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[Celebration] Ignis Mist

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Hello, dear Wurmians.


Today I've decided I should get some life to my village. I have a person in mind that would be ideal for my village, but I'll consider all that wish to join. :)

Coordinates for my village is X13 Y6 ( ) - or D11 in the ingame map.

What I'm looking from my villagers

  • Active game play, now this means roughly that you'll be online few hours every day and that you commit to the work you are needed to do. This may sound a little more harsh than it actually is, do not panic.
  • Enjoy casual chatting and full understanding of english, it may or may not be your native language, but if you handle it, it's all good. 
  • European, for now. I have a couple of persons playing from outside the European timezones already, so I would prefer to have someone who I would actually manage too see online. :D
  • Laid back attitude, don't mind a dirty joke or puns every now and then.
  • Steady and long-term players, what this basically means is, I want to avoid cases like, where someone looks at the village for a couple of days and feels like "Nope, not for me." and leaves without a word. I want to bond with my villagers. This might be someone, that in real life already lives on their own so they have the time to dedicate and play along and see the village grow bit by bit.

What I would prefer you to have interest in, skill-wise

  • Priesthood towards Vynora, I would love to link my alt for Mindstealer casts for example.
  • Mining, so if you're not a priest, an "interest" in mining and keeping the rock and lump supplies filled would also be great, there is lots of iron to go around very near to the village.
  • Farming, taking care of our fields when you see them needing raking and preferably 40+ farming for harvesting to be efficient, but leave the harvesting to me until you get there.
  • Possibly some others as well, but these are in need just now. My time can only go so far, even with two toons.

What I have to offer

  • Relatively safe environment to play in.
  • Mailbox, with a power of 64, but it gets the job done.
  • Steady supply of water, food, iron and other materials. Food keeps you above 60 nutrition.
  • Tar pit very close to the village, only a matter of tiles.
  • Known clay spot across the desert, also accessible by boat.
  • Relatively close hunting grounds in the desert, which is still under work to expand the desert over to the village backyard.
  • Work and jobs to go around, from digging, to construction, to supply hunts and anything inbetween. As an example, see my Merchant ad here:
  • A 3x5 pre-designed living plot in the village house street. The plot consists of 3 sections, 1x3 frontyard, 2x2 house with two tiles open on the side, 2x3 backyard. Every villager has this setup, and same design. This is because, I don't want anyone to feel like they are any less than the other, and for consistency. Houses come as a one-story building.
  • Chance of "growing" in the village, for example by doing work and being a gentleman in general, you may be granted things such as a second floor to your building. For people with higher crafting skills and generally higher skills, I may not be able to offer much just yet, but I have a Vynora priest that just may be able to offer enchants in the future.
  • Tools, forges, oven, and looms, if you want, can be placed in your house.
  • A growing herd of horses, from which I can offer horses to your needs.
  • And more, I'm sure I forgot something.


Some screen shots around the village




It's a big list to handle, but it's there to give you an idea of what living with me would be like, hopefully it doesn't scare everyone away. 


You may pm me in forums, leave a message here or send a tell me ingame, I go by the same nickname there.


Regards, Lithi



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