))

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Komm nach North Shore :


- gemeinsames Dorfleben

- gegenseitige Unterstützung

- freundschaftliche Atmosphäre

- große Bandbreite an Support (Tools, Mahlzeiten, Tiere)

- breite Palette an Tätigkeiten, egal ob Farmer, Fischer, Schmied, Bergmann ... und vieles mehr

- engagierte Dorfführung (Facebookpräsenz, Website, Ingame-Handel)


North Shore - Wurm von seiner besten Seite!


Englisch- und deutschsprachige Spieler freuen sich auf dich!




Google-Translate is down :(

so i try by myself ...




Come to North Shore :


- collective village life

- mutual assistance

- friendly atmosphere

- large support-bandwith (tools, meals, animals)

- wide range of activities, no matter if farmer, fisher, smith, miner...and a lot more

- dedicated village-leadership (facebook, website, ingame-trade)


North Shore - Wurm from its best side!


English- and Germanspeaking people looking forward to you...

Edited by Melvinus

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Still waiting for new citizens... if you have questions - just ask :)

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