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Village Teleport from Ship - Works but fails

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/vteleport or the karma teleport...

I crossed the border from Indy - had the usual, has the boat kicked me where is the boat. situation. So i used /vteleport, couldnt do it from indy.

it teleported me to my deed (or seemed to) but then i got stuck as soon as i tried to move more than 1 tile.

/stuck did nothing.. so i relogged.


When i logged back in, i was still on the boat. (the commander of the boat did not see me still on the boat until i relogged, to him, i had teleported successfully)

I had used my free teleport and had to use the karma one the second time.. i disembarked just in case it was a boat problem and not a transition problem.

It then worked.

I find myself with 300 karma instead of 1300 but i guess that's ok because it's relatively useless anyway.


I was advised to report this bug.
If you can re-credit me my freebie teleport (or award me 1k Karma), that would be mighty fine of you.. either way, I think i won't be the last person to try teleporting from a ship fresh across the border and this problem will, occur again.


take care

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