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Just a Random Topic About a Person Named McWolfy

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Dear Celebration,


I was just looking back at my pm logs and reading ones from my first days of my game life here in the world of Wurm.


There was on in particular that stood out to me.


In my first days here in Wurm I met a player that encumber all of the hearts of the community and was one of the kindest players that I have ever met. His name was McWolfy.


He once said that in the next couple of years when I gain 99 in skills and I am telling people my stories, he asked me to mention him.


So that is exactly what I am doing. Although I am not going to just mention him in passing, I am going to glorify him as if he was one of the gods to show you just how spectacular her really is.


I have not yet skilled 99 in any of my skills but after reading the pm's I started to think. I have always stayed friends with McWolfy and he will always stay in my friends list, even when I have 190 friends in said list.


But I have been thinking he has not been on for about the last three months and before I forget him I thought that I would let every know about this wonderful person that I once met.


He has long since left the server of Celebration. He once said the following:


"Someone somewhere needs a helping hand and I'm sailing to help them . . . thank you but I don't need luck, I'm Wolfers McWolf" - McWolfy


If you are out ever sailing and cross paths with him at all in our beautiful world of Wurm just remember he is an ally and wont hurt you but will try everything in his power to help you.


Because of his recent departure from the server of Celebration he has not been active for the last couple of months and Before he is forgotten and leaves our hearts to go and take care of his real world problems I wanted to advise all my community members here in Celebration of this wonderful man and friend of mine and I hope you too one day will be able to meet him and just see for your self the wonderful power that he has and if you are one that has been lucky enough to have met him, like I have, then congratulations. 


Wolfers McWolfy of The Eternal City Of Fo. We love you and appreciate everything you have done for us and if conveniently you happen to see this post here then please come back to us. But if not thank you for everything!



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Thank you for your kind works Zack, I miss you old friend. I'm back ingame once again, ill see you when you come back!

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