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Allround character with deed on Exo (MadBananaS)

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Up for auction my main character.

He is mayor of Befallen. Deed is located on Exodus, 5 min walking from Essert. Low upkeep. Deed has mine with very good iron, tin and slate. Has direct access to lake with a good way to north sea and inner waters of Exo. Big farm is located close to deed. There is 2 big houses with everything, warehouse with some bsb with goods, kitchen with 700 cooked meat but no frying pans in kitchen. Deed is secured with iron fences and gatehouses all around.

Nice things he have: knarr, sailing boat, lot of enchanted tools for everything, set of 80ql gold armour with medium AoSP, rare rope tool c89w70, hammer 85ql c62, butcher knife 79ql c48 and 50ql w69, maul 61ql N84LT64C72, floor loom w86 in house, pelt 81ql c71, file 91ql c46, spindle 60ql c57w88, mallet 79ql w47, chisel 53ql 94w64c. Some 50ql tools ready for enchanted by priest.

He is on path of Knowledge lvl4.

4 merchant contracts with tools and some silver, they placed at ECM, goldpearl market and arcanum market.

No premium time.

10s exactly in bank.


The size of Befallen is 39 by 17.
The perimeter is 5 and it has 0 guards hired.
The monthly cost is 1 silver, 32 copper and 60 iron.

Upkeep for 2 months.



Skills dumped at 22.12.2013
Religion: 0.0
   Alignment: 94.7861
   Faith: 30.0
   Favor: 30.0
Skills: 0.0
   Paving: 21.551615
   Tracking: 3.4961307
   Coal-making: 19.121353
   Prospecting: 21.134802
   Religion: 4.3310905
      Prayer: 9.575659
   Healing: 10.310458
      First aid: 23.205404
   Archery: 4.6669974
      Long bow: 3.2238297
   War machines: 5.7708764
      Catapults: 9.761713
   Thievery: 1.0
      Traps: 1.0
      Lock picking: 1.0
   Climbing: 7.421025
   Shields: 10.561039
      Medium wooden shield: 2.1851048
      Large metal shield: 9.632556
      Medium metal shield: 7.3740373
   Axes: 10.900397
      Hatchet: 17.478403
   Swords: 9.36981
      Shortsword: 4.877991
      Longsword: 14.664998
   Knives: 23.137558
      Butchering knife: 32.384373
      Carving knife: 16.677296
   Woodcutting: 25.48012
   Mauls: 18.203777
      Medium maul: 46.645023
   Carpentry: 66.33563
      Fine carpentry: 35.711956
      Ship building: 31.850729
      Fletching: 10.642169
      Bowyery: 8.640707
      Toy making: 2.723181
   Nature: 6.675519
      Gardening: 1.0
      Fishing: 4.900958
      Animal husbandry: 1.0
      Meditating: 16.284475
      Farming: 5.4079432
      Botanizing: 9.911162
      Animal taming: 2.3285973
      Foraging: 6.064316
   Cooking: 12.317562
      Hot food cooking: 16.556295
      Butchering: 23.936203
   Fighting: 66.51569
      Shield bashing: 1.258893
      Taunting: 1.0
      Normal fighting: 35.762077
      Defensive fighting: 1.3526875
      Aggressive fighting: 22.04214
      Weaponless fighting: 1.2422084
   Toys: 1.0830729
      Yoyo: 1.0
   Alchemy: 6.6859794
      Natural substances: 17.727402
   Miscellaneous items: 45.529858
      Stone chisel: 13.402226
      Hammer: 52.32716
      Repairing: 23.489412
      Saw: 18.80637
      Pickaxe: 50.35693
      Rake: 3.2772303
      Shovel: 45.9934
   Pottery: 4.2704635
   Firemaking: 12.448313
   Digging: 62.056175
   Mining: 47.24861
   Smithing: 42.399525
      Metallurgy: 3.0721743
      Jewelry smithing: 35.72609
      Locksmithing: 26.401981
      Blacksmithing: 74.73441
      Armour smithing: 5.8274636
         Chain armour smithing: 17.30444
      Weapon smithing: 13.952814
         Blades smithing: 11.894799
         Weapon heads smithing: 6.875363
   Ropemaking: 53.060646
   Masonry: 54.430817
      Stone cutting: 23.061104
   Tailoring: 10.636938
      Leatherworking: 14.740069
      Cloth tailoring: 24.54214
Characteristics: 0.0
   Soul: 16.970715
      Soul strength: 21.812
      Soul depth: 20.588327
   Mind: 25.481842
      Mind speed: 20.803051
      Mind logic: 29.768215
   Body: 30.427637
      Body stamina: 23.588362
      Body strength: 29.10079
      Body control: 26.939993



TERMS OF PURCHASE for this character:

Deed should stay in current alliance with New Freeport and 2 others.

If you don't need that deed you MUST contact Calimdor and he will buy it.




Sniper protection 6hrs.

Starting bid 100 eu.

Min. bid is 5eu.

No buyout, no reserve.

Private bids are allowed.

I can remove your bid if there is more then 24hrs till the end of auction.

Paypal only.

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Yup, smooth and almost clear heh :)

close please =/

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