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wts-Rare huge axes 85+ql with 70+ LT, MS, NN, CoC plus 90+coc tools

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Rare Huge Axes

86.4QL N99 LT86 C75 MS72 moved to auctions
85.8QL N76 LT74 C78 MS70
87.1QL N74 LT70 C90 MS66
86.4QL N76 LT62 C72 MS78

20 silver each.  Willing to negotiate.



Pelt 49QL 35dmg c81 - 50c
Hammer 71QL c91 - 3.5s
Shovel 1ql c91 - 3.1s
Pickaxe 4ql c88 - 1.7s


will add more


First come first serve.  Merchant is located at 3x 27y at Flippy's Deliverence.


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