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3 Deeds (incl. 1 trader) only 5-10 min from Freedom Market

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3 Deeds (incl. 1 trader) only 5-10 min from Freedom Market


  • YOU are looking to settle near the center of the biggest Freedom server Independance?
  • YOU are looking for deeds to serve your versatile needs?
  • YOU want to grow a large herd?
  • YOU want a place to build your ships?
  • YOU want to farm veggies and also reed?
  • YOU need wood for your ships and tools?
  • YOU want to have a source of income to pay for those deeds?
  • YOU want a safe working space?


Then I have what you need:


Hillside Refuge, Greenborough and Seeview Harbour - all close by close only few riding minutes from Freedom Market right next to Festival Cove.


On map:





Hillside Refuge:






Hillside Refuge has:


- a well-treated trader,

- a spirit templar,

- a mine with different QL iron veins + lead (for mooring anchors) + marble,

- lots of fruit and lumber trees,

- a manor with forges and oven and beds, lots of space for storage and loom

- pens and farm areas (only partly offdeed in legal enclosure connected to deed and so far under Magranon influence for repairs)

- an almost finished small stronghold (incl. practice dolls and archery target)

- 2 wells (+1 in mine) for your water-supply.

- and a Guard Tower close to west border (covering highway).

- [edit] silver/gold altars of all 3 Freedom gods


Here some pictures of Hillside Refuge:






















Greenborough has:


- more farming/breeding space

- House with forge, bed, oven, storage, loom and sightseeing tower

- Guard Tower in perimeter covering most of the deed

- additional legal enclosure for farming (Mag influence)

- oaks and willows






Seaview Harbour




Seaview Harbour has:

- not much to be honest

- some ground raised from the sea

- offdeed legal enclosures for reed and ships up to knarr-size

- ondeed clay









The deal would of course include all house-writs and gate-keys, the deeds, several BSBs and FSBs (few things still in there) and a breeding pair of 5-speed horses (if wanted and delivered for free when deal is complete, colour as you like).


Starting bid: 60s

No reserve

No buyout

No snipe protection

Minimum increments: 1s



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Sorry misread thought all 3 deed had traders bid withdrawn

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Not as much as I hoped for, but I'll sell to RockyBalboa. Grats to you, Rocky

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