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Deed Sold! Please Lock

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I am looking to sell my deed Rownsburg. Located on the Exodus server at  X29 Y44. It is on the community map as well. This deed would be perfect for someone who just wants to get started right away. Its also a nice square deed ready for a player to make it what they want


Size: 47X47

Perimeter: 5

No Templar

20s 99copper 13 iron in coffers

133 days left on up keep


In addition it comes with the following


1 normal ql iron vein  

3 good ql iron vein  

2 very good ql iron vein's  

4 normal ql slate veins  

1 acceptable ql slate vein  

1 good ql slate vein

A number of lead veins normal to poor ql

a number of 3 and 4 speed horses, cows, and bulls

Bsb's filled with all levels of stuff, FSB with crops in the high 50 ql range


There is at least one utmost iron on deed. I just never got to mining for it.

I will also be leaving a Corbita and a small sail boat on ship transports. As well as a large cart and two small carts


Any offers please PM me here on the forums. I even have a video of the place if you would like the link






















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Because I am moved to the northern part of the server. Still looking for offers.

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